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In case you haven't experienced this... there's a portal for massive transformation and breakthrough open NOW.

I've just experienced the most incredible transformation overnight, where an issue that's been holding me back all my life suddenly broke. 

And now i feel literally reborn — a new person... my "future self" i've been envisioning!

Watch the video to find out...

🌟 How that's playing out

🌟 What's causing it

🌟 Most importantly, how you can get on board for this breakthrough!

Please let me know what you've experienced!
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Hi there! I'm erin Dragonsong, founder of Wicca Spirituality,  among other things —eg Entrepreneur Magick, and Earth Ascending TV. And this is an eLOVEation email video.

I wanted to let you know, in case you haven't experienced this, it's massive! There is a portal for absolute transformation that seems to be open right now.

I've just experienced myself the most incredible transformation overnight, literally overnight, where an issue that's been holding me back all my life suddenly just broke, and it's gone! And now I feel literally reborn, a new person. I feel like I am now actually my future self that I've been envisioning for so long. And it feels really awesome. I'm looking at the world in a whole new way. I'm looking at myself in a new way; I'm feeling different! Things that that were difficult before have suddenly become easy; places where there were blocks are suddenly flowing.

And not just for me. Speaking with friends of mine, one of whom is a counselor, they have both had the same kind of incredible breakthroughs in the same time period of the last 48 hours or so. And her clients have as well — she's noticed this in people who have been completely stuck, with whom she's been working on a major issue for years without movement. And suddenly, the day before yesterday, it was just gone. It just opened up.

So what's causing this? For starters, we want to know what's causing it. And second, more importantly, we want to know what to do: how can you get on board with this kind of transformation? There's good news there.

What I believe is causing this is primarily Saturn has shifted from a long period of retrograde to forward motion again earlier this month. Now, Saturn is about limitations and restrictions. And Saturn also rules time, the ultimate limitation. (To name just a couple of things.) Going retrograde, planets tend to bring up things from the past (as well as not work as well as we would like.) So when Saturn went retrograde, it called to the front of our minds — to our conscious minds — the blocks from the long past that have been hiding within ourselves, unnoticed.

For example, in my case, there's something that I've been trying to shift for decades. But despite all my inner work, decades of inner work, all of the subconscious reprogramming, all of the hypnosis, all of the affirmations, all of the magick, it wasn't shifting. And I couldn't figure this out. And I've done a lot of magic over the years, as you probably know. And I've figured out a lot of ways to make magick work — magick that's stubbornly not working, I've figured out a lot of ways to make it work. And most of the time it does. But in this one instance, there was such a deep block that it wasn't moving.

Well, what's happened in the last few weeks or so, as Saturn was retrograde, I finally noticed something that I've never seen before. Every time I affirmed for that result, or visualized that result, there was this quiet inner voice saying very firmly, very definitively: No. There was no discussion. It was just like that: No. I'm wondering, what is going on? No wonder this isn't working, if some part of me is going "No" and I haven't even been aware of it. And we're talking for 20 years or more. So that came to my consciousness; I noticed it. I didn't know what to do about it. I've tried to work with it and work with it and work with it, but nothing really happened. I couldn't seem to get in.

So then, when Saturn turned and went direct again, it's like a portal opened! And if you're ready, and you're willing, you can step through that portal into the YOU that you wanted to become: a new You — one that is empowered and stronger and freer and happier and more effective and more successful. Everything that you want... it may be not everything all at once, but whatever area it is that's most important to you or that maybe that you've been the most blocked in. The YOU that you have wanted to be is suddenly now available to you.

This is very powerful! I've experienced something like this before: a moment where I stood at a doorway. And I noticed that I was before this energetic doorway, this energetic gate that was open. And if I stepped through it, I could leave behind the chronic fatigue that had been plaguing me which was very debilitating for me at the time. And so I stood before that gate, and I saw that it was open, and I walked through that portal, and I left behind the chronic fatigue in that one instant. And other illnesses got better as well. And my life has never been the same since that moment. I am free of chronic fatigue... which they tell you is incurable (which by their standards, I guess is).

So this is a really, really powerful and important opportunity for you, for all of us. As humanity, we're moving through these old blocks, these old patterns, these old traumas, and moving forward into the higher frequency of what we can be.

So even though I know I'm sending you more emails than usual this month, they're all good. And they're all in service of this transformation. I wouldn't be doing you a huge disservice if I didn't also send you an email to tell you about this one, this massive opportunity for you to step into the life that you want!

This is one of those Quantum Leap moments!

You know how you can do the work for years, and the magic and all of it and feel like you're not really getting anywhere, like nothing much outside of you is changing? And then all of a sudden, opportunities like this for a Quantum Breakthrough appear!

And here's the key: all the work that you have been doing has led you to be in this moment — ready, able to stand in front of the gate and make that choice.

I want to be clear about that. Because it can seem like, "oh, I have to wait for a quantum leap moment" or "I'm doing all this work, and it's for nothing."

It's not the case! Sometimes you need both. But if you don't DO the work, you won't be ready for the Quantum Leap. Right?

So good on you for doing the work. Stick it out. Because the next time there's another opportunity, you'll be ready.

So doing all the work, you may feel like you're not getting anywhere... "why am I not getting anywhere? Why is nothing changing?" And then all of a sudden, you're at the gate, it opens and boom! Boom! you're flying out of the gate. You are taking flight. That's what it literally feels like to me: there's an image in my email that shows that, and it's beautiful. I hope you you've seen the picture because it's I think it's really lovely.

So, anyway, this whole thing was Saturn. This is my this is my sense of it. But I don't know if it's 100% true. I'm not that familiar with astrology to be able to say, "Yeah, that's absolutely what's happening." It might be Saturn, I think it is, but it might be just, you know, an energy wave of various other options; it might just be the moment in time where we are at a level and the Earth is at a level where we're ready to make that kind of breakthrough.

So what if you haven't made that breakthrough yet? Is there something that you can do? And I say yes! Here's how to slip through that door.

Okay, well, it seems what is happening... remember, Samhain? I wrote in my emails earlier that Samhain started really early this year. Like early October, I was having visitations from the Other Side. I mean, I often do, but certain kinds are different, like when my pets come through, say.

So that started really early in October, which showed me that the the veil, that portal, that Samhain portal that opens, was starting really early this year.

Well, what seems to be happening is that it's going really long, as well. And what that has allowed us to do is... you know how you can talk to people and beings on other planes much more easily at Samhain, at the Samhain portal? This seems to be similar, except instead of talking to other people on other planes, what seems to be happening is that we're able to talk to OUR PAST SELVES much more easily.

So this is really a fantastic opportunity to go back into those things that are far in the past that have been so difficult to change, you know, those really core issues that get you really, really stuck. You can go back and you can have this communication that you haven't been able to do, to this level, with his ease before: talking to previous parts of yourself.

Because we're all all parts of ourselves. We're all all ages, up until now (and sometimes from the future) at once — at one point in time.

And there's something else that's happened. Let me just share with you something that my friend Erin shared with me (yes, another Erin). What she saw happening was that, psychologically, when you have an experience of trauma, or one of those imprinting moments even, you get stuck in that time, at that age that you were that it happened. And the way that she helps heal people, the way that we often heal is to help them move out of that time and into the present in various ways.

One way I do that is by this process I have of working with your inner selves, working with your younger selves, and just bringing them forward and saying, "Look, I know you think it's this and I know you think you're there. But look at where we are right now! I'm a grown up (I'm way a grown up by this point). I have powers, I have skills, I have abilities and resources that you didn't have. And I am taking care of you!"

So that's one way to do this. And this seems to be a time when it's easiest to move through time to reach those stuck parts of ourselves in the past — in the deep past — and bring them into the present... which allows you to move into the future.

Now, one of the things that Erin experienced (that I didn't experience in the same way, because I was doing this work in my dreams, literally... in the waking and sleeping part of the night). But for her, she felt like there was this vortex of no-time and all-time. At the same time!

I mean, that's pretty trippy. And all places, all spaces at the same place. It's like everything came together into this one cosmic moment-time-space thing, as she put it.

And that's really powerful. I've had a similar experience. But I described it differently. Because I was like 5 at the time. But anyway.

So here's how to catch this wave. You can imagine, if you want, that this vortex of time-space is before you, that you can step into it, and reach through to connect with the past self. Anything that's been blocked, any inner voice that you've been hearing that you haven't been able to shift. That's where it's coming from. Reach into that... reach through to that younger self. And you can bring them forward! Because there is no such thing as time, right? No such thing as space. No such thing as this reality — really, this is the dream world, or the simulation if you prefer.

So one of the things that Erin said that she experienced in this vortex was that it takes away the fear. It takes away the fearfulness of putting ourselves out there for... at least in the discussion we were having. Because I was talking about how we have been preparing for this moment in time for lifetimes, possibly thousands and thousands of years! And I said I was I was noticing how many people have been here lifetime after lifetime after lifetime preparing for this moment. And now they're saying, "I don't want to put myself out there. You know, it's too scary. I've been hurt too many times."

You know, they've been... we've all been tortured and killed and murdered and persecuted, and it's been a nightmare.

But it's all for nothing if we don't actually step up to play in the big game!

Here we are in the big game: it's time to get out there!

So this will start to take that fear away.

And what I really love about all this is just how free I finally feel! That is such a valuable thing. It's precious. It's priceless!

It also feels to me like — and I hope this is true — when I'm sensing into what's happening on a global scale, it feels like the control mechanism (that I can't really put my finger on) that has been locking humanity down, keeping us dumb, keeping us cut off from ourselves and from Spirit and truth and our power and reality — the reality of what reality actually is. It feel like that has cracked open! If not broken, right?

So let's claim that reality! We'll just DECIDE that that's true.

Because we're now in a time where we don't have to wait to see what happens. We get to choose! We get to CREATE what happens. We get to decide.

(There's some new stuff happening around that as well. But that'll have to wait for another time.)

So that's what I wanted to let you know: there's that big thing and this whole shift that I've been sensing in November, that's been coming.

That's why I'm sending you all of these wonderful opportunities to participate in.

For instance...

What did you think of my talk on the Quantum Miracles Mastery Docuseries?

That's still going on. My talk was called "God, Goddess and Faces of Divinity: the Missing Element for Life on Earth."

And I really liked it; I've been watching — there's so many great people in there John Assaraf, Sue Morter, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch... altogether, there's over 40 other thought leaders in this incredible event! So check it out, because it's just really uplifting. It's really empowering.

It's really actionable! That's what I really love about it. Every talk is not just a talk, it's like, "here's a practice; try this."

And they've been wonderful! I've watched almost every one of them. And every one of them has been worth it. And it's free! I mean, it's totally free!

So I'm gonna put the link to register below... I recommend you catch it today because you only get the link for yesterday and today's episodes, and then they're gone. You can't watch them. But as soon as you get the emails, then you're good. So sign up — the sooner you sign up, the more you get to watch for free.

Before you go, though, I'm going to ask you please click the subscribe button so that you get more of these uplifting, hopeful, helpful... this kind of content that you want. And, frankly, probably really need at this point in time.

It's a big month; there's a lot happening. I'm sending a lot your way in the emails. Not all of it gets to video. But then again, when I do go to video, it tends to go into more depth. So it's good to have both, I guess. Yeah, I would say that's ideal.

All right. That's all for today. Enjoy your breakthrough moment!

I can't wait to hear... let me know in the comments below. Let me know how it goes. Or reply to my emails. Because I would love to hear!

Thank you so much for listening. It's been a little long, but I hope it's been juicy and worth it. I think it is. So I'll talk to you again soon. Take care. Bye!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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