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Spell casting can be easy, when you write your magick spells. You don't need arcane skills or rituals. All you need is a nice journal, a good pen, and time to concentrate.

Writing spells is very effective, too! Often more so than other spell casting methods.

How to Write Your Magick Spells

The basics of a written magick spell are that you write down, in sacred space and with full attention — what you intend to bring into your life...
  • Start with quality tools.

    Find a journal, or even a sheet of paper, that really speaks to you. Use a pen that you don't use for anything but magickal work, and that you love to write with.

    You don't want to be distracted by a pen that's not working right, or to have your energy diluted by using a book you don't like.

  • Choose one spell for casting. It's best to give your full attention to one magick spell at a time.

  • Ground, cast a Circle, and enter sacred space.

    Invoke deities and qualities of the elements that are relevant to your magick spell. For instance, Hygeaia can be invoked for health. And Earth as the source of healing, Air as a new beginning, Fire to transform the situation, Water to cleanse and release the source of dis–ease, and Spirit to fill you with wellness.

    At the least, you need to shift your consciousness: meditation, mantra, and visualization will work too, but they lack the added power of the elements and Divine for your spell.

  • Write precisely what you wish to call to you, in as much detail as possible.

    Developing the spell with tons of detail helps you manifest exactly what you want, and it also helps you envision it, which makes your magick spell stronger.

  • Phrase your spells in positive, immediate terms.

    Write it as if you already have it. And in positive language.

    For instance, "I am looking out the window at a beautiful skyline..." is much more effective than "It won't have an ugly view of the factory...."

    (Find out more about how to phrase it correctly.)

  • You can also use pictures to get the point across — especially if you are more visual than language oriented.

  • Close off any loopholes you can imagine. (In other words: detail, detail, detail!)

    If you're looking for a lover, say, you might want to specify the city they should live in, and what gender they are.

    Don't take anything for granted! The Divine can be like a high–priced lawyer, and delights in finding ways to twist your meaning. (After all, She has to get Her own 2 cents in.)
  • Focus with all the attention possible.

    This is very important. Try to bring your full awareness to every word you write.

  • Attend with your entire being.

    Imagine all your cells and atoms standing at alert, participating in this act.

  • Visualize having it!

    (For tips on what it really means to visualize, see What Visualization Really Is.)

  • Bring all the power of your emotions to bear.

    FEEL the joyful anticipation of having this thing that you desire.

    It's crucial to feel the desire as a happy thing, rather than a sense of yearning and lack of the thing. It can make all the difference.

  • Put in your Magickal Caveat. The classic — and crucial — one that comes at the end of the spell goes something like this. . .

    "I ask for this, it's equivalent or better. Let it do no harm nor rebound on me."

  • When you are done, empower it by sending it energy or prayers, and seal the spell (remember the Magickal Caveat!).

    Thank and release your circle.

  • Let it go!

    Do not reread your spell... at least not until it has been fulfilled.

    You've written a letter to the Divine, asking for what you want... but if you hold onto the letter by rereading it, it loses power. It's like you take it back from the Divine every time you reread.

    Same goes for thinking about it. Put it out of your mind, once you send it to the Divine.

  • Believe It! You must know that your magick spell is going to work. Give it the power of your belief... one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

  • Keep your written magickal spells in sacred space.

    Your altar is perfect, or a specially dedicated spell box.

  • Once your magick spell has manifested, you may burn or bury or float away the letter.

    If it's in a special magick–spells journal, you may want to mark it in some way as complete. Paste a picture of your manifested spell over top, or an appropriate sticker works well too.

  • Doing multiple spells often works well, by overcoming your subconscious resistance to the thing you desire. You can peel back the layers of your desires, to get to the heart of them.

  • For more tips, read the article: Free Tips for your Wicca Magick Spells.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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