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This is a very different kind of love spell. This is, in fact, a far more powerful love spell than anything else you could do.

And it has the extra advantage that you will end up with a much higher-quality relationship, one that is ...
  • happy,

  • fulfilling,

  • meaningful, and

  • lasting.
So why doesn't everyone use this one? Well, people being people, most of us are looking for the "quick fix."

But in the long run, this is much more effective. Because it gets to what you really want...

Being Loving and Being Loved

When you come right down to it, we never really want this person or that person.

What we really want is the love we imagine we can have with them.

And there's always the problem that the qualities we ask for — and what we're able to receive -- are restricted by our own limitations.

So what you manifest with a regular love spell will never be as perfect as you'd like. It can only be as perfect as you are!

So what's the obvious step to increasing the quality of your relationships?

That's right! Increase the quality of love, within yourself.

Thus, the Increasing-Love Spell changes the whole playing field, by boosting your "love ability."

5 Kinds of Love Increased

You can increase the love you have and the love you receive, on 5 levels...
  • the love you receive from a lover,

  • the love in every relationship you're in,

  • the love from the Divine and the natural world,

  • the love you have within yourself to give,

  • the love you feel for yourself.

Why Is This So Crucial To Your Success?

I'm sure you've heard that if you want love, then give love to others.

By the law of attraction (as well as human nature), you will begin to receive great amounts of love in return.

So the more love you have inside you, the more love you will attract.

There's a second reason, too.

Often the difficulty isn't that we are unloved. More often, the difficulty is that we can't recognize that love, or really feel loved.

So when you increase the love that you can feel and receive, you automatically increase your chances for a happy relationship.

It's important to remember that the Universe wants to give you everything you desire, including a great love-relationship. It's not that you're not offered these things. I's that you're having difficulty allowing them.

The Increasing-Love Spell changes all that!

How to Do the Increasing Love Spell

Most of this spell is not done by casting in the traditional manner. Rather, it is based on basic magickal principles.

There is a spell-casting component, which we'll get to in a minute.

But really, any spiritual practice or Wiccan practices on this site will suit your purpose, because they all align you more closely with the Divine within yourself and without. And the Divine IS love. So doing these practices increases your love quotient.

The basic idea here is increasing your connection with the state of being that we call LOVE. Because loving relationships are not really about you and me and those we love.

Love exists, in and of itself.

We can tap into the flow, and we can shut it off. This love spell works by increasing the love flowing through you. This will automatically increase the love in your life. Which naturally brings you people to share love with!

See, it is a love spell. Just a more thorough one than most.

It's inevitable! It's a law of the universe... the law of attraction. What you have inside you manifests in your life.

A 5-Part Magick Spell

So how do you increase your love quotient? This spell has 5 aspects...
  1. Intention Spell
  2. Attention Spell
  3. Action Spell
  4. Invoking Qualities
  5. Ritual spell casting

Why so many parts? Because this isn't just a superficial change, a bandaid on your life like most love spells.

This is potent stuff. Each part of this love spell reinforces and empowers every other part.

You may be thinking it's too much effort. And that's fine. I only offer it here because if you really want to improve your love life, the quick fix doesn't work.

So if you keep being disappointed in love, then all the magickal love spells in the world aren't going to help. Obviously there's an underlying problem. And it will continue to sabotage your efforts (and not only in love!).

It's that fundamental level that this magickal process heals. This is what gives other spells a chance to succeed.

So let's get started…

Intention Spell

Start by setting an intention. Make it clear, and set it strongly. Put it in writing, in big clear letters, and post it where you will see it several times a day, as well as when you're in bed. (See tips on how to phrase affirmations.)

A good intention could go something like this:
"Love flows freely through my life and I am overflowing with love."
If that's too far a reach, step it back a little:
"I open myself to love, and love, and more love."
Or even more gentle, for starters:
"I am willing to allow more love into my heart and into my life."

Attention Spell

The idea here is to keep your attention on the idea of love, as much as possible.

You don't need to think about it or analyze it... in fact, those are counter-productive. Just let the idea of love float lightly in your mind.

You can write the word "love" on a stickynote, and post it where only you will see it, and where you'll keep seeing it. You can write the word on the palm of your hand. Or use a special sign that will remind you of the concept of love, like a sigil or symbol.

These are just reminders, to keep the quality of love alive in your awareness.

Action Spell

This is a Karma Yoga-type spell. So far you've been laying the mental groundwork. Now it's time to empower that with action!

(This is one of the benefits of being on the earth-plane: you can use physical action to accomplish things on spiritual and energy levels.)

There are three parts to the action spell, all of which are intended to increase your connection to the flow of love.
  • Act in loving ways toward others, whenever you can.

  • Seek out opportunities to snuggle and play with friendly animals, babies, seedlings, or whatever stirs those happy, loving hormones.

  • Be loving towards yourself. Take care of your physical needs as if your body were your most beloved child. Give yourself plenty of rest, and activities that nourish your spirit. Take mental silence every day, in the form of meditation or some other practice. Speak kindly to (and of) yourself: let harsh judgements go, and tell yourself nurturing things. Do something that you love, every single day.

Invoking Qualities

The actions of increasing love flows naturally into this next step.

Invoking Qualities is one of the most powerful spells you can ever do!

This is a meditative visualization process, in which you call up the quality, or energy, within yourself, and attend to the feeling of it in your body.

One way to do this is to sit in a space where you won't be interrupted and that feels good to you. I like to do this in my greenhouse, or at a beach, or by my altar with my meditation candle shining and nature sounds playing.

Then call the Quality of Love to you. Try these methods, or find one of your own:
  • Repeat slowly and with full attention: "I am love. I am love. I am love."

  • If that feels too awkward, try: "May I be filled with love." or "I'm opening to love." or "I'm becoming willing to love and be loved."

  • Imagine the face of someone, especially a child or animal, that you love. Let yourself feel the intensity of love you have for them, in this entirely safe way.

  • Remember or imagine a time of feeling perfectly loved, overflowing with love. Dwell on that sensation.

  • Chant the mantra to Tara, and imagine Her love-filled energy flowing down all around you and flooding every cell.
The most important aspect of this is to feel the energy of love suffusing you. The more you do this, the more love you will experience in your life, I guarantee it.

Plus it feels so wonderful, it could become a favourite spiritual practice.

Ritual Spell Casting

To bring the power of the Elements and Deities to your increasing-love spell, you can also do a Wiccan love spell in ritual.

My favourite increasing-love spell involves infusing a body oil with essential oils, and charging it with love-energy in ritual.

Then every day you can apply this oil, rubbing the energy of love into your whole body.

If you do this with an intention of having love to yourself and your body, it feels wonderful, and it can really shift your subconscious alignment more toward the energy of love.

For this kind of love spell, I like to use rose oil, or rosewood when cost is a consideration. I also add a drop of jasmine and some lavender, but you can use whatever scents evoke the quality of love for you.

Be sure to use only natural essential oils, and not the artificial chemical variety.

(Read more on Sacred Scents and Wiccan Incense.)

Done: A Powerful Love Spell

There you have it. This is a very thorough and powerful spell to bring love into your life.

Although it can sound onerous, the practice of this love spell is really quite easy and quick. And best of all, it feels so wonderful that you'll enjoy every minute of it.

So if you haven't had much success with love spells, or you're continually disappointed in love, try this. It will really change things for the better. And not only in your love life, but in every aspect of your life!

I wish you joy and abundant love!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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