What Really Is Black Magick?

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Black Magick isn't what centuries of propaganda have claimed. It does not involve demons or devils. It is not evil, manipulative, or destructive. Quite the contrary!

Black Magick is the foundation of all life.

It is the Goddess in action.

Goddess Magick

This is the magick of the Earth. It is birth-magick and compost-magick.

The powers of the Sacred Dark, of Chaos, of the Pregnant Void to create and sustain Life - these are the Powers of the Star Goddess.

It is Her Magick to take things into oneself, allow them to gestate, transform, help them come into the world in their perfect time, and then let them freely go.

This is women's magick - though not confined to women alone. It is the magick of Motherhood. It's the magick of all Creativity.

Earth Magick

It is Black Magick when . . .
  • The bee is drawn to the flower,
  • Animals (including humans) yearn for and find love,
  • When a new life inexplicably begins in microscopic processes,
  • When a child survives a 10 story fall and a strong man dies tripping over a rake.
It is black Magick when we offer our kitchen scraps to the composting creatures, and our bodily wastes to the Earth in an ecological way.

Black Magick is what makes the seed sprout and root and grow, what creates one seed from the life of another, and what breaks down the elderly plant and takes it back into the Whole, to nourish new lives.

Life Magick

This is the same magick that takes plants and animals and turns them into our own flesh and blood, giving us life. We kill all we eat - vegetable and animal alike - and incorporate these beings into our own being. Yet no one calls dinnertime "dabbling in the evil arts"!

This is an aspect of magick that has long been neglected. Even more, it is actively demonized and persecuted, wherever women and the Goddess have been reviled and dominated.

Chaotic, unpredictable, wild . . . Black Magick hits the domination culture right where it hurts. It tells us how small and pitiful our efforts to command really are.

Black Magick is a constant reminder that nothing is ever really under control, that security is a misguided illusion, that death awaits us all - individuals, cultures, belief systems.

This is utterly terrifying to the status quo.

Reclaiming Black Magick

A case could be made that this life-magick was the original meaning of "Black Magick," which then became twisted as Father-God religions took control.

I don't intend to make that case. Any interpretation of history is only that - an interpretation. The truth is lost with the hearts and minds of those who lived it.

But we can reclaim the term, and bring it back to honour.

I believe this process is necessary for the healing of the Earth, and all of us.

Reclaiming the Sacred Dark is reclaiming the Goddess. Her Magick was once well-understood and celebrated. And this kept the Earth in balance. It gave the people internal balance and health and joy.

Why "Black" Magick?

Although we could reclaim this Power under a different name, "Black" is the most fitting designation, for two reasons . . .
    1. It balances the yang of White Magick, and Enlightenment 2. "Black" as evil is an association we must release.
Blackness and darkness are associated with all that the domination paradigm fears and represses . . .
  • Goddess,
  • Mystery,
  • Earth and nature,
  • Women,
  • Wildness,
  • Openness,
  • Fluidity,
  • Chaos,
  • Death.
These are qualities we must reclaim, if we are to heal and save the planet, and ourselves. At the very least, we need them as the necessary spiritual balance in ourselves. (See Endarkenment.)

How Darkness Can Save The World

Balance in life can only come when there is balance within. Healing can only come to the degree that we are made whole.

It is this imbalance between . . .
  • Black and white,
  • Dark and light,
  • Yin and yang,
  • Feminine and masculine,
  • Goddess and God . . .
which has created the holes we find ourselves trapped in. Every level of existence suffers this imbalance - physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual.

And the imbalance plays out in every action in the world. That imbalance between Light and Dark is the source of real evil.

Think on this: Birds sing as sweetly to welcome the night as to herald the day.

Harmful Magick

It is up to us to distinguish Black from harm and evil. Let's call a spade a spade, and a gun a gun. Black may be a spade, but as such it is the perfect tool to aid the healing of the Earth.

When someone is using magick that harms or seeks to control others, let's call it what it is: Hostile Magick.

And when someone is acting with malicious intent or blind selfishness, let's call that Hostile Magick - no matter whether it's the government, the military, multinational corporations, or anyone wielding a little "power." Their brainwashing and fear-mongering propaganda is nothing less than an attempt to shift reality in their chosen direction.

Maybe when we have a clearer picture of what really is harmful magick, we can begin to shift the balance toward the healing potential of true Black Magick.

May Black Magick arise soon!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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