Harvesting Wiccan Ritual Tools From Nature

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Do you prefer to find your Wiccan ritual tools in nature?

Many natural objects can be used as Wiccan stuff. And you may prefer such things because you know exactly where they came from -- no Earth was harmed in the making of these products.

So what do you need to know about harvesting Wiccan ritual tools from nature?

Three things:

  • What you can use,

  • How to find it,

  • How to accept the gift respectfully.

That's what this article covers.

Wiccan Stuff In Nature

Everything you find in nature you can use as Wiccan stuff. You can give it as an offering to the Divine, on your altar, or in a special place outdoors.

Stuff from nature all embodies an element / direction too. So they can be used to "hold the direction," that is, to represent that direction.

So you can set up a very quick and virtually invisible sacred space anywhere you are.

Here are some of the most common natural objects that are utilized as Wiccan ritual tools.

  • Stones

    Wicca symbols of Earth element, direction North.

    Stones can be used as altar offerings or even as a Wicca altar. Can also use stones for healing and for spells.

  • Shells

    Wicca symbols for Water element, direction West.

    Shells can be used to hold energy, to invoke the Goddess, and for spells.

  • Sticks

    Wicca symbols for Fire element, direction South.

    Branches or sticks can be used for wands or staffs, or for dowsing.

  • Herbs

    Wicca symbols for Earth, direction North.

    Many herbs and plants can be used as sacred scents and Wiccan incense. They are also particularly useful in spells.

  • Seeds

    Wicca symbols for Air, direction East.

    Seeds are used to represent new beginnings, and find their way into many Wiccan magick spells. They can be a promise of future joy or success.

  • Flowers

    Wicca symbols for Earth, direction North.

    Flowers are often used for offerings, and to decorate altars.

  • Feathers

    Wicca symbol for Air, direction East.

    Feathers can be used to ritually cleanse energy, and to fan to smudge smoke.

And these are only a few ideas.

Harvesting Wiccan Ritual Tools

Before you take something from nature for ritual use, remember that it has a living spirit - even a broken branch or abandoned shell. And it is part of a system of interconnected life that has a living spirit - the soul of the forest or beach or park.

So before you make off with it, ask. And then remember to say thankyou!

Only Take What Is Willing

Ask the stuff if it is willing to come with you. Ask if it agrees to do the work you have in mind.

Most things are happy to participate in sacred rites, or even to help out other beings by adding to a spell. Even living things like plants and trees are usually willing, when asked, to sacrifice themselves for a good cause. Humans could learn a lot from the generosity of nature!

One thing is certain. If you take something that is not willing, it won't be a beneficial Wiccan ritual tool for you.

How Can You Tell If It's Willing?

Sensing the agreement and readiness comes with practice. And it may be different for each witch.

You may feel a difference between a "yes" and a "no" with your hand on it. It may feel like a sense of peace for yes, or a sense of discord for no. Warmth generally signals yes, and coolness no.

And ask the Divine to help you understand. With a little practice, you will come to feel something, and know how to interpret it.

After Agreement

If you're taking a plant, give it some time after it agrees to come.

Plants don't seem to have individual souls the way humans do - or so it seems to me. I've found that if you give them a minute or two, they will withdraw their life force into their roots.

In this way, they can send their soul into another growth.

Then it seems that you're not actually killing the being, but pruning it, like a very long toenail.

What Can You Offer?

If the item says yes, then you are free to take it. But remember to offer something back to the spirit of the place in return.

This is a way of saying Thank-you to the spirit of the being, and to the Divine Source.

A piece of hair, a little water, a bit of food . . . whatever seems to you like an offering.

And the greater the gift nature offers you as a Wiccan ritual tool, the greater your thank-you should be.

The important part isn't what the Earth gets, but the recognition that you've received a gift, and a grateful desire to offer something in return.

To take something without gratitude and respect is to harm the Earth, even in a minute way. You also harm yourself, to take without giving.

Plus, there is the energy involved.

Bottom Line on Wiccan Ritual Tools from Nature

If you want something that will add to your rituals or spells, you want it to be filled with good energy and willing to help you.

Otherwise, you're sabotaging your efforts.

Choose your ritual supplies with awareness. Gather them with conscious gratitude.

If you do this, your Wiccan ritual tools will serve you well. And you will serve them well, too.

This goes for when you buy Wiccan ritual tools too.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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