13 Magickal Rules for How To Use Positive Affirmations

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Improving your life with positive affirmations is simple.

But there are some key points you need to know, for them to work properly.

Deviate from them, and you could be programming in the wrong message . . . even the exact opposite of what you want!

But if you follow these simple affirmation rules, and you'll be sure to get your subconscious working for your benefit.

It's not absolutely necessary to follow the tips. But like any magick, it’s a good idea to do it right! They will improve your positive affirmations' success.

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Positive Affirmation How-To's

Affirmation works.
In fact, it may be the most powerful force in the universe.

— Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Dare To Win.

1. Be Clear & Specific

State your affirmation as precisely as possible.

Eg: "I have a job I love, with lots of travel, respect, great collegues, and a salary of $100,000 per year with perks and full benefits.”

Not: "I have the perfect job.”

2. Avoid Ambiguity & Loopholes

Be as clear as you can possibly be: imagine the Universe as a lawyer, likely to misinterpret given the chance. Ask for what you really want.

Eg: "My job interview impresses them so much that they hire me on the spot."

Not: "I'm going to wow them at this job interview."

Eg: “I get to work at something I enjoy and earn 50,ooo more per year in a way that I love.”

Not: “I get the big promotion.”

(The only difficulty here is if your real desire is to have a job you enjoy and that pays you well. Maybe the best option is the promotion, but maybe it's not... maybe there's something amazingly better out there and you haven't even thought of it yet! If you limit the affirmation to getting the promotion, you could miss out on getting the best possible results for you.

3. Present Tense

Say your affirmation as if you already have it, not as if you will have in the future.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I will be happy" or "I want to be happy."

4. Positive Phrasing

Say what you do want, not what you don’t want.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I'm no longer depressed."

5. Short And Simple

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I am happy and all my dreams come true, and I live in grateful abundance and harmony in a world overflowing with grateful abundance and harmony for all beings forever."

6. Relatively Believable

Don't go so far out from where you are now that it seems impossible.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I live in constant ecstacy, 24/7."

7. Use Signals of Being, Knowing, and Belief

“I AM” is one of the most powerful phrases you can use! Words of knowing, believing, trusting, etc. enhance your subconscious — and the Universe’s — belief.

Eg: "Jamie, I know you are really good at this! I believe in you!"

8. Stay Real

Don't tell yourself you're happy when your puppy has just died.

Eg: "I am grateful for the time we had together."

Not: "I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, goshdarnit!"

9. Keep It Vibrant

If the words don’t mean much to you, if you can’t feel them in your body, if they don’t uplift your heart, they won’t have power.

Eg: "I love my life. What a great life! I feel wonderful!"

Not: "I am moderately happy."


If it becomes routine and difficult to feel a daily affirmation, update it so it's alive to you.

This is particularly beneficial when your subconscious belief has caught up to your positive affirmation. Then you can take it a little further.

Eg: "I am happy."

Update: "I am loving my life."

10. Don't Sweat The Details

Do an affirmation for the end result you want, not for how you think it will come about.

Eg: "I am engaged in my ideal career."

Not: "Joe Smith offers me the promotion."

11. Tell It To Yourself As Well As The Universe

Do self affirmations while looking at yourself in a mirror, and saying them in the second person, using your own name.

Eg: "Erika, you are worthy of love and happiness."

12. Only Speak the Positive Results You Want

Avoid saying what you want healed, fixed, or removed, and focus instead on the end result. It's better to start over rather than trying to change something.

Eg: "I am vibrantly healthy, energized, and thriving."

Not: "I am healed from chronic disease."

13. Never Claim Anything You Don’t Want To Keep

If you don’t want it, don’t label it as “yours” — “your” illness, “your” problem....

Eg: "I am at my perfect weight and maintaining it effortlessly."

Not: "I have lost my excess weight."

Does It Really Matter?

You know me — i’m all about the underlying meaning and purpose to everything. So i’m not just gonna lay down some rules and expect you to believe and follow them.

I can tell you that, in my 4 decades of magickal research and experience, i’ve found these to be true.

If you'd like to know WHY they work, check out the next article, where the secret code of the Universe is revealed. It explains how all this works.

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With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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