Edgar Cayce's 2012 Predictions

Of the more modern prophecies (if I may include the Bible in that), Edgar Cayce's predictions probably have the most validity regarding the year 2012.

Although he never mentioned the specific date or an end of the world, he did talk about a New Age that was coming, and what to expect.

Personally, I find his predictions of the New Age to be accurate with the planetary transformation that we can now see underway.

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Edgar Cayce's Predictions of a New Age

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Cayce said that humanity was going to shift into an Age of Purity. This would mean we would achieve a truly global consciousness, as well as high spiritual consciousness.

The global consciousness means that ...

  • We will think beyond small, limiting, imaginary boundaries such as specific culture, nation, or race.

  • We'll recognise that we are all one people, and we are all part of the Earth.

  • Separations dissolve and we become unified.
(I'm extrapolating here; these are not his exact words.)

This certainly is happening, especially with increasing climate change. We are finally realising that what we do in our little part of the world affects everyone else around the globe. And that we all have to work together for a viable future. Even the outpouring of support and assistance to disaster victims elsewhere in the world shows a growing awareness of our interconnectivity.

Edgar Cayce also suggested that in this New Age, everyone would be aware that they could communicate directly with the Divine. Not, please note, that everyone would be able to -- that's always been the case. But we are now becoming aware of this ability.

Tough Times Ahead

Not all his predictions for the future were so rosy, though. There was also apparently a very difficult period to go through.

Among other things, he prophesied that ...

  • the West Coast of the Americas would sink,

  • Japan and New York would be gone as well,

  • Europe would be transformed "in the twinkling of an eye",

  • coastal areas would be submerged all over the world,

  • new land masses will arise from the ocean,

  • the Great Lakes would drain away into the Gulf of Mexico,

  • there would be more volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the southern hemisphere,

  • the pole would shift 17 degrees, into Russia,

  • discord in the Davis Strait, between Greenland and Canada,

  • conflict in Egypt, Libya, the Persian Gulf, Ankara (Turkey), Syria, the Indian Ocean

What We Must Do

Edgar Cayce once said that only those who are preparing themselves for the New Age would even notice it happening.

He said if we wanted to be part of it, we need to reconnect with the Divine, with each other, and with ourselves in a groundwork of love.

In other words, we must find harmony within ourselves, and with our Source, and with others, if we want to be uplifted into this new state of energy.

With Bright Blessings,

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