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Want to know about all the 2012 predictions? We've already looked at the Mayan prophecies, the Hopi prophecies, and the Indian Vedics' prophecies.

There are many more, from all over the world.

Some point to a specific date, like the year 2012, that is within our lifetimes.

Other foretell signs of the end of the World Age, which seem to be fulfilled.

I would like to warn you that I have not verified these 2012 predictions personally. I've found this information in various places, and I assume it to be accurate, but can't guarantee it.

If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know, and I'll update this page as information comes.

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Other 2012 Predictions

Many nations are now releasing their secret wisdom, as the signs point to the birth of the new World Age.

What they all seem to have in common is the prediction of a time of great disasters and challenge, followed by an era when people of all the world will be united as one tribe.

And that this day is soon upon us.

The Waitaha Predictions

The matriarchal Waitaha nation in New Zealand say that they had awaited until the sign of the water bearer, Aquarius, as the turning point, at which to share their ancient teachings.

Their 2012 predictions are that the very energy of the solar system will change.

The Waitaha predict great changes in the Earth, and the climate, and in human governments and financial systems -- a time of great chaos.

But afterwards, is a time of beauty.

They also speak of the work we humans are meant to do during this time. That is -- to recover our hearts, our souls. We must see the beauty of the Earth, ourselves, and each other. We must recover the vast power of compassion.

Summing it up completely is this quote by Macki Ruka, Waitaha Maoris shaman (which I hope may become very widely known, as it is very important right now)...

"Compassion is an act of power."

The Maori Prophecy

The Maori prophecy is that 2012 is an end time, when the world that was created in the beginning comes to an end, where divisions dissolve, and the spiritual and physical worlds are melded into one.

The healing that is going to take place, the advice that has been given to us, is this...

"Seek not to fight evil-- do not fight it--

Let goodness take its place."

The Zulu Predictions

The Zulu speak of the entire world being "turned upside down" by the passage of a massive comet, as has happened, so they say, once before.

This is the source of all the surface water on the Earth, according to their legends.

And the year 2012 is when they say the comet is due to return.

The Egyptian 2012 Predictions


The ancient Egyptians also left 2012 predictions, of a sort.

The Egyptian Stone Calendar, like the Mayans and the Indian Vedics also saw an era that began around 3150 BCE, and ends in 2012 with the galactic alignment.

This was called the Phoenix Cycle. We end one Age and begin a new.

They don't say that this means the end of the world, though. Just turning to a new page on the galactic calendar.

The Dogon Prophecy

The Dogon people of Mali (in Africa) expect the return of a spaceship of their progenitors, the Nommo, from the Sirius star system where they live.

The Nommo, by the way, supposedly live underwater -- intriguing in view of the newly-released Russian UFO files, that tell of most UFO encounters being underwater.

There are other prophecies that hint or speak of the arrival of extraterrestrials, as well.

Tibet Kalachakra Prophecy

Kalachakra teachings from Tibet say that after all the world is lost to war and greed, a new Golden Age will arise.

The Peruvian Prophecies

The Peruvian Quechua Incan and Q’ero peoples also predict the coming of a Golden Age.

The Inca predict what they term Taripaypacha, or "merging with the universe." This is called the age of meeting ourselves again, when all peoples come together and a golden age begins.

Their prophecies state the it is the end of time as we know it. We will find a new way of being in the world and relating to the Earth. We will be a new kind of people, after the tumultuous adjustments are made.

They speak of doorways between worlds and holes in time opening up, where we can be free of what we were in the past and envision for ourselves new potentials for the future. We can then discover how much greater our human abilities are, than we have believed. We will become beings of Light again, while human in form.

Their advice is...

  • Follow your own footsteps.

    (Be your own leader; take back your authority.)

  • Learn from the rivers, the trees, and the rocks.

    (Return in humility to Mother Nature's wisdom.)

  • Honor the Christ, the Buddha, your brothers and sisters.

    (Acknowledge the Divine within everyone.)

  • Honor the Earth Mother and the Great Spirit.

    (Honour the Divine above all, and the Earth as a Divine Mother.)

  • Honor yourself and all of creation.

    (Love yourself. Love all of creation.)

  • Look with the eyes of your soul and engage the essential.

    (Let your soul be the guiding wisdom and let Love be your guiding force.)

The Aztec Predictions

The Aztec foretell an age of massive change they call the "Time of the Sixth Sun," a time of massive transformation, after which "a new people" will live on the Earth.

It's not entirely clear whether they mean that humans are replaced by another species, or whether we become these new people.

The Cherokee 2012 Predictions

The Cherokee's calendar also ends on December 21, 2012, when their prophecies will be fulfilled. Their version of a "messiah" will come.

They predict that the world will shake and many may die, but humanity will survive.

They also say that it's our choice whether this is a time of great destruction or the beginning of a great culture, if we work together, honour each other, and treat the Earth with respect.

They warned that the more the world seems to speed up, the more we should slow ourselves down.

The Inuit Prediction

The Inuit share the belief that we are living in the Fourth Hoop (or, World), and about to enter the Fifth. They say that we've been stuck in male energy and intellect and aggression, and are moving to feminine energy, intuition, and heart.

Our task is to first heal ourselves, shift to love, and remain present.

The Inuit, too, say the Earth is going to give us a good shake-up, and we need it to cleanse and heal ourselves. So don't be afraid of it.

I Ching 2012 Predictions

I Ching, the basic philosophy underlying Chinese culture, is also said to demonstrate an end point at December 22, 2012.

The I Ching is a prophetic or divination tool, dating back about 2500 years. For their book, The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching, brothers Terrence and Dennis McKenna decided to see if it could be used to predict times of great change.

They "converted" the I Ching into fractals, and overlaid the result with a timeline.

The result was that December 22, 2012 showed up as a time when everything old had fallen away and anything that happens would be completely new.

It is said that this date was determined before knowledge of the Mayan calendar came out, and would seem to be an independent corroboration. This gives it more credibility, to my mind.

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