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Improving your life with positive affirmations is simple.

But there are some key points you need to know, for them to work properly.

Deviate from them, and you could be programming in the wrong message . . . even the exact opposite of what you want!

But if you follow these simple affirmation rules, and you'll be sure to get your subconscious working for your benefit.

It's not absolutely necessary to follow the tips. But they will improve your positive affirmations' success. (The last section of this article explains how that works.)

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Positive Affirmation How-To's

Affirmation works.
In fact, it may be the most powerful force in the universe.

— Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Dare To Win.

1. Be Clear & Specific

State your affirmation as precisely as possible.

Eg: "I have the perfect job for me, with lots of travel, respect, great collegues, and a salary of

Not: "

2. Avoid Ambiguity & Loopholes

Be as clear as you can possibly be: imagine the Universe as a lawyer, likely to misinterpret given the chance.

Eg: "My job interview impresses them so much that they hire me on the spot."

Not: "I'm going to wow them at this job interview."

3. Present Tense

Say your affirmation as if you already have it, not as if you will have in the future.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I will be happy" or "I want to be happy."

4. Positive Phrasing

Say what you do want, not what you don’t want.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I'm no longer depressed."

5. Short And Simple

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I am happy and all my dreams come true, and I live in grateful abundance and harmony in a world overflowing with grateful abundance and harmony for all beings forever."

6. Relatively Believable

Don't go so far out from where you are now that it seems impossible.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I live in constant ecstacy, 24/7."

7. Start Fresh

It's better to start over rather than trying to change something.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I am free of this burden."

8. Stay Real

Don't tell yourself you're happy when your puppy has just died.

Eg: "I am grateful for the time we had together."

Not: "I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, goshdarnit!"

9. Keep It Vibrant

If it becomes routine and difficult to feel a daily affirmation, update it so it's alive to you.

This is particularly beneficial when your subconscious belief has caught up to your positive affirmation. Then you can take it a little further.

Eg: "I am happy."

Update: "I am loving my life."

10. Don't Sweat The Details

Do an affirmation for the end result you want, not for how you think it will come about.

Eg: "I am engaged in my ideal career."

Not: "Joe Smith offers me the promotion."

11. Tell It To Yourself As Well As The Universe

Do self affirmations while looking at yourself in a mirror, and saying them in the second person, using your own name.

Eg: "Janice, you are worthy of love and happiness."

How The Cosmic Mind Hears You

Why do you need to frame your affirmations in this specific way? Because otherwise, you can be giving entirely the wrong message to the Universe. So when you think you're ordering pancakes and sausage, the Universe ends up sending you old eggshells and used coffee grounds.

We need to speak the Universe's language, in order to communicate effectively what we desire.

Let's briefly look what's going on for each one.

1. Be Clear & Specific

When you say:

2. Avoid Ambiguity & Loopholes

When you say:   "I wow them at this job interview"

The Universe hears...

  "They'll love me at my interview. They may not decide to offer me the job, but they'll be really impressed with my interview. What matters is the interview; not the job offer."

3. Present Tense

When you say:

  "I will be happy"

The Universe hears...

  "This is not for right now; let's keep happiness somewhere far in the future."

When you say:

  "I want to be happy,"

The Universe hears...

  "I like wanting it; I don't want to have it so that I can keep feeling this wanting instead."

(Unless you're developing your desire to be happy. Then "I want to be happy" is a perfect affirmation.)

4. Positive Phrasing

When you say:

  "I'm not depressed."

The Universe (which has no concept of "not") hears...

  "I am depressed; I'm connected with depression, and since I have this connection I obviously want to stay with it."

5. Use Your Name

When you say:

  "Monica, you deserve the best life has to offer."

The Universe hears...

  That you really mean it. It takes on a whole 'nother level of authenticity and specificity when you put your name into it.

Plus, it signals your body and subconscious mind that yes, you're talking to it and yes, you're talking about you.

This is especially effective when using affirmations about your performance, like "Amelia, you can hit that ball out of the park!"

6. Use Signals of Truth and Belief

When you say:

  "Jamie, I know you're going to do great! I believe in you!"

The Universe hears...

  That you really mean it. It takes on a whole 'nother level of authenticity and specificity when you put your name into it.

Plus, it signals your body and subconscious mind that yes, you're talking to it and yes, you're talking about you.

This is especially effective when using affirmations about your performance, like "

7. Short And Simple

When you say:

  "I am happy and all my dreams come true, and I live in grateful abundance and harmony in a world overflowing with grateful abundance and harmony for all beings forever."

The Universe hears...

  a) All of that, but the difficulty here is that your subconscious does too. And it can find all of that a bit too much to believe in, all at once. It might feel nervous about it and put the brakes on.

And the Universe hears your subconscious desires every bit as loudly as your conscious ones. But the subconscious has an advantage: it puts out the same message continously, while your conscious message goes out far less often.

b) Also, the longer your intention, the harder to keep your energy and intention laser-focused on it. (This limitation decreases as you develop greater concentration. And this, by the way, is why improving your concentration is such a valuable Wiccan skill!)

8. Relatively Believable

When you say:

  "I live in constant ecstacy, 24/7."

The Universe hears...

  (See #3a. Same thing.)

9. Start Fresh

When you say:

  "I am free of this burden."

The Universe hears...

  "I have a burden; I'm connected to this . So obviously I want to have this burden."

10. Stay Real

When you say:

  "I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, goshdarnit!" (in absolute contradiction to your emotions)

The Universe hears...   "I can't make up my mind and am asking for contrary things (happiness with my words and grief/pain with my thoughts and emotions). So what I want is both of them. But the one that is most important to me (the one with the most powerful emotional charge) is grief and pain, so send me way more of that."

Also, your subconscious hears that you are not being truthful and authentic, so it puts on the "disbelief" brakes. Start with something closer to your reality. Work up from there.

11. Keep It Vibrant

When you say:

  "I am happy." (when you're already happy)

The Universe hears...

  "I am happy. I want more happiness. I want to feel this a lot!"

That's a good thing. Nothing wrong with this. The only point I'm making here is that you can now use that happiness as a springboard to something even better! Not to drop the happiness, but to expand on it.

12. Ask for What You Really Need /Want

When you say:

  "Joe Smith offers me the promotion."

The Universe hears...

  "I'm going to get the promotion." That's a good affirmation.

The only difficulty is if your real desire is to have a job you enjoy and that pays you well. Maybe the best option is the promotion, but maybe it's not... maybe there's something amazingly better out there and you haven't even thought of it yet. You can get the promotion, but you missed out on getting the best possible results for you.

12. Don't Sweat The Details

When you say:

  "I win $10,000 in the lottery."

The Universe hears...

  "I'm receiving $10,ooo from a lottery ticket."

Assuming you buy or find a lottery ticket, this is okay. But the Universe is always working on multiple tracks: not just what you Call for, but what others Call for (consciously and unconsciously). Plus it has an agenda of its own.

So maybe the lottery isn't, for one reason or another, an option. You've just tied the Universe's hands. It could send you $10,ooo in another way, but you didn't leave it that choice. So the affirmation stalls.

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Ask and ye shall receive — we've all heard that. Yet so often we seem to get the exact opposite of what we want and pray and work for!

But it's a Universal Law, a Divine Truth, that what you ask of the Universe, the Universe does provide.

The Universe LONGS to give you everything you desire and ask for. That's, in fact, the entire purpose of its existence. So if you're not getting what you think you want, you need to look at how you're asking, because it's obvious that the Universe is not understanding what you're saying.

It's like you're placing your order with a robot waitress, or inputting a programme into the Cosmic Computer. It's very literal, and it does exactly what you say, not what you think you've said.

You also need to realise that it's listening to much more than your words. It's listening to your thoughts as you say them, your body's response, your subconscious's denial or support, and most importantly your emotions. All of these are "inputs" in the programme. And the Cosmic Computer responds precisely.

So if you're happy with your life, you're inputting the wrong information.

State what you want, in terms the Universe understands, and miracles happen.

This is related to Wicca Magick. In fact, it's a crucial component of real magick.

Now continue to the next article to discover how to empower your affirmations to work as effectively and quickly as possible.


Empowering Your Positive Affirmations

Empower Your Positive Affirmations

Your positive affirmations will be true more quickly when you use these tried and true affirmation tips . . .
  • Write them out by hand, on a nice piece of paper. Post them where you will see them often.

  • Say them out loud with great conviction, especially before falling asleep and upon waking. (If you can't manage conviction, go for volume.)

  • Repeat them often, every day. Every affirmation is a daily affirmation! The more often you repeat them, the better. Remember, your subconscious never sleeps — it's always putting out its affirmations (usually negative). You need to get in a lot of repetitions in order to outweigh that!

  • Make it into a chant that you can sing. Stay with it for at least a month.

  • Wear a half-smile: it inclines your body to believe you. You can also touch your heart, or the space between your eyebrows as you speak.

  • Generate a feeling of belief . . . an experience that your affirmation can be true, and is already true. If that's too far, then aim to feel a sense of well-being. Let these feelings suffuse your entire body. This is THE most important tip for empowering your daily affirmations.

  • Act on your affirmations. Confirm your new reality with appropriate actions.

  • Lock and seal them. After doing some repetitions of your positive affirmation, gently tap your fingertips together repeatedly (thumb to thumb, index to index, etc.) simultaneously, and turn your gaze upwards as you declare . . .

    "I believe 100% that I can have this. I know completely and on all levels of my being that this is true! And so it is! Locked into my deepest body and mind and soul as truth for all time."

  • It can be helpful to start with affirmations written by someone with a lot of experience at positive affirmations, until you get the hang of it. It won't take long til you are coming up with great positive affirmations of your own.
  • There are also some very powerful tools and techniques out there these days that can help. I've found Christie Marie Sheldon's work to be potent and fast-working at clearing out all kinds of subconscious negativity and blocks. I recommend trying her Unlimited Abundance course. Depending on what you set your intentions for, in the beginning of each session, it works for clearing all kinds of things, not just financial issues.
  • And of course you know I'm impressed with EFT (Meridian Tapping) as an all-purpose clearing tool. Use it while you say your affirmations, and they'll come through for you much more quickly.
  • Support your affirmations with additional affirmations. When my thyroid function was getting low enough that my doctor wanted me on medication, I started doing affirmations for my thyroid to speed up, to function well, to be healthy, to return to perfect balance, etc.

    I also did affirmations that told my body what I expected of it: "Body, we love our thyroid. Body, give our thyroid all our support. Help our thyroid do its work. Help our thyroid keep us healthy. Bring our thyroid back to balance." Etc.

    (I'd begun by saying my thyroid, but quickly realised I needed my body to recognise and love the thyroid as a beloved part of itself, since hypothyroid is usually an auto-immune issue, where the body attacks itself as if it were an intruder.)
  • Take actions that show you believe in what you're saying.
  • Tell it to yourself as well as the Universe. "Janice, you are worthy of love and happiness." But more than that, your subconscious hears it too. Your body hears it too. Your body gives you everything it thinks you want, just like the Universe. So tell your body what you want to be real, and to the degree you can imagine it, feel it, and believe it, your body will produce it for you.
  • Use Visualisation to enhance your affirmations.
  • Affirmations for yourself are the best ones you can do. You can affirm that you're going to get a million dollars, but actually tt's not as effective as visualisation and other techniques of manifestation.

    What affirmations really excel at is changing your internal environment, which then allows your external world to change.

    For instance, do your visualisations for a great opportunity that you immediately recognise, which will bring you a stream of wealth. During the same period, do affirmations for yourself to help allow that abundance in. "I'm open to receiving abundance. I am super-grateful for all the abundance I already have in my life, and am always thrilled to receive more." Etc.
  • Gratitude + Affirmations is super-potent! Work gratitudes into your affirmations, or do affirmations on gratitude itself. This is a huge booster-rocket to strap onto your affirmations.
  • When doing affirmations, or magick, to draw something into your life, use the caveats, "Its equivalent or better, an it harm none." This leaves room for the Universe to work, if the specific thing you ask for is unavailable for some reason, or not as good as another option it has in mind. And it also protects you against undesirable consquences (for example, asking for a windfall of money, and suddenly having a loved one die and bequeathe it to you).
  • Also beneficial are the techniques in this article which are designed to Speed Your Transformation.
  • And Then Supercharge It!

    Now that you've got the basics, plus how to beef up your affirmations...

    if you want to take the power of positive affirmations even further, read about The Power of Creative Visualization.

    Also, see this article on 9 Tips For Getting Even Greater Results From Healing Tools *****

9 Tips For Getting Even Greater Results From Healing Tools

These simple techniques work for any kind of healing or energy clearing that you do, and really ramp up the benefit you’ll get from them.

  1. Focus on what you're hearing. You can listen to repeats while you drive or wash dishes or whatever, but you’ll get the best results if, at least the first time through, you really pay attention.
  2. Have a relaxed, open frame of mind. A meditative state gives you the best access to alter subconscious patterns.

    One quick way to achieve this is to soften your gaze and become more aware of what you see in your peripheral vision. Or another way is to focus on breathing calmly, slowly, and deeply through both nostrils simultaneously.

    (Of course, don't do this if you're driving or doing other tasks that require alertness!)
  3. Have a relaxed, open state of heart too. Relax the hardness and walls built up in your chest, and let yourself surrender to the experience. This will allow you to incorporate the most healing.
  4. I HIGHLY recommend doing EFT (Meridian) Tapping the whole time you're listening.

    (Check out the how-to video and info on how to get started and how EFT works and all) to bypass any resistance that might pop up. (There's also my EFT handbook available as a donation thank-you gift, as mentioned above.)
  5. As you go through the process, as you hear Christie saying the clearing phrases, repeat them to yourself, feeling within yourself that you really mean it and want it to happen.
  6. Say "Yes!" and "Thank you!" frequently, even after each clearing (and really FEEL it).
  7. Nodding your head while you listen and work also helps your energy field to accept the transformation at deep levels. Nodding is a biological signal to your body that you agree, so it's much more successful at integrating the changes at a deep level.
  8. If you've been doing MAP Conings , you can also ask your MAP Team to help with the clearings and take them right down to the root.

    If you haven't been doing those, you can ask your guides, guardian angels, Deepest Self, or closest Deities to help.
  9. And of course, do your homework! Repetition is the key to creating lasting changes.

Then watch the changes in your life! Wicca Spirituality Winking Witch ©

With Brightest Blessings,

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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