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The world is transforming.

And deep down, you know it's true.

It may seem like this Planetary Transformation could take forever, or at least longer than Gaia can withstand the assaults on Her, but the proof that it's underway already is all around us.

When trailer park housewives in redneck towns are sitting in the bleachers at baseball games, talking about karma and the lessons they're in this life to learn, you know the Planetary Transformation is in fact well underway . . . .

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So, even though despair is lurking around every election, under every newspaper, inside every television . . .

Keep Up Hope!

What signs prove to you that this Planetary Transformation is real?

Everyone notices things around them that demonstrate this shift.

If you've been around kids born after 2000, you'll see that many of them are like an evolutionary leap forward - smarter, more sensitive, spiritually wise.

People who a few decades ago were mocking spirituality or holistic healing are now centering their life around these things.

Huge corporations are beginning to think of progress in terms of environmental sustainability - and reorganize their companies to serve it!

Scientists are talking about the rebirth of the Goddess!

(If you have examples that lighten your heart and strengthen your belief in the Spiritual Rebirth, please email me with your stories.

Let's share these hope-inspiring examples with others. That in itself is a force for planetary healing and human evolution.)

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Rebirth Is Messy

As the Planetary Transformation shifts us to the new paradigm which reflects the true potential of humanity, there will be risk and suffering on the Earth.

Birth is never tidy. It is scary and challenging and messy.

As with any birth, the guidance of a skilled midwife and encouraging support of a doula can make the difference between a dangerous and traumatic event, and a joyful and safe transition from the Darkness into the Light.

We are all being doulas for each other during this Spiritual Rebirth. And our chosen teachers, books, and other inspirational sources are the midwives.

Keep in contact with others who are aware of this Planetary Transformation.

Keep feeding yourself with wisdom and inspiration from various sources.

This will ease the transition, not only for you but for the world.

Breaking Wide Open

Anyone who has given birth knows the sensation of being broken wide open, a feeling that is almost literal.

We are all being asked to break wide open in this new millennium, to make way for a new way of being in the world.

It is our hearts that are breaking open wide, now, to allow our souls to manifest . . . bringing compassion, kindness, and peace.

Yet as we go through this process of Planetary Transformation, the Birthing makes great demands on us, at every level of being: our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our energy fields are in flux.

This creates imbalance and can bring about illness, stress, fear, and anxiety unless we can bring ourselves into alignment with these changes.

. . . Especially for people who are very sensitive - like indigo or crystal children/adults, who are a great tribe of Energy Healers for planetary healing.

It is vital to keep faith and take care of yourself during this challenging time.

Those most prone to despair are those who need self-care the most!

The Greatest Danger

While this Planetary Transformation can be scary and challenging, there is a greater risk . . .

Becoming so desperate for stability that we reject the new Life-Force, to cling to the old Death-ways.

Many people are doing just that, and dragging down the world in their struggle for security in the old paradigm. Certain government leaders spring to mind.

The thinking is . . . "No matter how painful, at least it's familiar - and if I'm going down, I'm gonna take others with me."

Yet that won't create joy. It can't create health. It can't give us any of the tools needed to succeed in this new era.

It can't even give us a viable future for this planet!

But there are ways to get through the uncomfortable phase of the Spiritual Rebirth and into the life you are meant to live . . . A life with passion, a life of meaning, a life lived on purpose.

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Spiritual Practice Is The Key

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Spirituality is (obviously) the key to the Spiritual Rebirth. But there are lots of forms this can take. For example, . . .

Whatever lifts your heart and brightens your spirit will help align you with the Planetary Transformation that is happening.

And whatever time you can devote to spiritual practice is healing not only to yourself, but is an offering of healing to the world.

Whether you set time apart, or practice living spiritually in everyday situations, you can offer your spiritual practice to the benefit of all beings.

This magnifies the benefit for yourself, and also hastens the Spiritual Rebirth which can save us all.

With Bright Blessings,

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