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What Is An Energy Healer?

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If you are a highly sensitive person, you are probably also an Energy Healer.

In fact, that's the reason why you were born a highly sensitive person!

To bring healing into the world.

(And here's a hint... if you are called to Wicca, you are likely one of these.)

Processes of Being an Energy Healer

There are 2 ways this works.

One is automatic... it happens when you are not conscious of the process.

The other is voluntary... you can choose to do it.

An Energetic Filter

The first way that highly sensitive people are Energy Healers is by far the most dangerous.

By their very nature, highly sensitive people take on energies from the world around them, in an unconscious attempt to heal the world.

Then they must process these energies.

This is a noble undertaking, but it is not without its hazards.

The Energy Fields you take on will mostly be negative energy. Why? Simply because that's the standard energy vibration in the world, so far. This means that on a daily basis, harmful energy can permeate your personal human Energy Field.

You cain protect yourself, once you become aware of this. The self-protection for highly sensitive people is the first step in coming into your power, as an Energy Healer.

And it is vital!

Without it, you will end up too sick, deranged, or dead to be of help to anyone.

I don't want to be an alarmist. But it really is true that you must learn to shield yourself, for your own safety.

Once you take on an Energy Field, you will need to process it. For example, if you catch an anger Energy Field, you will feel the anger as if it were your own. Then you will need to work through it.

In this way, you heal a bit of the world's anger.

That's why it's also vital for highly sensitive people to gain psychological and emotional skills! It's a survival need!

A Channel for the Divine

The second way to be an Energy Healer is much safer and infinitely more pleasurable. Though not necessarily easier. It is being a conduit for Divine energies to enter the world.

The hard part?

Getting the ego out of the way.

But as you practice this ability, your energy healing really becomes powerful. You, all by yourself, can uplift millions of humans you've never met!

Channeling the Divine into the world is the real Mission of highly sensitive people — the modern shamans.

You can do this by developing your spiritual skills... what I call Forging the Sacred Chalice.

Being a channel for the Divine, by the way, automatically protects you from the "household filter" syndrome.

Training for the Modern Shaman

The fact that the first process is unconscious makes it an important lesson for the modern shaman. It is training in becoming aware of yourself and of Energy Fields...

  • bringing this process into your conscious awareness,

  • learning how to work with energies, and

  • keeping your personal Energy Fields clear and bright.

The second process is also vital training for the modern shaman, as you learn to ...

  • learn how to connect with and channel Divine energy,

  • let energy move freely through you,

  • practice using Source energy rather than your personal, physical energy stores for the magickal and healing work you do.

This specific training is available in detail in the A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan.

This online spiritual training program has been called "the ultimate wiccan skill-building course" — it walks you through everything you need to be a Wiccan and get the most out of your Wiccan practices.

If you really want to learn to be a Wiccan, and not just read about it or think about it, this is probably the best way to learn; check out the raves from previous students: © Wicca Spirituality - How Was Your Year & A Day? CLICK to see full testimonials

With Brightest Blessings,

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