The 2012 Transition --
Entering A New World Paradigm

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The 2012 Transition — what the heck is going on?

Well, the old ways of life are passing away...

  • Domination

  • Hierarchy

  • Fear

  • Greed

  • Scarcity

  • Competition

  • Materialism

  • Violence, etc.

And we are creating and rediscovering a New Paradigm, a way of life that is...

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  • Balanced

  • Peaceful

  • Caring

  • Cooperative

  • Abundant

  • Empowered

  • Spiritual

  • Unified and interconnected

We are transitioning from a world-view that sets us apart from nature, each other, and the Divine... to a recognition of unity and sacredness in everything.

This is what is called, elsewhere on this website, the Return of the Goddess — the qualities of the Divine Feminine are re-awakening in the world.

And humanity as a whole is — finally! — growing up.

All the articles in this 2012 section, pieced together, describe this Transition in detail.

This page offers the summary or overview of the new paradigm that is emerging.

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What's Powering The 2012 Transition?

There are forces at work on the planet, that can't be described in terms that make sense, on their own.

So we attach them to things that we can understand.

For instance, we say that evolution is cyclical. Everything that happens, will end, and something new will arise. In time, the "new" thing ends, and the original returns. Just like the seasons: Winter and Summer always come around again, in their time.

What's coming around next is something called The Shift of Ages, when not one but two major time-cycles are concluding and beginning again.

It's also significant that we are entering into the Age of Aquarius at this time. This tells us what kind of a World Age we can expect.

The 2012 Transition is the process of shifting from one World Age to the next, from the old beliefs to the new paradigm.

The status quo is being dismantled. The very foundations of the past are shaken to their roots -- and the many massive earthquakes occurring these days are both a sign and a symbol of it.

Transitions Are Processes, Not Events

It may be hard to see the 2012 Transition in action yet, depending on where you're looking.

There are two main reasons for this.

The news, for example, being a bastion of the status quo, is still playing the Old Paradigm. When you watch the news, the message is: business as usual. Even though the news stations only report the selected things that support this perspective, they make it seem like that's all there is. They make us believe that the news is real, and everything else isn't.

A second factor is the volume of the resistance. Many people and organisations are strenuously resisting the passing of the Old Paradigm, and they are screaming bloody murder. Just because they're yelling so much louder, it makes it seem as if there are more of them. Even as if they are the majority.

They wish!

But look in another direction, and you can see massive changes that are part of this 2012 Transition...

  • Worldwide grassroots movements for peace and true democracy

  • Changes in how we perceive our effect on the environment

  • Compassion-based movements in every aspect of life

  • Everyday people devoted to meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices

  • And many more examples

Despite the fact that it's easy to overlook the changes (if you really want to) the 2012 Transition is well underway.

Evolution In Action

I think one of the most critical ways we can see this in the world around us is the Dissolution of the Forms of Force and Power-Over.

You can watch that happening, real time, right under the thumbs of the Power Elite.

In a previous stage of the evolution of consciousness, power was being focused and concentrated in the hands of a few. Is this ever true! We have a tiny percentage of people getting ever more unimaginably wealthy (money is power in this world), while an ever-greater majority become ever more poor!

As horrific as this has been, it's also been a necessary part of the journey. It has led us up to the birth of a whole new way of being on the Earth — the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Thank the Goddess it's also already over! It just hasn't gotten through the last of its death throes yet.

But it's exciting and empowering to actually see the 2012 Transition in process...

  • You could watch it, play by play, in Egypt.

  • You can see it in the myriad ways that people are taking back control — the power of the people and grassroots change.

  • You can see it in the gradual rise of compassion and responsibility over greed.

  • You can also see it in the great tide of interest in Wicca and Paganism — religions that reflect and give form to the new paradigm we're entering.

The New Paradigm

The 2012 Transition is about shifting from one world-view to another.

According to the Mayan Calendar, there are 9 evolutionary Ages, each 20 % more compact than the previous.

The 7th Age of evolution (begun in 1755 CE) was all about gathering power. The rule of the 8th phase (begun on Jan 5, 1999) was Personal Ethics and Integrity. And the next phase, the ultimate 9th Age, is about Conscious Co-Creation.

This age has already begun! It started on Feb 10, 2011.

It hasn't become the dominant paradigm, yet... remember the transition process. But we're on our way!

To find out what life in the New Paradigm will be like, a click to the next article...

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