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Looking for visualization tips?

Here are some helpful secrets to learning how to visualize, following up on the article by the surprising title, Learning How To Visualize.

These techniques are more about attitude than actions. In other words, the last article covered a step–by–step method you can use to improve your ability to visualize.

This article is not so much about what to do, as how to do it.

As with anything in life, the way you approach the method is as important as the method itself.

So, following these tips will help you learn how to visualize successfully.

Visualization Tip #1

The most important of the visualization tips is believe that you already know how to visualize.

If you think you don't visualize, then read this article on What Is Visualization. It explains the many ways you are already using visualization in your life.

Once you know that you already do it, it becomes a matter of simply noticing it.

This small shift in perspective can help you learn visualization technique much more quickly!

Visualization Tip #2

Another necessary tip is to not stress about how well you're seeing or feeling or hearing or whatever.

Just relax. Relaxation is a necessarily part of how to visualize. The more you try to force it, the more you will not be able to see positive results.

Let yourself see whatever you do, and know that it's enough for now.

When you accept where you are, in this moment, you will naturally develop even more skill.

Visualization Tip #3

Appreciate every little improvement that you notice.

Your brain is your faithful servant. If you tell your brain to do something, if you praise it for what it's doing right, it will learn very quickly to do more of that.

So thank yourself for any visualization you do, no matter how faint it may be at first. And ask yourself to become even more clear at visualizing.

You may feel funny talking to yourself like this, but remember, no one has to know.

And when you see how quickly you learn how to visualize with great clarity, you'll be grateful you risked a little foolishness.

Visualization Tip #4

There is no such thing as perfect visualization!

Don't worry about how to visualize perfectly. It's never useful to strive for perfection!

It will get more and more clear over time. That's all you need to aim for.

Visualization Tip #5

Play with how to visualize using all of your senses.

If you notice that you don't use one much — like smell or taste or whatever — go out of your way to include it.

This practice develops the clarity of your all senses over time. And you can do this not only in visualization, but in your life.

(Which, by the way, makes it a common yogic spiritual practice.)

By using these visualization tips, you will soon find that you do know how to visualize, even better than you'd thought.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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