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A quick grounding technique is useful to everyone, not just Witches.

Grounding will quickly centre you, and balance your energies. It brings you back in touch with your Deep Self, and Divine energy.

Start every day with a quick grounding, and watch what a difference it makes in your life. (Use the deep grounding technique in the Sky & Earth Grounding Meditation for best results.)

You can also do a grounding any time you find yourself in a stressful situation or when you want to perform your best . . .
  • Before a meeting,
  • After a nasty shock or injury,
  • Before public speaking,
  • When emotions swamp you, etc.
Here are two quick grounding techniques you can use.

The first doesn't need any Wiccan skills or grounding experience.

The second can be done when you are practiced at grounding.

Before you start, it would be helpful to read the introduction to basic Grounding Technique.

wicca-spirituality-witchy_smile WITCH TIP:
If you plan to do healing, divination, or spell-casting,
read this.

Three Circles Grounding Technique

This can be done fairly quickly. Or it can be savoured slowly for deeper grounding.

Personally, I would use this grounding technique only in a natural setting – or perhaps a well–decorated indoor space, and with relative privacy.

Because you're opening yourself up to everything around you, be aware of what or who is around you that you might not wish to completely open your energy field to.

Ideally, it takes place with the 4 elements around you . . .
  • Earth. Easy – this one's a given. You can connect with the grasses, trees, rocks, landforms, etc.
  • Air. Also easy. A bit of breeze helps, but you always have your breath.
  • Fire. The warmth of the sun works fine, if it's clear. Otherwise, you can have a campfire or candle (somewhere safe), or just imagine the sun.
  • Water. A stream, lake, or sea is ideal. A bowl of water will do, if necessary. The larger the body of water, the better.
For this grounding technique, they don't necessarily have to be in their appropriate direction. How much perfection can we find, anyway?

This grounding can also effectively cast the circle and welcome the directions. So I sometimes use it to start a ritual if I'm rushed.

How To Do The Three Circles Grounding Technique

Start by standing, facing North, and being right where you are.

As you slowly turn deosil (clockwise, to your right), observe everything around you. Notice each element. Use as many senses as you can to experience them.

Complete the circle, once you've reached your starting point, by "seeing" the infinite reaches of space and stars above you, and the depth of the Earth Mother below you.

Feel that you are seeing everything around you.

And state during this first circle,

"For all I see . . . ."

Coming back to North, continue turning slowly. With this circle, notice how everything you see is also aware of you. The Universe is watching you, just as you are watching It.

Go through all the directions, all the elements . . . again concluding with Sky and Earth. And state during this second circle,

"For all that sees me . . . ."

Starting the third circle in the North, still turning, feel how you are part of everything you see. There is no real separation. You are one with it all.

And state during this third circle,

"For all I am a part of . . . ."

When you conclude, at the Earth below you, pause for a moment to let this feeling settle into you.

"Blessed Be."

Opening The Circle

If you have cast a circle this way, you can open it by doing the circles in reverse.

Start with the last and work back to the first declaration. And turn your circles widdershins (counterclockwise, or to your left), in the "undoing" direction.

At the end, it is helpful to touch the Earth, and offer thanks. This gives full closure to the circle.

Blessed Be.

Ultra-Quick 2-Breath Grounding Technique

When you are accustomed to the deep version of grounding, you can learn to do this very quick grounding technique.

This is incredibly useful, for when you're dealing with a problem, or taking on someone else's energy, or needing to focus for your next badminton serve.

Learn to ground thoroughly first, or this won't work nearly as well.

Two-Breath Grounding Technique

As you exhale, send your awareness deep into the Earth, right to the molten core of the Mother.

In the moment where you pause between exhalation and inhalation, open yourself to Her.

As you inhale, allow that Earth energy to flow in and up, filling you, and continuing up through the top of your head high into the Sky, as energetic branches.

In the pause, notice the Star light gathering on your "leaves."

As you exhale, allow the Star light to flow down through the top of your head, filling you as it goes, and continuing on deep into the heart of the Earth.

In the pause, be aware that you are a conduit for the two–way flow of energy between the Earth and Sky.

As you inhale, allow the mingled energies of Earth and Sky to rise from the core of the Mother, flow upward into your heart centre, filling it and warming it.

And you are grounded. Blessed Be.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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