Are You A Sacred Chalice?

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The Sacred Chalice has four necessary qualities. (Read about these qualities here.)

The presence or absence of these qualities determines to what degree you are able to be a conduit for Divine Energy.

This is a direct indication of the kind of power you have to work magick, be happy, and connect with your Source.

So, which kind of Chalice are you? Silver? Crystal, even? Or maybe a rougher cut?

Why does this matter?

Once you know this about yourself, you will know what areas need to be strengthened, for your Sacred Chalice to be strong enough to contain the Power of the Divine.

This is important not only for spiritual seekers. It is vital for all highly sensitive people.

Such refinements are accomplished through various personal development tools and spiritual practices.

Which Chalice Are You Now?

The descriptions below will give you insight into what kind of Chalice you are. As you read them, you will get a sense for which group you fit into.

One thing to be aware of is that you may undervalue or overvalue your own qualities.

Undervaluing often happens with women, and those who've been making personal/spiritual progress but haven't had their self-image catch up with their new skills.

Overvaluing more often happens with men, and those who dislike admitting to "flaws."

So, you may get a rough idea of which category of sacred chalice you belong in, but it's very helpful to get confirmation from others who know you well, support you in your spiritual work, and respect you enough to give you the straight scoop — even if it's less than flattering.

The 5 Kinds Of Chalices

If you are a Crystal Chalice . . .

  • You are completely transparent to the Divine.

  • Your sense of self is transcended, and you understand yourself as an instrument of the Divine.

  • Your thoughts and actions are Hers, rather than yours.

  • You live in awareness of yourself as One with the Divine, and all beings.

  • If you are a Silver Chalice . . .

  • You are open to the Divine, complete enough to contain it, clear enough to use it well, and strong enough to handle the impact on your system.

  • You feel an enduring connection to the Divine, while humbly acknowledging that this Energy is a gift to you.

  • So you gratefully accept it when it comes, and then direct it to serving others.

  • And the peace, health, bliss, and power it brings are merely side-effects, not what's important.

  • What's important is making yourself more and more ready to be a Crystal Chalice, so you can fulfill your life's purpose of being a pure channel of the Divine.

  • If you are a paper napkin . . .

  • The Divine can soak into you, permeating every level of your being.

  • You can give yourself completely and joyfully to the Divine.

  • But because you have no solidity to contain this level of Energy, you can't hold onto it, or take it in without being damaged.

  • And while you may still be soaked with the Divine, you won't be functional.

  • If it's extreme, you may end up in a hospital or in psychiatric treatment.

  • If you are a mouldy bucket . . .

  • The Power of the Divine fills you, but you use it for your own ends — contaminating and spoiling it.

  • You are charismatic, and people easily follow you, because they sense this Energy in you.

  • But it can't last, because spoiled wine will not satisfy people for long.

  • Then when the Power leaves you, you feel confused and adrift, because you thought it was yours .

  • If you are a leaky cup . . .

  • You sometimes feel filled with Spirit.

  • It overflows you in an ecstasy of fulfillment.

  • When it's here, you know it's completely real, and you never want it to end.

  • But then it's gone, you are left feeling empty — knowing there's more to life, but only able to access it sporadically and briefly.

    • If you are a rock . . .

    • You are hardly aware of spirit moving in your life.

    • You feel separate and alone, even if you hardly admit it to yourself.

    • You can't sense subtle energies or work with them.

    • You might taste a hint of the Divine spirit, but you don't really understand what it is or where it comes from. So you turn to the worldly substitutes — alcohol and other drugs, status, sex, or money.

    • You probably aren't reading this, because you don't believe in all this metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.

    • A Word Of Caution

      Don't get attached to these categories as labels, or dismayed by what may seem to be "flaws."

      Everyone has work of some form or another to do! If you didn't, you wouldn't be here.

      Use this as a review of the skills needed for what you want to be, and then you can see more clearly where there is room for improvement.

      But if you beat yourself up about it, you'll only be setting yourself back when you want to be moving forward.

      So treat this enquiry with compassionate curiosity, and trust that you are right where you are meant to be at this moment.

      With Brightest Blessings,

      erin Dragonsong

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