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So you want Wiccan love spells? Well, you're in luck, because I'm going to show you ways that really work.

Here are two of the best methods: Increasing-Love Spell, and Written Love Spell.

Written Love Spell

Most people are looking for Wiccan love spells that will make a very specific person fall in love with them. This is dangerous, and usually won't work in the long-term anyway. It will bring you much more heart-ache than it will ease!

But there are ways to bring love into your life and find a great relationship . . . ways that won't drop the Three-Fold Law onto your head.

This should be really come after the Increasing-Love Spell, but choices are this is what you're wanting to read right away.
This spell will work even better if you also do the Increasing-Love Spell as well, so keep reading to find out how.

How Written Spells Work

A Written Love Spell magickally calls a lover to you who fulfills your specific desires. It could be called a Generic Love Spell, because it calls the qualities you want in a lover, rather than a specific person. (Although there is a way to work that in too, if you must.)

Written Magick Spells are great. They are an easy magick spell for casting by beginners, and they are really effective.

I believe part of their power is the way they oblige you to hone your desire very specifically. One of the most common reasons magick spells fail is a lack of clarity. Writing your magick spells fixes that bug. (See also these troubleshooting Tips for Wicca Magick Spells.

3 Reasons Why This Is The Best Wiccan Love Spell To Use

Why does this kind of Wiccan love spell work better than casting a magick spell for a specific person to fall in love with you?

I'll sum it up:

  • If that person really is the right one for you, this spell will call them. So you're covered!

  • If that person is not really the one for you, do you really want them? Wouldn't you rather have Mr/Ms Right? (The Divine often knows better than we do, what we really need.)

  • Using Wicca magick to control another person — no matter how mildly or "for their own benefit" — is putting yourself on the bad side of the Three-fold Law. And in the end, you pay for any such transgressions... far more than you ever benefit by them.

Read the basics of casting written magick spells here, including the all-important Magickal Caveat.

Tips Specifically For Wiccan Love Spells

For a love spell, make sure you include whether you want a short-term or long-term relationship.

And if it's long-term that you're after, write your spell with an eye to what you want in the future. Perseverance is a good trait for a long-term relationship, as is an ability to see themselves clearly and a willingness to learn and grow.

You can add, at the very bottom, a gentle request for a specific person if you really want to put your opinion ahead of the Divine's perspective. But phrase is in an open way, such as: "Let it be so-and-so, if they fit these criteria."

It can also be surprisingly helpful to add in a clause that you recognize your lover. Sometimes it can be right in front of us, while we're busy looking under the rocks!

Opening The Package

When your Wiccan love spell manifests, you will find that virtually all of your criteria will have been met, but there are almost always a few that aren't. Plus, there are usually some interesting surprises thrown in, just for spice.

So when you're writing your love spell, be sure to let the Universe know which are the most important and necessary qualities you're looking for.

Do that with your words — "Being able to laugh at themselves and take things lightly is the most important thing..." — as well as with your energy. Let your feelings and focus be especially intense for those components.

Supercharge Your Love Spells

If you are really serious about attracting love into your life, then don't miss the next article in the series: How to Do an Increasing-Love Spell.

Doing both of these spells together will bring you a relationship that is tons more satisfying and successful than if you do only the written spell.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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