My 2012 Predictions:
What Happened To The Apocalypse?

2012 predictions are flying around these days -- everyone wants to know what will happen in 2012.

Most seem to be predicting the end of the world. Many are predicting the end of the world as we know it, which at this point seems hardly more reassuring.

I have my own predictions, although I'm not sure I'd use that word. It sounds pretty grandiose. But since I can't think what else to call them, I'll just use that one and keep my ego in check. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

What Are My 2012 Predictions Worth?

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Now, you don't know me, so how do you know my predictions would be accurate?

  • I could tell you that I sensed all this happening, long ago.

  • I could tell you that I knew that I should buy gold, just before the economy crashed and the price skyrocketed.

  • I could tell you that I do psychic readings and can get right to the underlying processes.

  • And maybe my articles on Surviving 2012 demonstrate a deep perception into these times.

But how do you know I'm telling the truth... or that these aren't just coincidences instead of prophecies?

Well, I'm not here to try to convince you of my prophetic powers! wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

All I want to do is offer my 2012 predictions as they came to me, because something BIG has changed.

And you might want to know about it.

Once you've heard my story, check in with your own intuitive knowing. What do you sense is true? Maybe you'll make your own 2012 predictions.

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My "2012 Predictions"

There are three 2012 predictions I'd like to share with you...

  1. What will happen in 2012
  2. Whether it will be instantaneous or an ongoing process
  3. Whether we're heading for the end of the world, at least as far as humanity is concerned

And as a bonus, at the end, my prophecy about the underlying process of the 2012 Transition.

What Will Happen In 2012

Most of the 2012 predictions agree that there will be a big change. I certainly believe this is true. But what is causing it? And what will happen then?

Those are not so certain.

I suspect that we are scheduled to receive a big infusion of Energy -- call it a higher vibration, a beam of light from the centre of the galaxy, Divine presence, or whatever.

But I am not putting my money on this.

Even if it were true, in our present state few people would be able to perceive it.

What I WILL bet on is the result.

We are, without a doubt, upgrading the very essence of humanity.

I can say this with absolute certainty, because it's already perceptible. It's already happening, so much so that even ordinary people are noticing it.

Okay, that's not so much a prediction then. Call it insider information. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

Why I'm Reluctant To Say

To be perfectly honest, I don't trust myself to give certain 2012 predictions. I'm hardly an unbiased observer! I want the Transformation so intensely I can taste it!

So I can't be sure that my own desires aren't clouding my perceptions.

Also, I admit I'm afraid of appearing foolish. What I think will happen in 2012 is so outlandish, from our current standpoint, that it seems impossible. It seems likely that I will just look like a fool, when it doesn't happen.

But I'll tell you anyway. Because even if it doesn't happen on December 21, 2012, I can confidently predict that one day this will be the reality.

We are shifting from a material world to a spiritual world. And part of what that means is that the material rules will no longer work. We will no longer be bound by the physical "laws" of the universe.

Okay, call me crazy.

But we'll see who laughs last. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

And here's the thing about these 2012 predictions -- for myself, I'd much rather believe this is possible, than believe it isn't. And one of my mottos is:

Lacking absolute proof either way,

Why not believe what makes you happiest?

The positivity I generate by my belief in the best possible future only helps make it happen!

So I invite you to believe these 2012 predictions with me.

Does Everything Switch Like A Door Opening?

If you've been reading the articles I've written about spiritual evolution and 2012 predictions, you already know that I'm seeing a process happen. We've been very rapidly "upgrading" the energy of the world, or being upgraded, for years now.


I am not ruling out the possibility of a massive, instantaneous transition either.

There may well be such a transformation, in addition to the long preparatory process we've been going through.

Again, I can't trust my objectivity on this matter. I hope there is a massive transformation. I believe there's a very good chance of it.

But I won't promise it.

In either event, the best thing we can possibly do is to keep doing our personal and spiritual work, participating in the transformation already going on.

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My "End of the World" Predictions

I'd like to share something with you, before we go on, so you'll understand the context, and how surprising this 2012 prediction is... This is how I came to realise what will happen in 2012.

In the late 1980's, I began to sense that something was coming. I felt it almost like a sense of doom. There arose in me the absolute knowing that the world was not going to continue the way it was going; that everything we relied upon as real and reliable was in fact going to vanish like sandcastles in the tide.

I called it, in my own mind, "the end of the world."

Now, this is at least 10 years before I'd ever heard of peak oil, climate change, etc! I'd never heard of 2012 or any predictions. I could just feel it as a knowing within myself. I could see the end of our lifestyle looming.

Keep in mind, too, that this was the 80's. It was a time of extreme confidence in the economy, capitalism, and the future. The Cold War was ending; the Berlin Wall fell. Environmentalism was a snigger on the far fringes of society (barely imagined in the redneck province I was living in). Personal computers were just becoming popular with the early adopters.

There were some tragedies, of course: the Challenger disaster, Chernobyl, Tiananmen Square, the Bhopal gas leak ... but generally the mood of the 80's, at least where I was living, was "we can have and do whatever we want; the future is boundless."

So it shocked me to find inside myself a powerful conviction that it was all ending.

I wasn't even sure that humanity itself was going to continue, past that unidentified point in time.

Preparations For The Apocalypse

I began to prepare myself and my home for the end of reliance on an infrastructure that I believed was going to collapse. (In case we survived it -- better to be prepared and not need it, etc.)

When I remarried, after a time I confessed my feelings and "plan" to my spouse. And since then, we've worked together to prepare for the new way of life I expected to come "after the end of the world." (It helps that she loves the self-sufficient lifestyle.) wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

Here's the important bit . . .

Something Completely Turned Around

One day -- October 5, 2010 -- as I was contemplating something I'd like to have in place "for the end of the world," I noticed something.

The sense of impending apocalypse was gone!

Just like that.

I searched inside myself for an idea of the future, of what will happen in 2012. And nowhere did I find the end of the world.

Please note: I'm not saying that on October 5th we passed some critical point. I'm saying that by that date, I became aware that the crisis was over.

I haven't told this to anyone but my very closest friends, until right now. I wasn't sure if it was just a temporary lapse or a personal emotional state that made me feel more confident (despite the fact that my life has been ever more topsy-turvy, and not more secure). I decided to sit with it a while, and see if it changed again.

That was 6 months ago. And when I look inside for a vision of the future, what I find is a feeling that everything is okay, everything will be fine.

The worst possibilities have been bypassed.

What These 2012 Predictions Mean

I think it's extremely important that people realise we've passed the most dangerous zone. Because the danger is increased by pessimism, fear, doubt, despair, anger, etc.

And a positive future is made more probable by emotions of confidence, faith, peace, happiness, love.

This doesn't mean that the future will not be completely different from the average North American lifestyle today. It is still true that the old way of life can't continue.

What I think it means is that we now have the resources, both technological and within our consciousness, to make the Transition without complete extinction and global destruction.

In a nutshell, that's what I think the year 2012 will bring about.

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My 2012 Prophecy

There's one more insight I've received that I would share with you. It's about the Spiritual Rebirth that underlies the 2012 Transition.

I've talked about the "coming of the Messiah" in the previous article, but I haven't said where I got that information... until now. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

Almost 2 decades ago, in deep meditation at a 10 day retreat, this information arose spontaneously in my mind.

Please keep in mind that this was my first real foray into spirituality and meditation. I had been practicing Wicca but in a more "religious" than "spiritual" way -- it was personal, not global.

I had no real awareness of human consciousness as an evolution, that we might as a species be on a spiritual journey.

But out of the blue, something in my mind said that the Messiah was coming, now, but not as one person... the Messiah was within each of us! We are all the saviours humanity has been wishing for and waiting for.

How Could It Be True?

For many years, I didn't put much faith in this prophecy. I didn't see anything around me to lend it much credibility.

But as time goes on, it is more and more apparent that the Voice was absolutely correct. Anyone with open eyes can see the proof all around us.

Of course not everyone will go gracefully and gratefully into such profound change. That's the reason that some people are ever-more adamant about turning back the clock, trying to undo the social progressions of the last several decades.

However, the Devil himself (if he existed) can't stand against the combined spiritual power that is now arising on this planet!

So these are my personal 2012 predictions. I hope that they're true.

And more than that, I feel that they are.

May it be so!

With Bright Blessings,

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