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What is spiritual enlightenment? Enlightenment is both a symbolic and a semi-literal term for the liberation of consciousness.

I know, that doesn't sound much clearer . . .

To talk about this liberation, we must first discuss the prison that people ordinarily live within.

This prison is so ordinary, we don't even notice it. Like in the movie, The Matrix – we're so involved in living our lives that we don't realize it's all an illusion.

Spiritual enlightenment is your path out of this illusion.

The Reality Of Illusion

What does it mean to say that the ground beneath your feet, the air you breathe, and your own body are illusions? How can anything so evidently real not be real?

Well, that's a topic to fill several books!

But the simple answer refers to quantum physics - the study of the sub–atomic particles which are the building blocks of all matter in the universe.

The Building Bleeps Of The Material World

Astonishingly, it appears that the building blocks that make up atoms are not really particles at all. They are nothing more than energy, organized as information!

At the most fundamental level, nothing "real" exists .

Even before quantum physics, we knew that an atom occupies a massive space, compared to the miniscule amount of solid material in it.

So even on the 'normal" physical plane, what we perceive as a solid tabletop is at best a whirling dance of tiny particles, with much more space in it than solid matter.

The upshot is . . .

What we perceive as reality has little correlation with what's actually real.

This is an underlying premise to all spirituality.

Objective Reality

Regardless of how much we may want the world to be solid and real, and no matter how much the brain and body insist that it is real . . . nothing can change the fact that the perception of physical reality is in fact wrong.

This perception of "reality" is the prison of the mind. We believe what our senses tell us, and so we disbelieve in the underlying Reality. The Reality of Consciousness.

The good news is . . .

The world–cage, which appears so solid, is in fact barely even here. Only perception builds it around you. You can choose a different perception.

Like a fly which bashes itself against a closed window, you can easily choose instead to go through the open door.

This is spiritual enlightenment.

The Open Door Of Spiritual Enlightenment

So how do you get through the door to spiritual enlightenment? Well, there are lots of exercises to help you in your spiritual development. Every culture has developed techniques to open the door.

On this website, you can find Wiccan techniques to prepare you for spiritual enlightenment.

And then when you're ready, or when the Goddess calls you, you suddenly find yourself on the other side . . . .

What's On the Other Side of Spiritual Enlightenment?

Ironically, the same thing that's on this side. You just see it differently.

You know how in the movies, they show a scene, and then the camera pulls back and you realize you've been watching a reflection in a mirror?

It's like that. Spiritual evolution takes you outside the illusion, where you can see everything you saw before . . . plus so much more!

And what you see makes a lot more sense than it could when everything was just a backwards mirror–image.

In other words, nothing changes when you attain spiritual enlightenment . . . nothing except your viewpoint.

And that, my friend, means everything changes.

Expanded Perception

On "the other side" of this prison door, you get an enhanced view of the universe.

This is what is called "expanded consciousness." You are conscious of so much more than your brain was able to tell you before.

And the first thing you notice is that once you are free of the limited brain-mind, there is an Absolute Mind waiting for you.

You may experience this Mind as Light, or Ecstasy, or Peace . . . among other things and in various combinations.

And if you can let go of the brain–mind enough, you realise that you've been there all along.

In fact, you realise that you are not "you" . . . and never were! You realise that you are so much more that the little cosmic, comic illusion of a "person."

Ah, Now That's Freedom!

How liberating it is to be free of the illusion of being you . . .

No longer can it matter what others expect or think of you. No longer can it matter what you expect or think of yourself.

There is no "you" there to pin expectations and judgements on!

Spiritual enlightenment frees you to be absolutely true to the Essence of Who you are.

Beyond The Fear

Of course, spiritual enlightenment not an easy transformation. The brain resists. The ego wants to stay centre–stage.

That's why it takes so much practice to be spiritually enlightened. Not because it's far away from you or difficult to attain. But because part of you resists.

It can be terrifying to leave the ego behind.

Why We Fear God

This is what the sages refer to, when they speak of fearing God. It's not that God is dangerous or terrible.

But that when you see the Face of God, the illusion you have created about yourself dissolves.

If you are not prepared, it feels like being completely dismantled.

Preparing The Sacred Chalice

So the purpose of all spiritual development, Wicca and others, is . . .

To prepare you to meet the Divine, and to be willing to let go your illusions.

I call this Preparing the Sacred Chalice.

You are the Chalice of the Divine. You are a container and a channel for the Divine. It is what you were born to be.

But if you haven't been paying attention, your Chalice gets dirty, clogged, and leaky. (Find out the state of your Sacred Chalice here.)

To prepare yourself for spiritual enlightenment, you must be able – in body, mind, heart, and spirit – to hold and channel Divine Energy.

This is the subject of the next article.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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