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My first intention here was to offer free daily affirmations in a calendar format, one for every day of the year.

But most positive affirmations need to be worked with for much longer than a single day to be effective. Unless you are simply fine-tuning or enhancing an already positive mental program, I suggest staying with one positive affirmation for at least a full cycle of the Moon.

So, instead - while still free - these not-daily affirmations are subdivided into categories.

How To Use These Free Affirmations

I recommend you browse a category or two. Choose one positive affirmation that calls your heart, and give it the best opportunity to help you.

Of course, if you like, you could always pick a new one every day. That should keep you going for a couple years.

Please adapt these free affirmations to suit your needs. For instance, you can say Goddess or Great Spirit etc, rather than Divine, and vibrant or active rather than energized.

However, to keep their potency, I recommend staying with the basic outline until you are sure of the 9 rules of positive affirmations. Then you're free to give your own daily affirmations a go.

Free Daily Affirmations

Health & Healing | Energy | Well-Being & Happiness | Abundance | Success | Living Your Dreams | Self-Worth | True Self | Divine Guidance | Self- Love & Loving | Relationships | Communication & Emotions | Self-Confidence | Creativity | Safety | Beauty | Eating | Letting Go | Clearings

wicca-spirituality-witchy_smile WITCH TIP: Many affirmations are difficult to isolate into one category. Those for health can increase energy, and those for love can improve health, for instance.

You may want to peruse related categories, to find the right affirmation for you in this moment.

Health & Healing

I am open to vibrant Health.

Only that which is harmonious may enter my energy field. All that is healthful is welcome.

I am lovingly healing myself on all levels of my being.

I am learning to take good care of myself.

I love and accept my body completely.

I am good to my body, and my body is good to me.

I deserve to feel good.

I choose to be healthy and feel good.

I take all the time my body needs to rest.

My body is balanced, in perfect harmony with the Earth and the Divine.

My body is my beloved and respected teacher and most loyal friend.

I can be healthy and still get my needs met.

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I am healthy, strong, and energized.

I am so full of joy, energy, and spirit that I have tons to share with others.

I draw up energy from the earth. I fill myself and am happy.

I am awake and alert, full of energy and enthusiasm.

I feel great. I feel healthy. I feel fantastic.

I am energetic and full of vitality.

I allow nature to nourish me. I take time to fuel all levels of my being.

I have all the energy of the universe inside me, and need only let it out, let it flow.

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Well-Being & Happiness

Life is worth living!

My work is filled with fun and joy and laughter.

I love my happy life!

I choose happiness.

I have faith that the Divine wants the best for me.

I participate fully in the beauty, joy, sweetness, and promise of life!

There’s always time for play, joy, laughter, lightheartedness.

I celebrate the glory of life!

I enjoy my peace, harmony, joy, and loving heart.

When I smile, I plant seeds of joy to harvest in the future.

My life is blossoming in total perfection.

My life has been planned by a loving Friend, and all I need do is show up.

I always have the choice to accept my situation, and make the best of it I can.

What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.

The whole process of personal growth and healing is fun and interesting and exciting!

I am grateful for all that I have. I am grateful even for the challenges of the hard stuff.

I am a warrior in training. I am being challenged to sit with tension and discomfort.

I am open to Joy.

I am open to Peace.

It’s ok for me to have fun and enjoy myself, and I do!

I like to do things that make me feel good.

I now feel deep inner peace and serenity.

I’m glad I was born and I love being alive.

It’s so good to be alive!

Life is meant to be fun and I'm now willing to enjoy it!

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The Universe is always giving freely to me of abundance.

I find prosperity in simplicity.

This is an abundant universe and there is plenty for everyone.

Abundance is my true state of being.

I am now ready to accept abundance fully and joyously.

The Divine is the unfailing, unlimited source of all my supply.

I deserve to be prosperous and happy. I am now prosperous and happy!

Financial success comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I am now enjoying financial prosperity!

I feel rich, well, and happy.

I focus on the best, and more of it comes to me.

I am open to receiving the blessings of this abundant universe.

Remember, the Universe is gracious and abundant, and wants to give to me.

I open to freely receive gifts from the Universe.

I deserve the best and the best is coming to me now.

The more I receive, the more I have to give.

I am a magnet to wealth and success.

I am rich now. I give thanks for my abundant wealth!

I have a divine ability to manifest and attract all that I need and desire!

I deserve and accept the best life has to offer, with ease and grace and gratitude.

I am blessed with everything my heart desires.

I appreciate all my gifts and enjoy the feeling of gratitude.

I am part of a universe of love and abundance.

I already have everything I desire, in the eternity of now.

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I choose success.

The Divine loves me and wants the best for me. She will help me succeed.

I give thanks to the Divine for my success.

All the power and magic in the Universe is already within me now.

Wealth and success are drawn to me now.

My success is success for all: everyone benefits when I am successful.

The most wonderful gift I can give to the world is my own success.

There is magic in the universe, and it’s all at my fingertips.

The Divine helps me all the time, in ways I can’t even imagine.

I persevere and fulfill my heart goals, my soul goals, my body goals, and my mind goals.

I have been given all my gifts so that I succeed.

I am fully committed to manifesting my desires.

The Divine wants me to be happy and successful.

I am willing to be happy and successful.

I am powerful and I love it!

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Living Your Dreams

The world NEEDS my unique viewpoint.

The world wants the gifts only I can offer. That is why they have been given to me.

I choose to serve by living my dreams, regardless of insecurities.

Within me is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that I need and desire.

I am ready now to fulfill my promise.

I have so much to offer!

When I am myself, I am free.

I am good at what I do.

I am a precious resource.

I am actualizing all my potential.

I am here on purpose.

I honour my dreams as the Divine’s dreams for me.

I am free to be myself and create a life I love.

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I am lovable.

I have the right to be who I am.

I have worth. Just by being a piece of the Divine come to Earth.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

What I want and need and like and dislike is important and okay.

I am kind and loving, and I have a great deal to share with others.

I am talented, intelligent, and creative.

I am a dynamic, resourceful person.

I deserve the very best in life.

I have a lot to offer and everyone recognizes it.

I love the world and the world loves me.

I am not alone; the Divine is with me always.

I am whole and complete in myself.

I love and appreciate myself just as I am.

I accept all my feelings as part of me.

I am inherently lovable.

I am inherently sacred.

I am a very beautiful person.

I appreciate my sensitivity and honesty.

I love and accept myself completely as I am.

I like myself and that’s what counts.

I am a powerful, loving, and creative being.

I deserve all the good things in life.

As much as I can, I will live authentically. That is all I need do.

I accept myself completely here and now.

I am good enough. I am more than good enough.

I am okay just the way I am. The Divine made me good enough for Her!

I love myself and accept myself unconditionally.

I love myself completely as I am, and I’m getting better all the time.

I am valuable, and valued. I am lovable, and loved.

I am powerful and I am loved.

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True Self

I am infinite and universal and I trust in the Divine Source of the universe, which is also within me.

I am a Temple of Divine Light and Divine Love.

I am filled with Light and I am overflowing with Love.

I accept and give thanks for my power to create and alter reality.

Every event in my life helps me to soften and open my heart.

I am conscious of Divinity in myself, all others, and every situation.

Everything is Love; the foundation of all reality is Love.

I harness the infinite Power of the Universe when I consciously direct my thoughts.

My awareness and intention are powerful tools at my disposal.

The Divine smiled when I was born!

I can be, and AM, all that I want to be.

I live in full consciousness that I AM LOVE.

I am a magnet to my perfect life.

I am love. The fabric of all existence is love.

I do what I love and I love what I do.

I am contagious with passion and enthusiasm.

I am Divine Light and Divine Love.

I enjoy beauty everywhere.

I enjoy my life and my surroundings.

I am in harmony with the world around me.

I have a healthy balance of work and play.

My clarity starts first in myself.

I am the greatest Miracle in the world!

I am the luckiest person alive!

I am open to Light.

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Divine Love and Guidance

Divine Love is doing its perfect work in this situation now for the good of all concerned.

Divine Love and Light are working through me now.

Divine Love goes before me and prepares the way.

The Divine is showing me the way now.

My inner wisdom is guiding me now.

I am now being guided to the perfect solution.

The Light within me is always creating miracles in my body, mind, and life.

Divine Love and Guidance is always with me.

I am divinely guided and protected, and assisted in all things.

The Divine fully loves and values me and cares for me.

Even when I can't see where I'm going, the Divine is guiding me to my best reality.

I trust, and put my hand in the Divine's hand. She leads me where I need to be.

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Self-Love & Loving

I love myself.

I am optimistic, appreciative, and encouraging of myself.

I am open to Love.

I have all the love I need within my own heart.

I am here to take care of me.

I am a lovable and loving person.

I am whole in myself.

Today I bring compassion, kindness, and patience to every interaction . . . even with myself.

My heart is Light, shining in all directions.

May my heart be soft, open, and light.

I love to love and be loved.

I now give and receive love freely.

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My relationships are mirrors that show me myself.

I am now learning from all my relationships.

My relationships are helping me to heal and love myself.

I am strong, open, warm, and loving in my relationships.

I deserve love and sexual pleasure.

I give as freely and happily as I receive.

I give of myself freely and joyfully. I receive the best of others willingly and gratefully.

I am now ready to accept a happy, fulfilling relationship.

I love myself and I naturally attract loving relationships into my life.

I am now attracting exactly the kind of relationship I want.

I am now divinely irresistible to my perfect mate.

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Communication & Emotions

I express my feelings appropriately and respectfully.

I am fully capable of expressing myself clearly and effectively.

I express myself freely, fully, and easily.

I am speaking out and expressing myself clearly these days.

I accept all my feelings as part of myself.

I’m beautiful and loveable however I’m feeling.

All of my feelings are positive. They are all important parts of who I am, and messages from my soul.

I am now willing to experience all my feelings.

It’s healthy to express my feelings in safe ways.

I now give myself permission to explore my feelings.

I love myself when I express my feelings respectfully.

My feelings are valuable and give me information. They are my servants, and I am their mistress/master.

Forgiveness is a gift to myself and my Divine Source.

I have the final say in how I will experience events in my life. My feelings are mine to determine.

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I know myself and I am confident in my abilities.

All choices lead to my personal growth and spiritual evolution. All choices are right choices.

I let my inner wisdom guide me.

I am confident now!

I am capable and confident. I can do this.

There is no need to defend myself: the ground of every experience is Love.

I strengthen myself as I remove my defenses.

Every day I am learning and growing. Every day my competence increases.

I am growing stronger and more powerful every day.

I am poised and charming. People enjoy my company.

I am a unique reflection of the Divine. I have a genius within me.

I have great gifts, and I share them freely with the world. This is what I am meant to do.

As I let myself shine, I create an environment where others can shine as well. I benefit all beings by showing my best self.

I have great gifts to offer the world. And the world needs my unique gifts.

I follow my ideals, and the Divine loves me. This is all that is necessary.

I can handle what faces me this one, single day.

Courage is letting go of resistance and accepting what is. I can do that.

There is no problem without a gift for me in its hands.

I believe in myself.

I believe in me, 100%!

I am strong. I live in faith. I depend only on myself and the Divine.

I am doing great!

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Creativity is my birthright and my joy.

I am now an open channel for creative energy.

Creative ideas and inspiration are coming to me every day.

I am the creator of my life.

I am now creating my life exactly as I want it.

Infinite creativity works through me.

I am filled with creative energy.

The Lisght within me is creating miracles in my life here and now.

In silence, the Divine speaks to me.

I am an open channel of creative energy.

I am dynamically self-expressive.

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The universe is unfolding perfectly.

I don’t have to hang on. I can relax and let go.

I can go with the flow.

I always have everything I need.

Divine love is guiding me and I am always taken care of.

I am deeply relaxed and centered in myself.

I am safe; I live in faith and trust.

I am supported by the Universe.

I can be free and adventuresome.

I value my own expansion.

This is not forever. This too shall pass.

Things change and will get better.

All I need today shall be provided.

For now, I accept where I am and am grateful to be here.

I choose faith.

For this moment, I have everything I need. I am content and at peace.

The experience I am having is the one I’m supposed to be having.

I am exactly where I am meant to be right now.

I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now.

I am safe. It’s only change. Change is exciting and fun!

I am safe. I always have what I need.

I am open to change.

I trust life.

There are always choices!

I am the mistress of my life.

Everything I need is already within me.

Perfect wisdom is in my heart.

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I know myself and everyone else as beautiful, wonderful, and perfect.

I love my body as it is.

Every day I am growing healthier and more attractive.

Everything I do adds to my health and beauty.

The more I love and appreciate myself, the more beautiful I am becoming.

I am now irresistibly attractive to those I wish to attract.

I am growing more and more attractive every day.

I am naturally attractive as I am.

My beauty shines for all the world.

My inner beauty shines through, like a light within a lantern.

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Everything I eat adds to my health and beauty.

I am now strong, slender, and in perfect condition.

I now desire to eat only those things that are best for me at any given time.

I get hungry only for the foods my body really needs.

I listen to my body, and follow its instinctual wisdom.

I allow food to nourish my body well. I allow the Divine to nourish my soul. I am satisfied.

I nurture my body with nourishing foods. I nurture my heart with nourishing thoughts.

I give myself love, and then food is only nourishment.

With every bite, I accept the Divine's love and sustenance.

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Letting Go

I let go lightly, and make space for new opportunities.

I let go with faith and joy and gratitude.

I release this with an open heart, knowing that it will return to me in another, more perfect form.

I shed my outgrown skin. I am ready for transformation.

I bless and release my entire past. It is complete and I am free!

I now empower only positive, expansive beliefs.

I now forgive and release everyone in my life. We are all happy and free.

I bless and release everything and everyone in my past: they brought me to where I am today and I am grateful!

The more I give away, more space I create for good things to come to me.

I love receiving and I love sharing my bounty with others.

As I clean up my physical space, I am clearing out my life in every way.

I am now putting my life in order, ready to accept all good that is coming to me now.

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(Use these for deeply imbedded negative patterns, only in the first stages of affirmations. They can help clear them, but after a point you need to go to the positive affirmations to continue the healing.)

I don’t have to try to please others. I am naturally lovable and likeable no matter what I do.

I don’t have to save the world. I have only to live my life to the best of my ability.

All of my negative self-images and attitudes are now dissolved. I love and appreciate myself!

All barriers to my full expression and enjoyment of live are now dissolved.

I now dissolve all negative, limiting beliefs. They have no power over me!

I now let go of all accumulated guilt, fears, resentment, disappointments, and grudges. I am free and clear!

All of my negative self-images and attitudes are now dissolved. I love and appreciate myself!

All barriers to my full expression and enjoyment of live are now dissolved. I am free to be myself and create a life I love.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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