The Charge of the Star Goddess

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The Charge of the Star Goddess is an invocation of the Great Mother Goddess.

In other words, when you speak this — with clear focus and strong intent — the Great Goddess is present, and noticing you.

What is perhaps more important, the Goddess within you wakes up, and remembers Herself.

The Charge of the Star Goddess is a basic "scripture" of Wicca. It contains within it a piece of the Heart of Wicca Spirituality.

The Authors

The Charge of the Goddess is quintessentially Wiccan, being reformed and adapted by many people, rather than carried forward in one authoritative version.

I think this is partly because it's still being polished, not yet reaching its full potential, and partly because Wicca doesn't have a central administration — just as Christianity had many versions of the gospels, until the rising church authorities at the Council of Rome in 382 decided "what the universal Catholic Church accepts and what she must shun." It will be interesting to see whether a similar ratification of certain "gospels" will occur in Wicca someday.

At any rate…

The first part is my own adaptation of the Charge as developed by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, which in turn draw on earlier sources.

In the second part, the poetic version of the Charge of the Star Goddess is the adaptation by Starhawk in The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Goddess, and is, I feel, the loveliest one.

The Charge of the Goddess

Listen to the words of the Great Goddess, whom our mothers have called Artemis, Astarte, Isis, Danu, Gaia, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arianrhod, Brigid, and a thousand other names:

"Whenever you have need or seek to offer thanks, once in the month, and better when the moon is full, seek out some secret place and adore the spirit of Me who is Queen of all the Wise. In this place shall I share with you the Secret Wisdom of the Ages.

You shall be free from self-bondage, and as a sign that you be free you shall be naked in your rites, in your mind.

Sing, feast, dance, make merry, make music and love, all in My presence, for Mine is the ecstacy of the spirit and Mine also is joy on Earth.

For My law is love unto all beings. By naught but love may I be known.

Keep pure your Highest Ideals; strive ever toward them, let naught stop you nor turn you aside, or you turn aside from Me.

Mine is the secret door that opens upon the door of youth, and Mine is the cup of the Wine Of Life that is the Cauldron of Cerridwen — the holy grail of immortality.

I am the Gracious Goddess, who gives the gift of joy unto the hearts of all. I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal and beyond death I give peace and freedom and reunion with those who have gone before.

The only sacrifices I require are those of greed, fear, ignorance, and hatred, for behold, all things living are Mine own. I am the Mother of all things and My love is poured upon the Earth."

The Charge of the Star Goddess

Hear the words of the Star Goddess, the dust of whose feet are the hosts of heaven, whose body encircles the universe ...

"I who am the beauty of the green Earth,

The white Moon among the Stars,

And the Mystery of the Waters,

I call upon your soul to arise and come unto Me.

For I am the Soul of Nature, which gives life to the universe.

From Me all things proceed,

And unto Me they must return.

Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices,

For behold — all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.

Let there be beauty and strength,

Power and compassion,

Honour and humility,

Mirth and reverence within you.

And you who seek to know Me,

Know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not,

Unless you know the Mystery:

For if that which you seek you find not within yourself,

You will never find it without.

For behold, I have been with you from the beginning,

And I am that which is attained at the end of desire."

The Charge Of The Star Goddess
As a Spiritual Practice

Say this prayer with full attention in the morning when you get up, when you are about to take lunch, and when you are in bed for the night. Do this for a full cycle of the Moon — full moon to full moon is ideal. Keep a journal. Notice how your feelings and awareness change.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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