Why Is Jesus In a Wicca Site?

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You may wonder why Jesus and the Bible keep cropping up in a site about Wicca.

Good question!

Here are five reasons.

1. It's Here Even If We Don't Look At It

Since infancy we are steeped in the cultural beliefs of Judeo-Christianity. These have become the "common sense" of our culture, operating on a subconscious if not conscious level.

So let's bring it out into the open.

That way we can ascertain whether a belief is valid to us, or whether it's merely a subconscious programmed-responses drilled into us by society.

2. Defining the Terms of the Conflict

Since Jesus and the Bible are so often used as a weapon against Wiccans (among others), it seems reasonable to put the Bible back into a spiritual context .

After all, when you understand what Jesus really said, it's clear that there's no reason for conflict between Christianity and other religions.

So let's be clear what Jesus taught. Then we'll know how to answer those who attack us in, ironically, his name.

Plus there is probably no one more misquoted and misunderstood than Jesus Christ.

And with disastrous results!

It's time to set the record straight.

3. Wicca Reveres All Spiritual Sages

I respect Jesus as an avatar or highly enlightened being. And many Witches feel the same way.

Much of what he taught, scraped free of the barnacles of Christian power-mongering, is as valid to Wiccans as to any spiritual seekers.

The Wiccan perspective on Jesus has much to do with this fundamental philosophy...

Truth is truth, no matter where it is found, or how deeply it is covered over with lies.

4. Jesus Would Like Wicca Spirituality

When you look at what he really taught and the spiritual meaning behind it, Jesus could be from Wicca Spirituality.

The core of his real teachings is not far from ours.

5. For the Christian Witches

There are many people synthesizing the two traditions into one spiritual path: Christian Wicca. These reference will be particularly of interest to this group of Wiccans.

Many people are (naturally) a little allergic to Christianity, having had it shoved down our throats so persistently.

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But only a religion can afford to ostracize other teachers and sages.

Spirituality is by necessity inclusive of truth in any form.

Please don't let it offend you. You can simply skip over those bits if they bother you.

With Bright Blessings,

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Why Is Jesus In A Wicca Spirituality Website?

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