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A Step Forward In Spiritual Evolution

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There has been a major advance in humanity's spiritual evolution this year.

Perhaps you've noticed it. Some signs are:

  • increased ease between people,

  • communication that is more calm and clear,

  • increased awareness of feelings,

  • increased awareness of the needs which prompt the feelings,

  • more patience.
In other words, more harmonious and peaceful relationships.

Spiritual Evolution Is A Gradual Progress

Sometimes these things are easier to notice in other people than in oneself. And it may not have come to you yet. Those of us who are more stubborn or resistant got it later than others. Keep your eyes open.

The shift actually started somewhere around December or the new year. It's taking a while to filter through the population, but it's progressing.

You may be aware that humanity has stepped up to a positive energy calibration for the first time in history. This took place not long before the turn of the millennium. (More on this in an upcoming article.)

What this new change will mean, hasn't yet been determined. I would not be surprised to see our calibration has risen even higher.

I'm not sure what caused the change, but there's no doubt something's happening. This something is the reawakening of the Power of the Heart. This is the return of the Goddess to the world.

The Goddess is alive, and magick is afoot!

Normally this kind of reflection would be in the Spiritual Rebirth Barometer column. But this process is so encouraging that I felt it had to be the main topic.

Feeding The Hope

It's so easy to despair. But despair is the calling card of the devil, so to speak.

I've been thinking lately that maybe that's what people mean when they say the road to hell is smooth and slippery.

Hope, or faith, is more challenging to sustain. It takes commitment.

Experiencing the kind of change that's occurring right now, really bringing awareness to it and feeling the gratitude for it, boosts faith that we truly are in a process of spiritual rebirth.

It boosts hope for the future of the Earth.

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Firing The Grid

But wait! That's not all! There has even been a second major wave this year.

I'm talking about the worldwide prayer for the Earth that took place on July 17 of this year. It was called Fire the Grid.

The basic idea is that everything in the world is part of an energy grid - like A New Science of Life. Humans long ago chose to remove themselves from the grid, somewhat, in order to explore free will.

For one hour on July 17th, 2008, people around the globe would meditate or pray or bless the Earth, recharging the grid with healing energy and reconnecting humanity with Divine Power.

On this date, at 11:11 GMT, there would be "a cosmic opening which would rain down incredible creative energy upon the earth."

Here's how I see it: The Divine wants to bring healing to the Earth and her children. It has been hampered in doing so because humans, as the hands of the Divine on Earth, have chosen not to.

But for an hour, many of us would state our intention for healing clearly. We opened ourselves as willing channels for Divine Energy. We joined in an energy wave of healing, in which each of us boosted the others, and were uplifted in return.

I believe that the shift that occurred around the turn of the year was a big step forward in humanity's spiritual evolution. Perhaps this was a preparation for a group effort to transform the energy field of the planet, about 6 months later.

Firing the Grid was meant to

  • begin the healing of the Earth,

  • re-form the energy grid among humanity,

  • reconnect the channel between the Divine and individual humans, and

  • raise the vibrational frequency of the planet.
While I participated in firing the grid, I'm not sure yet what the results have been. (I'll get back to you on that.)

But one thing is sure ... The very fact that around the world people are eager to get up in the middle of the night to pray for the Earth is itself a significant statement of the change that's happening in the world. has all the details. (Link opens in new window.) It's hard to read on the website, but copy and paste it into your word processor... it's well worth the read.

With Bright Blessings,

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