How To Use Positive Affirmations

Improving your life with positive affirmations is simple.

But there are some key points you need to know, for them to work properly.

Deviate from them, and you could be programming in the wrong message . . . even the exact opposite of what you want!

But if you follow these nine simple affirmation rules, and you'll be sure to get your subconscious working for your benefit.

Also, below are some tips on how to empower your affirmations to work as effectively and quickly as possible. (These are the same tips needed for successful creative visualization.)

It's not absolutely necessary to follow the tips. But they will improve your positive affirmations' success.

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If you missed the first article explaining the hows and whys Positive Affirmations, click here to read more on the Power of Affirmations.

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Positive Affirmation How-To's

Affirmation works.
In fact, it may be the most powerful force in the universe.

-- Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Dare To Win.

1. Present Tense

Say your affirmation as if you already have it, not as if you will have in the future.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I will be happy" or "I want to be happy."

(Unless you're developing your desire to be happy. Then "I want to be happy" is a perfect affirmation.)

2. Positive Phrasing

Say what you do want, not what you don’t want.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I'm no longer depressed."

3. Short And Simple

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I am happy and all my dreams come true, and I live in grateful abundance and harmony in a world overflowing with grateful abundance and harmony for all beings forever."

4. Relatively Believable

Don't go so far out from where you are now that it seems impossible.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I live in constant ecstacy, 24/7."

5. Start Fresh

It's better to start over rather than trying to change something.

Eg: "I am happy."

Not: "I am free of this burden."

6. Stay Real

Don't tell yourself you're happy when your puppy has just died.

Eg: "I am grateful for the time we had together."

Not: "I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, goshdarnit!"

7. Keep It Vibrant

If it becomes routine and difficult to feel a daily affirmation, update it so it's alive to you.

This is particularly beneficial when your subconscious belief has caught up to your positive affirmation. Then you can take it a little further.

Eg: "I am happy."

Update: "I am loving my life."

8. Don't Sweat The Details

Do an affirmation for the end result you want, not for how you think it will come about.

Eg: "I am engaged in my ideal career."

Not: "I wow them at this job interview," or "Joe Smith offers me the promotion."

9. Tell It To Yourself

Do self affirmations while looking at yourself in a mirror, and saying them in the second person, using your own name.

Eg: "Janice, you are worthy of love and happiness."

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Empower Your Positive Affirmations

Your positive affirmations will be true more quickly when you use these tried and true affirmation tips . . .
  • Write them out by hand, on a nice piece of paper. Post them where you will see them often.

  • Say them out loud with great conviction, especially before falling asleep and upon waking. (If you can't manage conviction, go for volume.)

  • Repeat them often, every day. Every affirmation is a daily affirmation!

  • Make it into a chant that you can sing. Stay with it for at least a month.

  • Wear a half-smile: it inclines your body to believe you. You can also touch your heart, or the space between your eyebrows as you speak.

  • Generate a feeling of belief . . . an experience that your affirmation can be true, and is already true. If that's too far, then aim to feel a sense of well-being. Let these feelings suffuse your entire body. This is THE most important tip for empowering your daily affirmations.

  • Act on your affirmations. Confirm your new reality with appropriate actions.

  • Lock and seal them. After doing some repetitions of your positive affirmation, gently tap your fingertips together repeatedly (thumb to thumb, index to index, etc.) simultaneously, and turn your gaze upwards as you declare . . .

    "I believe 100% that I can have this. I know completely and on all levels of my being that this is true! And so it is! Locked into my deepest body and mind and soul as truth."

  • It can be helpful to start with affirmations written by someone with a lot of experience at positive affirmations, until you get the hang of it. It won't take long til you are coming up with great positive affirmations of your own.

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But Aren't Affirmations Just Lying To Myself?

Don't worry if saying your new positive affirmations feels like stating a blatant untruth. In the beginning, that's to be expected.

All your life, you've been affirming something else as true.

That does mean it is true, or more real, or better than your positive affirmation. It just means that you've been telling yourself something different.

Now, when start to change a belief, that is, change what you tell yourself, you're going to disbelieve it for a while. That's natural.

In fact, it's a good sign!

It means that your positive affirmations are challenging some subconscious programming.

Just keep going. It takes some time to change beliefs and habitual patterns of thinking.

In the end, you'll realise just how false and limiting that old belief was! And going back to the original belief will feel like a lie.

How Affirmations Are A Spiritual Practice

That is how daily affirmation becomes a spiritual practice. It liberates you from false ideas about your self and reality. It aligns you with deeper truth. And it demonstrates your incredible power to affect your world!

Using positive affirmations is not just positive thinking. It's positive thinking times a thousand. It goes beyond just seeing things in a good light.

When you practice daily affirmation, you not only take responsibility for how you see things. You gain power over what you will actually see around you.

This is related to Wicca Magick. In fact, it's a crucial component of real magick.

Now if you want to take the power of positive affirmations even further, read about The Power of Creative Visualization.

With Bright Blessings,

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Positive Affirmations Part 3


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