What Jesus Says About Women 

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What were Jesus' views on women? The Bible certainly doesn't say... not since the Church censors got through with it.

But if you read between the lines, you get a hint of his respect for women. And if you read the Gospels that were cut out of the Bible, you get a startling view of his love and admiration for his most enlightened disciple, Mary. There are even indications that he considered Mary more spiritually advanced than he was.

There's not much about women in general though. Not until you look at hidden sources of Jesus' teachings...

The ancient Tibetan scrolls of Saint Issa!

Jesus in India

There is undeniable evidence that the Christ went to India during the "lost years" between 13 and 30 years of age.

There he was known as Issa, as he studied with the priestly caste, and went on to teach the lowest classes about spiritual truth. This incurred the wrath of the ruling priesthood, because it threatened the class structure. In defense of his life, Jesus left India.

But somewhere along the way he ended up in Tibet. And it is there that scrolls were found, documenting Jesus' teachings.

It's interesting to read what the Christ taught, from another culture's perspective.

And most intriguing of all was what he had to say about women.

The text below is from The Lost Years of Jesus: Documentary Evidence of Jesus' 17-Year Journey to the East, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in somewhat my own translation.

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What Jesus Says About Women

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8   At this time, an old woman approached the crowd, but was pushed back by one of the disguised ones.

9   Then Issa held forth: "It is not fitting that a son should set aside his mother, taking her place. Whosoever does not respect his mother, the most sacred being after his God, is unworthy of the name of son.

10   Then Issa said, "Listen then, to what I say to you: Reverence woman, mother of the universe. In her lives the God of creation.

11   She is the foundation of all that is good and beautiful. She is the source of life and death. Upon her depends the entire existence of humanity, for she is our moral support.

12   She gives birth to you in suffering. By the sweat of her brow she rears you. Until her very death you bring anguish to her. Bless her. Worship her. She is your only friend and your one support upon Earth.

13   Reverence her. Defend her. In acting thus you will win her love and her heart. You will find favour in the sight of God and many sins shall be forgiven you.

14   In the same way, love your wives and honour them, because tomorrow they shall be mothers, and later -- each the ancestress of the human race.

15   Be charitable toward woman. Her love ennobles man, softens his embittered heart tames the brute in him, and makes of him a lamb.

16   Wife and mother -- invaluable treasures given to you by God! They are the fairest adornments of the universe. And from them issues all the inhabitants of the Earth.

17   As light divides itself from darkness, so does womankind possess the divine faculty to separate in man good intent from evil thoughts.

18   Your noblest thoughts shall belong to woman. Woman is for you the temple wherein you will obtain the most easily perfect happiness.

19   Gather from this temple your moral strength, which you must possess to sustain your near ones. Here you will forget your sorrows and your failures, and you will renew the energy that enables you to aid others.

20   Do not humiliate her, for therein you will humiliate yourselves. And through this shall you lose the feeling of love without which naught exists upon Earth.

21   Bring reverence to your wife and she shall defend you and all your family. And all which you will do for your mother, for your wife, for a widow or for another woman in distress -- that shall you have done for your God.

-- The Gospel of the Life of Saint Issa, Best of the Sons of Humanity. XII: 8-21

More about The Life of Saint Issa (link opens in new window).

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