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So now you know the power of creative visualization, you'll want to know the visualization technique.

Whether for Wicca or any other spiritual practice, this visualization technique covers everything you need for successful creative visualizations.

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Have trouble visualizing? See So You Think You Can't Visualize.

Is Visualization Visual?

The first thing you need to know about visualization technique is that "visualizing" does not mean simply "visual."

The more senses brought into it, the more effective the creative visualization. It is the visceral feel of it in your body that is most effective. When you perceive, think, and feel something simultaneously, then your body knows it on every level of its being.

I call this kenning. It's a deep level of knowing, understanding, and experiencing something.

When you experience the reality of what is within your mind, you set that reality as truth. Mind, emotions, body, subconscious . . . all then work together to make that knowing manifest in your daily life.

This is also why it's good visualization technique to begin every session in a similar way. When you do this, your body–mind gets trained to jump right in to visualization-mode. And you get the best results.

So . . .

Any good visualization technique will start in the body.

Beginning A Creative Visualization

Start every visualization with this technique for physical and mental relaxation.

  • Relax your body completely.

  • Let your eyes relax and vision soften.

  • Bring your gaze gently to the space between your eyebrows, and let it stay there throughout the exercise.

  • Allow your mind to rest, to soften and open. Your mind will be relaxed, and alert.

  • Imagine yourself in a place you love . . . one that makes you feel happy and safe and peaceful.

Within The Visualization Exercise

The next step in visualization technique is bringing all the sensation possible to your guided visualization. This detail will keep the exercise in the present tense. Just like using affirmation, for visualizing to be successful it must be experienced as in the present tense - happening right now.

See the article on How To Use Positive Affirmations for more qualities of successful visualization.

As explained in So You Think You Can't Visualize?, creative visualization doesn't take place with only the sense of sight.

The degree to which you can activate every one of your senses in the guided visualization, that's exactly the degree of power you wield to shift realities.

So whatever your visualization, the technique is to use all your senses to make it as real to yourself as possible . . .
  • Tactile Touch

    Feel the texture of whatever you are visualizing. If you're visualizing wealth or success, you may want to feel the buttery quality of the fine leather coat or couch you have, and the feel of delicate crystal against your lips as you drink your freshly squeezed organic orange juice for breakfast . . . Feel the weight of it, the hardness or softness of it. Is it cool or warm? How does it sit in your hand?

  • Kinesthetic Movement

    Feel your body taking the actions. If you are giving a successful book tour, feel your feet on the floor and the muscles in your legs move you toward the podium for your reading. Feel the book in your hand, and the slightly rough quality of the paper as you turn the pages. Notice your posture. Is your forehead furrowed, your eyes squinting, your mouth pulled wide in a smile? Feel your breathing, and feel your voice vibrating in your chest as you speak . . .

  • Somatic Sensation

    Feel within your body the sensations associated with this reality. In the above example, you may feel the giddy butterflies of anticipation before you speak, the satisfaction of seeing the audience enraptured by your story, the goosebumps as a breeze wafts through the room . . .

    And this is perhaps the most important piece of all . . .

    Allow yourself to notice the feeling of success. Let it suffuse your entire body! Feel the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, pride, joy, freedom . . . Revel in this sensation, and enjoy it as long as you like. The more power you give to this sensation, the more potency your visualization will have to manifest in reality.

  • Hearing

    Listen to the sounds that surround you in this created reality . . . the noises of your actions, the voices of those who congratulate you, the quiet splash of the kayak paddles and the call of a loon . . . the sounds of success. What sounds accompany the achievement of your desire? What sounds are nearby? What sounds are in the distance?

  • Scent

    What fragrances attend the scene of your creative visualization? Smell the roses or apples that sit on the table, the odour of fresh ink under your pen as you write, the fresh grass scent coming in through the window, the new-car smell . . .

  • Taste

    It may seem trickier to imagine what tastes are there, but you do taste things all the time. Taste the air – is it sweet or salty or acrid with car exhaust? What flavours would you be likely to experience in this new reality? Ripe, tart, sun–sweet strawberries fresh out of your garden? The finest dish in your favourite restaurant? Imagine the texture of these foods as well.

  • Vision

    This is usually the easiest to think of, though not the most powerful sense for creative visualization. If you were visualizing a new home, see yourself in your mind's eye holding the key in your hand, putting it in the raspberry–stained door, turning the faceted handle, seeing what's inside as you open the door, with your furniture and knick knacks already in place. Picture as well enjoying the rewards of this new reality – having guests over for a dinner party, staying up late with popcorn and a movie in the new family room, planting flowers along the walkway . . .

    For an extra power boost to manifest your visualization, another technique is to picture that whole scene and everything/everyone in it surrounded by and permeated with brilliant white light.

Make Your Mind Work For You

If you do creative visualization without this technique, you are depriving it of the power needed to work quickly and effectively.

Even the weakest visualization technique will, eventually, make some change in your life. But why crawl when you can fly?

Give yourself the benefit of using this creative visualization technique and you will see dramatic improvements in your life, and faster than you might think possible.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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