How To Decorate Your Pagan Altar


In decorating your Wiccan or Pagan altar, reflect where you are right now.

Select your altar cloths and altar items to match the seasons, celebrating the part of the Wheel you are riding.

Or you can choose to decorate your altar to match an energy you want to increase in your life. (See below for some sample Altar Decoration Ideas.)

What goes on a Pagan altar? Just about anything you want. wicca-goddess-and-god-statues

You can use herbs, leaves, branches, rocks, shells, carvings of animals, tarot cards, rune stones, pictures of deities, and anything else that represents . . .

  • An energy that you wish to invoke or manifest in your life,

  • Something that you wish to honour,

  • A gift of gratitude to the Divine,

  • Anything else you wish to bring to your sacred space.

Manifestation Magick With Your Altar Decorations

When you create a Pagan altar, you are creating magick.

wicca-adWhen you want to manifest something in your life - a deity, or emotion, or physical object - you can do that with your altar decorations . . .

  • Put its symbols on your altar, front and centre.

  • Surround it with supporting elements . . . other things that attract that energy.

  • Spend time giving these symbols your attention and energy every day.

  • And you will find it starting to appear in your life.

In essence, decorating your Pagan altar is crafting a spell for your well-being.

Keeping this in mind will help you choose just the right altar decorations for your needs in the moment.

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Pagan Altar Decoration Ideas

Here are some ideas in altar decoration for certain emotional states . . .

Feeling Depressed


Feeling Anxious

Altar cloths

Sunny Yellow

  Altar cloths
Deities Your Matron God/dess, Isis, or Kali   Deities Demeter, Tara, Artemis, or Ganesh
Candles White   Candles Light blue
Flowers Cheerful, daisy-type flowers   Flowers Violets or anemones
Stones Amber   Stones Amethyst
Scents Eyebright, St John's Wort, Savory, Thyme, Borage   Scents Lavender, Eyebright, Sage
Other Drink St John's Wort tea   Other Potted flowers, Drink chamomile mint tea


Feeling Blue



Feeling Fearful

Altar cloths
Pale pink   Altar cloths
Light Blue
Deities Brighid, or Mary   Deities Artemis or Kali, Dancing Shiva or Pan
Candles Yellow   Candles Yellow
Flowers Violets   Flowers Chrysanthemum
Stones Rose quartz   Stones Black hematite- no crystals!
Scents Violet, Pine, Borage   Scents Snapdragon, Eyebright, Basil

Sea shells


Big pine cones


Feeling Despairing



Feeling Stuck

Altar cloths
Bright red   Altar cloths
Bright green
Deities Kwan Yin, Mary, or Yemaya   Deities Dancing Shiva, Kali, Danu, or Brighid
Candles White   Candles Red
Flowers Tiger lilies   Flowers Cuttings of green branches or flowering fruit trees
Stones Pearl   Stones Quartz crystal
Scents Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, Borage   Scents Motherwort, Mint, Mandrake, Basil, Anise

River stones

  Other Red ribbons on your athame


Feeling Stressed



Feeling Irritable

Altar cloths
Purple   Altar cloths
Pale pink
Deities Matron God/dess, Voluptus, or Lalita   Deities Kuan Yin, Green Tara
Candles Ivory pillar candles   Candles Sky blue
Flowers Pastel colors and green leaves   Flowers Narcissus or Daffodils
Stones Hematite or amber   Stones Moonstone
Scents Vervaine,Thyme, Lavender   Scents

Tarragon, Passion Flower


Eat cucumbers

  Other Drink Chamomile Tea


Feeling Poor



Feeling Spiritual Apathy

Altar cloths
Gold   Altar cloths
Black with stars (silver or gold)
Deities Lakshmi, Gaia, or Moon Mother   Deities Matron God/dess, or Tara
Candles Silver   Candles Silver, Gold, or Sky blue
Flowers Lush garden roses or large bouquets, Hollyhocks   Flowers Yellow and pink roses
Stones Rose quartz and pearl   Stones Turquoise
Scents Rowan, Alfalfa   Scents Sandalwood, Myrrh

Fruits, nuts, bread pentacles

  Other Decorate your chalice with flowers, colours, shiny things


Feeling a Creative Slump



Feeling Spacy or Ungrounded

Altar cloths
Orange   Altar cloths
Deities Brighid, Saraswati   Deities Gaia, Artemis/Diana, Green Man
Candles Turquoise (if you can stand it) or red   Candles Brown or Black
Flowers Lotus, Water lilies, Orchids, Jasmine   Flowers Geraniums
Stones Lapis Lazuli or Herkimer diamond   Stones Hematite
Scents Vervaine, Mandrake, Jasmine   Scents Wisteria

Decorate with Stars

  Other Potted plants


Needing Healing



Wanting Love

Altar cloths
Spring Green   Altar cloths
Dusty rose
Deities Green Tara, Hari, Medicine Buddha   Deities Aphrodite, Venus
Candles Yellow   Candles Red
Flowers Jasmine   Flowers Irises, Plush roses (red, peach, or pink)
Stones Amethyst   Stones Moonstone
Scents Rosemary, Pine, Juniper, Jasmine, Hyssop, Ginger   Scents Lovage, Rose, Vervaine, Rose Geranium, Periwinkle


Create Your Own Pagan Altar Decorations

wicca-altar-clothsThese are merely sample altar decorations, to get you started.

There are countless other ways to decorate your altar for each of the situations above. What works on your Pagan altar may be different than what is suggested here.

The best way to tend your Pagan altar is to create the sacred space that nurtures you.

wicca-gem-stonesRemember, if you are just following the "recipe" someone else has written, the magick will not be as powerful as the spell you create for yourself.

  • Explore the meanings of colours, for one that suits your intention.

  • Find the gemstone that holds the energies you need.

  • Choose a sacred scent based on the feelings it stirs in you.

  • Study the Wicca Goddesses and Gods to find one that speaks to your situation.

  • Play with different Pagan and Wiccan Symbols.
Let your intuition guide you. What feels good to your heart will be what serves your altar best.

Play with it, and you'll find the best Pagan altar decorations for your needs.

With Bright Blessings,

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