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What is the New Wicca? Why do we need one? What's wrong with the old Wicca?

The New Wicca is nothing more than the full manifestation of the philosophy of the old Wicca.

Sound confusing? It's really simple.

The Old Wicca

Modern Wicca was started by (primarily) one man - Gerald Gardner. He used his metaphysical interests and personal tastes to create a religion that served his and his group's needs. He set in motion a chain of events that I'm sure he couldn't have anticipated.

One of these events was an organically evolving philosophy of Wicca.

Over time, and with the influence of many diverse Witches, a new Wicca has evolved - one of a higher energy calibration.

The Evolution Of The Wicca Religion

While this may sound as if I'm slighting Gardner's contribution, it could be quite the reverse . . .

All the major religions started out with a very high energy state, brought into the world by one person - Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.

But this frequency couldn't be upheld by the masses of their followers. So the modern religions now calibrate at a much lower energy level than when they started out. (According to Dr David Hawkins' research, detailed in

Are You Losing Your Tail?

It's not just Wicca that's evolving. Everything is: the planet, the plants and animals, and especially human consciousness.

A change is happening all over the world that strikes at the very core of the human soul.

This is not an easy process. It is a scary one, which entails massive suffering. . . but only to the degree that we resist it.

This is why religion is changing, everywhere at once. (Of course, there are pockets of resistance, but we're looking at the overall trend.)

We're all in a process of intensive evolution - on a personal and a planetary level.

This is a movement toward true spirituality, and away from the false bonds of religion.

The Evolution of Religion into Spirituality

Religions are shifting away from dogma and religious intolerance.

Many people of all religions are embracing the One Divine, the Light in all religions.

People are leaving the sleight-of-hand that keeps God safely contained in the palms of the priests. They're coming back to one-on-one personal relationship with the Divine.

It's like a workaholic who has neglected his family, suddenly remembering how important they are to him, and coming home.

This is the transformation religion into spirituality, where it originated.

(If you would like to read about the similarities and differences of religion and spirituality, please see this article.)

The churches see their declining numbers. They see people falling away from dogma. This seems to threaten a decline in spirituality.

But the truth is, this is the inevitable evolution of our souls in action.

Catching Up To The New Reality

Which brings us back to the New Wicca. The New Wicca - Wicca spirituality - is evolving from the old Wicca - Wicca the religion

Wicca started out in the mid 20th century as a religion, albeit one closer to spirituality than the organised religions of the time.

All initiated members were priest/esses, but there were those who ranked higher: the High Priest/ess. (Like Orwell's Animal Farm: everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.)

In the old Wicca religion, there were rules and liturgies, scripts that must be followed, props that had to be used in prescribed ways.

And certainly not all of the Wiccan religion came from a highly calibrating level, but from the personal idiosyncrasies of its founder.

But despite all this, Wicca was meant to foster a personal experience of the Divine.

Wiccan Mysticism

It is this mystical foundation that set the setting for the New Wicca as a spiritual path.

Mysticism is the pursuit of the direct experience of the Divine. Mystics aren't interested in liturgies or priests or anything but developing a personal relationship with God.

And it is this, into which Wicca - along with all humanity - is naturally evolving.

A Peek Inside The New Wicca

The New Wicca is grounded in equality, compassion, interconnectedness, respect, and positive power.

Another word for it could be Grassroots Wicca.

This is a Wicca religion that has grown from the practice and values of individual Witches and covens, rather than being ordained or imposed by "higher authorities" outside these groups.

What does New Wicca look like, in comparison with the old Wicca? This chart outlines the differences.

Of course, this is an extreme view. Most Witches fall somewhere in between.

Old Wicca / Religion

New Wicca / Spirituality

Form Substance
Dogma Personal experience
Scripts & rote recitation Heart-felt, soul-led creative expression
Liturgy Structure (open-weave) & spontaneity
Hierarchical; High Priest/ess Positive Power: sharing power equally, power-with, and power-within Rotating event organizers, and circles of equals
Outside authority imposing rules Inner authority, personal authenticity
Personal life separate from religious practice Ecological & social responsibility inherent in practice
Formal initiation by a group Self-dedication
Secretive Open
Generally exclusive Generally inclusive
Closed covens Partially to completely open circles
Dabbling in quantum reality Grounded in quantum reality
Intellectually-based Body-based

Both Old & New Wicca

Nature-based Revering Earth Symbolic Magickal Employing sacred drama Fully embodying divinity Mystical Many tools in common (directions, etc)

The Power Of The New Wicca

Many people assume that Wicca is a simple religion, created by and for simple people.

And it's true - the religion of Wicca is simple, although modern practitioners have fancied it up somewhat.

But the spirituality of Wicca is a deep and rich, as awesome and as challenging as Zen Buddhism or Eastern Yoga.

And the potential to experience spiritual enlightenment exists as much in Wicca as in any spiritual practice.

The power of Wicca Spirituality awaits anyone who chooses to reach for it . . . .

Will you be one who does?

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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