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Palm reading is one of the most fun divination tools. It's handy too, because . . .
  • Hands are always around when you want to read them

  • It gives you something to read while waiting in line-ups

  • It's fun and popular at parties

  • It's a great way to get to know romantic partners
Palm reading is one of my favourite divination tools.

Palm Reading Perks

As a divination method, palmistry is very flexible. It tends to suit the reader's personality.
  • Some people find pragmatic information and advice in the hands.

  • Other people find overall characteristics and life purpose.

  • Some people do a lot of psychic divination with palmistry.

  • Others use -- or at least start out with -- no psychic divination at all.
Palmistry meets you wherever you are, adapting to your skill level and way of being in the world.

Palmistry is great for beginners, too. You don't need to study and memorize a lot to begin. You can get fairly accurate readings even with just a little practice. In fact, I've even devised a method that allows you to bypass memorization... for those of us with memory challenges.

If you are willing to be open about your beginner status, and willing to be wrong and laugh at your errors, you can have a lot of fun reading people's hands even the first day. How often you'll be right will please you and surprise your friends.

This article has a few parts to it, because I want to give you enough information to at least get you started in palmistry basics.

You can start reading palms right away, with only a little information. That's what makes it so great for beginners... you are learning as you are practicing. Very little tedious studying involved!

So continue now with part 2 to Learn Palm Reading.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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