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Easy Navigation With Secret Links

There are some buttons hidden in the site graphics, for your ease of navigation. They aren't necessary to navigation, but you can play with them if you like.

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Opening New Windows

All local links will open in the same window.

You can open any link in a new window, (in Windows) by right clicking on the link and choosing Open In New Window . . . or (on Macs) Control click and select Open Link In New Window.

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A Note About Gender Pronouns

You may wonder why I refer to God as She, and witches as women. I'm so glad I have to chance to clear up any misperceptions about this!

It's absolutely not meant to deny the value or place of men in Wicca (or Divinity), but merely to provide some balance to our cultural understanding of God and people as male. And it's too cumbersome to have S/He and Her/His all over the place.

People have told me that this is no longer the case - that it is understood that God isn't really male and "he" does not mean only men.

I doubt it though, because if that were the case, no one would blink an eye when someone writes "she" instead.

Also, since witches are predominantly women, it seems right to acknowledge that.

Plus, the Goddess needs all the support She can get, in this tricky time of Her rebirth. Or rather, we need Her to come into Herself as soon as possible, while there's still air to breathe, water to drink, and earth to live on.

Lastly, I call God "She" because STILL every time I do it, it jogs my brain a little bit out of its preconceptions. This can only be a good thing, since it's our misconceptions that keep us from God.

So I hope you can join me in this little practice with an open mind and an open heart. I mean no ill by it, and intend good to come from it.

A Note About the Spelling . . .

If you're wondering about the spelling, I'm Canadian, and that's how we spell things, eh.

I considered using US spelling, but I guess I'm a romantic - it seems so much prettier this way.

However, I'm also practical. So some of the spellings are the US version, because these are the words that get searched. My spelling doesn't matter if you can’t find the site! So please bear with me as I throw consistency out the window, in favour of expediency.

End Note

There's a lot of information and ideas, tools and techniques offered on this site. But what good is it?

Don't believe any of it!!

Everything you read is just words that went from my head to your head. Just words. Words don't mean anything.

What matters is not what you read but what you know . And you only know what you experience.

So go ahead, try it. See for yourself. Then you'll know if it's true or not.

Otherwise you haven't really learnt anything. You've just gathered some intellectual games to play. While this can be fun, it doesn't really help you.

Go make Wicca spirituality something real. Go make yourself alive!

And go with my Bright Blessings, and my thanks for sharing the journey.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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