When To Change To Your Wiccan Name

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Once you've discovered your Wiccan name, you may feel a desire to change your name. Or at least adopt it in some formal way.

This is entirely natural! You've discovered a new level of truth about yourself.

And your soul deeply desires to live in truth.

So you probably can't wait to change your legal name to your new magickal name.

There are two ways to go. One is to keep your Wiccan name for use only in sacred space. The other is to use it in your everyday life.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We'll explore them here.

Keeping It Sacred

To change your name is to change something essential about you. A name is not just a sound or a bunch of letters. There is great power in a name. Your name reveals your essential nature.

And, a Witch becomes her name.

So this is an incredible transition in your life. Making a change of name is a rite of passage. It is a great step toward full authenticity.

It is entirely appropriate to be aware of a name change's importance and celebrate it!

Name-Change Ritual

Create a ceremony for your new name change. It may be private, or with your Circle.

It doesn't really matter where or how or with whom you celebrate it.

What is important is that, on a soul level, with the awareness and support of the Divine, you claim your magickal name.

And have your magickal name claim you!

This kind of ritual need not be complex. The essence is to take ownership of the name . . . to acknowledge to yourself and the Divine that this is you.

You can also ask the Divine and whatever Allies you have to help you live up to the fullest potential of your Wiccan name.

Be aware that your name will change you.

This is why it's so important to find the right name, and make sure it passes the test of a true name.

Changing Your Name in the World

When you have your Wiccan name, you may want you may want to wear it everywhere. Your Wiccan name is your true name, and the desire to be true to yourself and fully authentic grows stronger over time.

Some witches never reveal their Wiccan name out of sacred context.

It builds Power when a Witch keeps her name secret and sacred.

After many years, some Wiccans will adopt their ritual name as their everyday or street name.

The choice is yours. Let yourself be guided by the Divine in such matters, and you will know which path is right for you.

Your Wiccan Name As a Spiritual Sticky-Note

Using your Wiccan name in ordinary life can be a continual reminder of spirituality. And as Swami Sivananda liked to say, people aren't bad, they're just forgetful. Every reminder aids us on the Path.

It can be helpful to have such reminders just when you need them most.

It may be easy to live up to your Wiccan name in Circle. It's usually a lot tougher when you're stuck in traffic or dealing with bureaucrats.

At times like these, your Wiccan name can be a memo to yourself of who you choose to be. After all, being a Witch isn't a Sunday-morning religion. It demands that you live your beliefs in your daily life.

However, if you want to change your name so people will see you differently, it's best to avoid using your sacred name for that purpose.

Using your magickal name to set you apart from others or impress people will only dilute the power of your Wiccan name. This drains your personal power.

When to Change to Your Magickal Name for Daily Use

Consider holding off using your Wiccan name in public life until you've used it for some time — even years — in ritual. You want to be strong enough in Spirit to hold your Power in the face of ridicule.

A lot of people are going to judge you for changing your name, you can be sure. Changing your name in this culture is not usual, and having a "weird" name sets you apart in a society that values predictability and conformity.

You and your sacred name must both be strong enough that you are empowered by using it in the world, rather than weakened. You must feel safe, in order to be safe.

Having said that, claiming your Wiccan name in every aspect of your life can be very empowering.

Renaming yourself is potent because every name is a label. Since you can't escape labels altogether, you at least have the authority to choose a label that uplifts you.

You can choose a name that helps you be more authentic. There is great Power in authenticity, especially in this era of Planetary Transformation.

And there are levels of authenticity. You can have a sacred name that you keep for ritual, and another true name — one that is not as deep — to use in everyday life.

Legal Issues re: Changing Your Name

If you do wish to change to your Wiccan name, look into the legalities.

In Canada it is perfectly legal to use any name you wish, so long as you are not doing so for fraudulent purposes.

In the USA, though, I believe you must go through a legal process. Every country will have its own rules about this.

If you live in other countries, sorry, but I don't know the rules. Ask your local government agents, or search online for "legal name change" and your country.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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