Nostradamus' Predictions for 2012

Nostradamus is another predictions source that is often cited regarding the year 2012.

What does he actually say?

And how reliable are his prophecies?

That's what this article will tell you.

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Are They Nostradamus' Predictions?

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Nostradamus is one of the best-known seers in history.

He was born Michel de Nostredame, in France at the beginning of the 16th century.

Many believe, on good evidence, that Nostradamus' prophecies actually originated with other before him. He is suspected of simply plagiarising others' prophecies.

In any case, his is a collection of predictions that, because of his accuracy so far, we must at least consider regarding what will happen in 2012.

How Accurate Are Nostradamus' Prophecies?

The 16th century was a time of great paranoia on the part of the Christian church, working to suppress "heresy" and "pagan" religions... in particular "Witchcraft."

So in order to avoid being submitted to the horrors of the Inquisition, Nostradamus couched his prophecies in obscure terms and a mixture of languages. That way he could deny that he was prophesying -- an activity suspected to arise from the devil.

However, this made his meaning incredibly vague, and the interpretation of Nostradamus' predictions was left wide open to supposition and error.

Although it's easy enough to paste a vague prediction on many events once they have passed, in some respects Nostradamus seems to have been uncannily accurate.

His predictions are widely accepted as foretelling the French Revolution, Napoleon, Hitler, two world wars, and the nuclear weapons used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So What Are Nostradamus Predictions For 2012?

In fact, he has none.

Nothing Nostradamus predicted suggested that the year 2012 was a significant time.

He did predict another world war, or perhaps a comet strike, but that was supposed to be in 1999. Some people suggest that 1999 was the trigger for a war in process, the war in the Middle East, that might still blow up out of all control.

He believed that humanity would survive all this, though, and even that we can alter that course of events and avoid the worst.

He also said, in a private letter to his son, that he believed the end of the world would come, but he gave the date as late in the 38th century.

There's another factor to consider.

While many of Nostradamus' predictions seem to be very accurate, about half actually haven't been realised.

So, taken all by themselves, they don't hold that much authority.

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