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10 Tips to Enhance Your Affirmations

These simple techniques work for any kind of affirmations, intentions, or energy clearings that you do, and really ramp up the benefit you’ll get from them.

It’s not enough to merely listen to them or just say the words! You need to power them up!

We covered tips on powering these up in the previous article. Now we’ll go even deeper, with tools you can use when listening to affirmations (or other reprogramming tools) – whether you've recorded them for yourself, or you've purchased some.

Supercharge Your Affirmations

  1. Focus on what you're hearing. You can listen to repeats while you drive or wash dishes or whatever, but you’ll get the best results if, at least the first time through, you really pay attention.
  2. Have a relaxed, open frame of mind. A meditative state gives you the best access to alter subconscious patterns.

    One quick way to achieve this is to soften your gaze and become more aware of what you see in your peripheral vision. Or another way is to focus on breathing calmly, slowly, and deeply through both nostrils simultaneously.

    (Of course, don't do this if you're driving or doing other tasks that require alertness!)
  3. Have a relaxed, open state of heart too. Relax the hardness and walls built up in your chest, and let yourself surrender to the experience. This will allow you to incorporate the most healing.
  4. I HIGHLY recommend doing EFT (Meridian) Tapping the whole time you're listening to affirmations or other reprogramming tools.
  5. As you go through the process, as you hear the phrases, FEEL within yourself that you really mean it and want it to happen.
  6. Say "Yes!" and "Thank you!" frequently, even after each one (and really FEEL it).
  7. Nodding your head while you listen and work also helps your energy field to accept the transformation at deep levels.

    Nodding is a biological signal to your body that you agree, so it's much more successful at integrating the changes at a deep level.
  8. If you've been doing MAP Conings , you can also ask your MAP Team to help with the clearings and take them right down to the root.

    If you haven't been doing those, you can ask your guides, guardian angels, Deepest Self, or closest Deities to help.
  9. Repeat the affirmations for yourself, aloud if possible, quietly or silently if necessary, using the tips from the previous articles for best results.
  10. And of course, do your homework! Repetition is the key to creating lasting changes.

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