Divination by Reading Tea Leaves

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Reading tea leaves is one of the less common divination methods. It requires more psychic ability -- or at least more imagination -- than many other divination tools.

Yet it is fun to experiment with, and good for developing imaginative and psychic ability.

Reading tea leaves is also called tasseography, tasseomancy, or tassology.

Divination by tea leaves is, for many people, essentially a form of scrying. For others, they see pictures in the leaves just like people see pictures in clouds.

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Method for Reading Tea Leaves

While drinking the tea, contemplate the issue or question you have.

After drinking the tea til there is only a bit of moisture in the bottom, spin the cup three times clockwise. Then turn your cup upside down onto the saucer.

Then, gazing at the patterns of the leaves, allow insights and associations to arise in your mind.

You may see symbols or little pictures. Two tea leaves may look like a bird in flight, or a butterfly, or a house.

You might get full-on psychic flashes of things... pictures or ideas will pop into your head.

Alternatively, you can read the symbols according to standard interpretations. There are different systems of symbolic interpretation, though. Some have been passed down for generations. For example, in different systems, an arrow means ...

  • travel

  • a letter coming

  • things improving, worsening, or staying the same (depending on direction pointing)

As when you learn palm-reading, it probably doesn't matter which system you use, or if you invent your own.... Just don't try to use all of them, or you will end up totally confused about what things mean.

The closer to the rim they are, the nearer in time. The rim of the cup is thought to be the present moment. At the bottom of the cup are things in the more distant future, or the outcome of the situation.

Reading Tea Leaves Without Psychic Ability

Even if you don't think you have any psychic ability, you can still try divination by tea leaves for fun.

Reading tea leaves is a great way to relax and play your way into divination. Try it for yourself, as a calming meditation. And doing tea leaf readings for your friends is a fun way to nurture relationships.

Let your imagination run free, and say whatever you see in the leaves. You might surprise yourself!

You can also do divination with coffee grounds and the sediment of wine in the same way.

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