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Do you want to know how to return to health and wellness?

I hear from people all the time who are looking for ways to heal themselves. Too many people are experiencing poor health and less wellness these days.

And let's face it, western (allopathic) medicine is not designed to facilitate healing except in cases of immediate peril and injury. Systemic and chronic conditions are outside its jurisdiction. (Of course, you should always start with a visit to your doctor. But also do whatever you can to heal yourself naturally.)

Personally, I believe that as humanity's spiritual evolution progresses, we become less "fixable" on the physical level. Pills and surgery do less all the time, it seems.

But your ability to heal yourself is increasing!

Health is a natural state, but we've forgotten how to sustain it. It's important to realise that it is natural to be healthy and well. Health has never left you! You have, temporarily, left health! And you can find your way back.

Here is what I would say to anyone who comes to me looking for advice on how to bring themselves back to health and wellness.

Dear Light-Being Disguised As Mere Mortal:

Let's Face Reality

Let me begin by saying, nothing is permanent! The very body you move and think with is made of completely new molecules and cells and atoms, compared with a year ago, and a year from now!

The energy field of an ailment may be persistent, but the body changes all the time, and energy is highly mutable!

Doctors are all-too-quick to say that things are incurable or permanent. The very concept is stunning. Nothing in the world is even solid, let alone eternal!

The fact is, people are curing themselves of "incurable" conditions ... every ... single … day!

And what does the medical profession say when that happens? "You must have been misdiagnosed." Ignoring all the evidence, they actually believe that when they say something is incurable, it must be incurable.


Don't believe anyone who attempts to force their version of reality on you.

The only thing that is unchangeable
is the mind that decides it won't be changed!

Your health and wellness are entirely in your command.

Bring In The Healing Light

Second, let me recommend something that has done an amazing amount for my health, well-being, and success: The Divine Light Invocation. If you do this often enough, it can't help but transform your entire being: body, mind, and spirit.

This is the first and best thing to do when you want health and wellness ... and to continue to do!

In fact, if you're a highly sensitive person, then the Divine Light Invocation is basic health hygiene! You're probably picking up on energy fields all the time, without realizing it! That can lead to serious consequences over time. The Divine Light Invocation will clarify your energy field and protect you in many ways.

Another very transformative and health and wellness practice is Mantra. It is easy to do, even for beginners, and immediately begins making positive changes in your energy field (or spirit), your physical body, your emotional state, and your mind.

If you like to draw, Mandalas are also a great way to process issues and heal and uplift your body, mind, and soul. You can download a free template to draw on.

Your Illness Is Not "Ill"

Third, every "ailment" on the physical level is an attempt to offer you a message that you have been unable to hear in any other way.

Remember that all physical issues are reflections of your spiritual state and what you tell yourself with your thoughts and emotions.

All diagnosed dis-eases are merely SYMPTOMS of underlying mental / emotional / spiritual energy states.

A fabulous and very powerful resource on how to shift these things, so you can manifest what you really desire, is Ask and It Is Given (Read the review).

Explore the symbolic meaning of the situation (You can work with it as if it were a dream you've had). Ask for dreams about it, and work with them. Dialogue with your body, the "disease", and the Divine. Examine your underlying beliefs, motives, and fears.

  • What is the underlying cause, that manifests in the symptom of "illness"?

  • What is it you need to learn?

  • What will bring you back to your natural state of health? (Health has not left you... you have left it. And if you have left, you can return.)

Additional questions, to help you clear out the root causes of disease, are:

  • What is the purpose of my life?

  • Who am I, really?

  • Who am I, underneath everything I think I am?

  • What did my face look like before I was born?

  • What brings me joy?

  • What do I want my life to be about?

Then, go back to doing the Divine Light Invocation and the exercises in Ask and It Is Given.

Love Yourself To Heal Yourself

Fourth, remember your body is not your enemy but your most faithful and devoted friend!

It isn't pleasant to go through this situation, but your body is suffering it only so that you can receive a message that is vitally important, that you haven't yet been able to hear.

Would you go through this for a friend?

Imagine how much your body must love you and care about you!

One of the most important parts of healing is learning to listen to your body's needs, and respond to them. Take good care of yourself with all the basics:

  • lots of sleep,

  • fun exercise,

  • meaningful activity,

  • fresh organic produce,

  • few processed foods,

  • fresh air (or at least, removing fragrances and chemicals from your environment),

  • laughter and smiles all day,

  • as beautiful an environment as you can manage,

  • decluttering, especially getting rid of anything that makes you unhappy to see it,

  • cuddling babies or animals (or even imagining it),

  • being kind to others,

  • mental stimulation,

  • positive outlook,

  • affirmations,

  • forgiving everyone for everything ... especially yourself!

Return to Love

Bring to yourself all the kindness and love that you can. Taking care of your body and its needs with tenderness is a big part of loving yourself.

Also love your dreams, your desires for your life: they are here to guide you to your joyous health and wellness.

Love the light that lives inside you!

Love the light that lives in other beings!

Love even your illness, to whatever extent you can.

Love is an infinitely powerful healing force!

You can't heal anything without love. But with love, you can heal anything. Love is the very essence of health and wellness.

You Are Not Ill!

Finally, put your attention on health and wellness, rather than illness and suffering.

Science has proven that when we set our attention on something, when we have a certain intention, we do affect the physical outcome.

If you see yourself as a sick person, or a person with a disability or disease, stop right now. You are no more that than you are a walnut. You, in absolute fact, are a vibrational package of light and harmony, putting on a costume of a physical, mortal being. A vibration can not be sick! It's impossible.

Set your intention to be whole and well and joyous.

Put your attention on being whole and well and joyous.

Visualize, with all your senses, being well and strong, thriving and enjoying life.

Whatever you set your intention to and attention to, must increase. It is the law of the Universe.

Is There a Magick Spell for Health and Wellness?

I'm sorry that I can't offer you a spell as such. That's not how I work. I believe that magick spells work when you craft them to your particular circumstances.

Having said that, I believe that doing everything I've suggested here IS doing a magick spell for your well-being!

If you'd like to do a more formalized magick spell, and want insight into how to create your own magick spells, check out these two articles: The Essence of Magick and Tips for Wiccan Magick Spells.

My Dear Sibling-In-Light:

This is the starting point for health and wellness. Do these things, and no matter what happens, you will be healed.

I wish you all the best on your health and wellness journey!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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