Grounding Meditation for Healers & Energy Workers

Here is a valuable grounding meditation, especially for energy workers and healers of any sort.

You can add this to the Sky & Earth Meditation. It goes at the end, just before releasing the excess energy.

This extra bit of grounding technique is useful if you plan to do spell-casting, energy-healing, or divination . . . anything where you want to build and contain the energies within you.

This grounding meditation creates a flow of power that you can safely send out, in the form of loving healing energy.

It will uplift your work, keeping you in the service of the Divine with whatever you do. This can increase your psychic awareness as well.

It will also protect you from taking on unhealthy energy from others you are working with.

I call the grounding meditation by different names, depending on how far it goes. If we do just the above, it's the Sky & Earth Grounding Meditation. If we go on to this next part, then the whole technique is called The Heart of Light Grounding Meditation. If we do everything on this page, then it's The Hands of Light Grounding Meditation.

They go like this . . .

Heart of Light Grounding Meditation (Part 4)

The flow of energy is moving, from Earth through you to Sky, from Sky through you to Earth.

Now imagine containing the energy. With the next inbreath, the Earth energy flows in, centering in the area of your heart.

With the next outbreath, the Star light flows in, also filling the area of your heart, mingling with the Earth energy.

After a few breaths, the energy should be flowing into you easily as the tides through seaweeds, up and down.

Beginning with your next inhalation, the energy will flow in from both directions simultaneously - Earth energy and Sky energy, meeting and blending in your heart centre.

With your exhalation, your awareness stays with the energy swirling and combining in the centre of your chest. The energy stays there, and with every inhalation, it increases.

Repeat this until your heart feels warm and expanded . . . (A few breaths is usually sufficient.)

(You can leave it there, or you can charge your hands . . . )

Hands of Light Grounding Meditation (Part 5)

On the exhalation, this charged heart-energy flows down into your hands, into your fingertips.

Keep repeating this inhalation of energy from both directions, and exhalation of energy down to your hands, until you can sense in your palms and fingertips a tingling or warmth or vibration or light . . . however it appears to you.

With every inbreath, you are charged with divine energy, from both the Earth and the Sky.

With every outbreath, you send this charge of energy into your hands.

Any excess energy can now be released into your magickal work. But if it's making you edgy or less able to focus, ground some back into the Earth before beginning.

Blessed Be.

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Notes For Energy Workers

As much as you can, keep awareness of this flow of energy as you work.

Maintaining awareness of this flow will assure you of protection from negative energies as you work, and of having enough power - positive energy - to accomplish your task.

Remember to give thanks afterward.

And if you keep this flow going for a while after you are done your task, it will help flush out any harmful energies you may have collected, and recharge any of your own energy that you may have drained.

With a good deep grounding meditation such as this, you probably won't need much, but it's a healthy way to close your session.

With Bright Blessings,

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Grounding Meditation Part 4

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