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The Pace of Progress Towards 2012

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Surviving 2012 -- There's definitely a trick to it!

Part of the trick is simple knowledge. You need to understand what's going on.

(Luckily, that's what this whole section of Wicca-Spirituality.com is about!)

When you know what's really going on, it can't hurt you (as much). When you know you've got stairs ahead of you, you're not going to trip on them and fall!

This also helps you develop the mindset that will sail you safely through these troubled times.

The other part of the trick is taking appropriate action. What is appropriate action during the 2012 Transition? That's what the rest of the 2012 articles are about.

In these articles, we'll start with the broad strokes, and then progress to the day-to-day details.

So here are the secrets and strategies for surviving 2012.

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Surviving 2012 -- The Background

Surviving 2012 has become a very hot topic, but wrapped up in that one little phrase is actually 3 questions ...

  1. Can we physically survive "the end of the world," and if so, how?
  2. How can we influence the outcome of 2012, to avoid an apocalypse?
  3. How do we cope with these rapid fire, incredible changes and traumas?

The first question is covered in this article on What Will Happen in 2012.

The second is answered in the article on the Hopi Prophecies -- It describes the two options we have, and how we get to choose which path our future will take.

This article on Surviving 2012, and the rest of the 2012 section, deals with the third question. It will help you understand and deal with the effects of this time of transition -- the emotional and psychological challenges.

Because an unbalanced emotional or mental state, at this stage of the game, can be fatal.

In particular, the following articles explain not only how to get through this in one piece, but how to be part of healing the world, because at this point they are both the same thing.

The Context...

Don't you feel, these days, like...

  • you're being swept down a rapid river of life, and don't even have a paddle?

  • everything is happening too fast, and you can't keep up?

  • changes and surprises and challenges and catastrophes are coming at you (and the world) non-stop?

This is how everyone feels, these days. And that's because it's precisely what's happening.

Surviving 2012: The Process

Surviving 2012 is just a matter of knowing where to put your energy and what to let go.

The next several articles deal with this specifically...

As for surviving the 2012 Transition as a species, the Mayan Calendar also gives us clues.

With Bright Blessings,

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