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Your positive affirmations, along with all of your magickal intentions and incantations, will manifest MUCH more quickly when you use these tried and true affirmation tips to charge them up with tons of spiritual juice and creational power . . .

Empower Your Affirmations & Intentions

  • Write them out by hand, on a nice piece of paper. Post them where you will see them often. Writing them out every day multiplies the benefit of this!
  • Say them out loud, especially before falling asleep and upon waking.
  • Speak them with great conviction and as much passion as you can generate. (If you can't manage conviction, go for volume... it’s a step in the right direction.)
  • Repeat them often, every day. Every affirmation is a daily affirmation! The more often you repeat them, the better. Remember, your subconscious never sleeps — it's always putting out its affirmations (usually negative). You need to get in a lot of repetitions in order to outweigh that!
  • Make it into a chant that you can sing... rhyming if possible. Sing it as much as possible. There are so many benefits to this, it’d be distracting to go into them all here!
  • Stay with an affirmation for at least a month. It takes time to be accepted by your subconscious mind and the Universe as truth... which then allows it to become reality.

    Actually, a better metric is to stay with it until you FEEL and KNOW it’s truth on every level of you – when there’s no part of you that doubts or disagrees with it.

    Even better? Until it’s manifested in your life!
  • Wear a smile or half-smile: it inclines your body to believe you. You can even just think of smiling, if you prefer.

    This sounds so minor, but it brings a very attractive energy to your affirmations, which the Universe can’t resist.
  • You could also touch your heart, or the space between your eyebrows as you speak. This grounds your affirmation in your body AND in the quantum field that is linked with these 2 chakras.
  • Generate a feeling of belief . . . an experience that your affirmation can be true, and is already true.

    If that's too far, then aim to feel a sense of well-being.

    Let these feelings suffuse your entire body. This is THE most important tip for empowering your daily affirmations.
  • Anchor, lock and seal them. While doing repetitions of your positive affirmation, gently tap your fingertips together repeatedly (thumb to thumb, index to index, etc.) simultaneously.

  • And of course you know I'm impressed with EFT (Meridian Tapping) as an all-purpose clearing tool. Use it while you say your affirmations, and they'll come through for you much more quickly.
  • Affirm your affirmations. (You can do this while touching your heart, anchor/lock/sealing, or tapping) and turn your gaze upwards as you declare . . .

    "I believe 100% that I can have this. I know completely and on all levels of my being that this is true! And so it is! Locked into my deepest body and mind and soul as truth for all time."
  • Support your affirmations with bonus affirmations. When my thyroid function was getting low enough that my doctor wanted me on medication, I started doing affirmations for my thyroid to speed up, to function well, to be healthy, to return to perfect balance, etc.
  • I also did a set of affirmations that told my body what I expected of it: "Body, we love our thyroid. Body, we give our thyroid all our support. Help our thyroid do its work wonderfully and effortlessly. Bring balance to our immune system. Upgrade the intelligence and wisdom of our immune system." Etc.

    (I'd begun by saying my thyroid, but quickly realised I needed my body to recognise and love the thyroid as a beloved part of itself.)

  • Tell it to yourself as well as the Universe: look into your eyes in the mirror as you speak them.

  • Imagine the Divine is saying them with you, and agreeing and affirming them.

  • Use your name! e.g., "Amy, you are worthy of love and happiness."

    When you add your name to your affirmations, they get a whole new level of impact. It’s personal! You (and the Divine) really mean YOU deserve this.

    More than that, your subconscious hears it too. Your body hears it too.

    Your body gives you everything it thinks you want, just like the Universe. So tell your body what you want to be real, and to the degree you can imagine it, feel it, and believe it, your body will produce it for you.
  • Use Visualisation to enhance your affirmations. In other words, don’t just THINK the affirmation... put yourself in a full sensory experience of BEING the person for whom this affirmation is true.
  • Affirmations for yourself are better than affirmations for your outside experience or environment. (This is a major difference between affirmation and intention.)

    What affirmations really excel at is changing your internal environment – who you ARE and HOW you are – which then allows your external world to change.

    For instance, you can affirm that you win a million dollars, but actually that's not as effective as other techniques of magick and manifestation.

    Do your affirmations for, let’s say, a great opportunity that you immediately recognise, which will bring you a stream of wealth.

    During the same period, do affirmations for yourself to help allow that abundance in...

    "I'm open to receiving abundance. I am super-grateful for all the abundance I already have in my life, and am always thrilled and thankful to receive more."
  • Gratitude + Affirmations is a magick formula! Work gratitudes into your affirmations, or do affirmations on gratitude itself. This is a huge booster-rocket to strap onto your affirmations.
  • When doing affirmations, or magick, to draw something into your life, use the caveats, "I ask for this, its equivalent or better, an it harm none."

    This leaves room for the Universe to work, if the specific thing you ask for is unavailable for some reason, or not as good as another option it has in mind.

    It also protects you against undesirable consquences (for example, asking for a windfall of money, and suddenly having a loved one die and bequeathe it to you).
  • It can be helpful to start with affirmations written by someone with a lot of experience at positive affirmations, until you get the hang of it. It won't take long til you are coming up with great positive affirmations of your own.
  • Ground your affirmations by living them. Act on your affirmations. Confirm your new reality with appropriate actions.
  • Taking actions that show you believe in what you're saying go a long way to reinforcing the affirmations and intentions... AND you are participating in the manifestation by taking the necessarily action steps. This can’t be overstressed as a vital part of the process!

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  • And Then Turbocharge It!

    Now that you've got the basics, plus how to beef up your affirmations...

    if you want to take the power of positive affirmations even further, read about The Power of Creative Visualization.

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