Living La Vida Wicca

Living la Vida Wicca means living life with passion and spiritual joy, in every area of your life.

Wicca isn't something you dust off for the Full Moon and the Sabbats. It's not the pagan jewelry you wear or the books on your shelf or the magick spells you cast.

Living La Vida Wicca is living a spiritual life . . .

  • Joining in life-as-a-sacred-adventure.

  • Being aware of the Divine in every aspect and circumstance.

  • Working magick as you tend to daily tasks.

  • Noticing the lessons and gifts you receive in a steady stream.

  • Sharing your talents with others, for sake of the Divine.

  • Living a life of soul and spirit!

It's what distinguishes Wicca from witchcraft. A witch does the magick. A Wiccan lives the spiritual life.

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Everyday Magick!

When you are living La Vida Wicca, you make ordinary tasks magickal.
  • You bring thought, imagination, awareness, and intention to every action.

  • You fold blessings into the laundry.

  • You sanctify your food and water.

  • You give thanks for the little gifts.

  • You give thanks for the huge challenges.

  • You give back to the Earth for all you receive.

  • You love and laugh easily, forgive and forget readily, cry and pray simultaneously.

The Spiritual Life

When you are living a spiritual life, you feed your soul with life.

Sweet or bitter or bland, it's all nourishment for your soul. You drink it in with gusto.

When you are living a spiritual life, you are consciously co-creating your life. And the world you live in.

The Goddess is your partner and friend, your lover and child, your mother and Deity.

You keep your eyes on your values and ideals. You follow them like a sailor follows the stars. Your heart is your magnetic north. You yourself are the compass, always yielding to its sweet pull.

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Loving Life!

Living La Vida Wicca is choosing life. Choosing to live it to its fullest - even the "mistakes" - rather than drifting aimlessly, purposelessly.

Intentionally sculpting your life like a masterpiece. It's engaging your full potential.

It's pursuing your deepest dreams.

It's living your life on purpose - finding out who you are and why you're here, and then fulfilling that.

It's remembering, always remembering, that this world is a game, and you've come here to play. Like a child in the playground, there's no holding back.

Living La Vida Wicca is riding the rollercoaster of life

with your eyes wide open, your arms held high,

your hair flying out behind you,

and your heart thrilling with JOY!

This is Living La Vida Wicca!

Come on in . . . Join the party! wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

With Bright Blessings,

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