The True Jesus Teachings: Christ's Core Message

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What are the true Jesus teachings? Centuries of confusion, mistranslation, and outright forgery has obscured the true Christ. But thanks to dedicated scholars and daring writers, the real teachings are coming to light at last. And at the core, we find a Christian spirituality that transcends religion, intolerance, greed, and violence... a spirituality that anyone can respect... a spirituality that offers hope to the world. And it's a spirituality that has much in common with the philosophy of Wiccan belief. Here are the authentic sayings of Jesus, distilled down to their essence, as agreed upon by most scholars. (This is based on The Jesus Sayings: A Quest for His Authentic Message, by Rex Weyler -- an outstanding illustration of the true Jesus.)

What Jesus Really Taught

  • Seek the light within you.
  • When you seek it, you will find it.
  • Share that light with the world.
  • Commit fully, now.
  • The kingdom of Heaven is right here, right now, but it is subtle and most people don't notice it.
  • Share the news about the divine kingdom and how to find it.
  • Deal with your own shortcomings, rather than judging other people's flaws.
  • Don’t worry about your comfort, your clothes, or what you have to eat.
  • Remain humble.
  • Your actions, not your words or rituals, show you for what you are: good or evil.
  • Act on your knowledge.
  • Speak out: share your learning with others.
  • Be merciful.
  • Take care of people.
  • Heal the sick.
  • Be generous. Give to everyone who asks or needs.
  • Love everybody, not just family and friends, whom it is easy to love.
  • Love your enemies too.
  • Forgive those who harm you.
  • Avoid rules — don't make them for other people and beware those who seek to force theirs on you.
  • Beware religious authorities, who take the keys to the spirit but won't enter and don't let you enter.
  • Be wise as the serpent and gentle as the dove.
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