How to Use a Pendulum Chart

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When you use a pendulum chart, you greatly increase your ability to get information. Suddenly you are no longer limited to yes-or-no questions.

And with the right chart, you can access amazingly precise divine guidance!

Pendulums are used for answering questions. They generally give a yes or no answer, which can be rather limiting.

There are 3 great advantages when you use a pendulum chart:

  • You can ask more specific questions,

  • About a broader range of issues, and

  • It allows the pendulum to volunteer information you didn't know to ask for.

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Using A Pendulum Chart

Above is the pendulum chart that I developed for basic divination.

How it works is simple...

  1. Hold the pendulum over the centre circle.
  2. Calibrate it.
  3. Ask a question, and wait to see if the pendulum indicates yes or no.
  4. If it doesn't give a clear answer, or you'd like more detail, hold the pendulum over each section, one at a time.

    If it signals "yes" the message in that segment is appropriate to this situation.

    If it does nothing, the message in that segment does not apply.

  5. Use the same method on the strips along the bottom of the chart to determine what time frame is involved, and so on.

This is the simplest way to use a chart.

A Dialogue With The Divine

With practice, using a pendulum chart can give you a real sense of dialogue with the Divine... much more than the basic question-and-answer that pendulums give on their own.

This is an extremely satisfying and productive way to use pendulums.

And there are some truly incredible charts available!

I am eagerly awaiting the website for Trew Believers pendulum charts. They are not only inspired, but they seem to hold a very powerful, high energy... perfect for divination. I've used one of the charts and I'm thrilled with it. It even tells you which Goddess is working with you or available to help you.

I understand there are many more charts from the same source that will soon be available. Stay tuned, and I'll let you know when and where you can get your own.

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