How to Use Pendulums

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Pendulums are a very easy divination tool for beginners.

Plus, they are inexpensive to buy and easy to make. If you haven't already got yours, see this article on how to make one.

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Now let's see how to use them.

Getting Acquainted

Presumably, you've already cleansed and blessed your divination tool. This will enable it to give you better readings.

Now, it's extremely simple to use.

Take the knot of the string or clasp of the necklace between your thumb and middle finger. (I find this works better than using the index finger, which is too apt to try to control the reading.)

You need to be in a calm and clear frame of mind to use pendulums, or any divination tool, to work well.

So start by taking some deep calming breaths, and setting an intention to just play.

wicca-spirituality How To Hold A Pendulum

Remember, any skill takes practice and is likely to start out shaky. Your ability to use pendulums will improve with practice. As long as you go into it gently, easily, and playfully.

The first thing to do is to check its calibration.

Ask it to signal "yes." Sit back, relax, and let it do its thing. It may take a while in the beginning.

You will see the pendant begin to move. Generally, pendulums signal a yes with a clockwise circle, or sometimes a front-and-back swing. I would encourage it to signal yes with the circle... it makes things easier later. And yes, you can ask it to communicate in a way that works for you!

Tell it thank you. This signals that you have received the answer, and would like to start afresh. It will come to a standstill.

Now ask it to signal "no."

Again, breathe! Relax. Allowing is necessary for this to work properly.

Pendulums will usually move in a counterclockwise circle, or sometimes left-and-right, to signal in the negative. Again, I'd request it to use the circle to signal a "no."

Thank it. Wait for it to still.

Of course, there are ways to improve the performance. Grounding is a good way to start.

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Quizzing The Divine

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You're ready to ask it some questions!

Now you know which signal means yes and which means no. So you can ask the Divine any yes-or-no questions you'd like.

If you're not using a pendulum chart, you are limited to these simple questions. But you can still find out a lot, by continuing to clarify the answers.

See part 3 to find out about using a pendulum chart.

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With Bright Blessings,

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