How To Know Your True Wiccan Name

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What is the test of a true spiritual name?

If choosing a Wiccan name is not a journey of imagination so much as one of self-discovery, then how can you know when you find the name that is right for you?

There are several criteria to use . . .

  • Symbolic meaning,

  • Numerological meaning,

  • Timelessness,

  • Sense of recognition,

  • Test-driving.

Symbolic Meaning of your Name

The name's meaning is of primary importance.

A magickal name is inherently symbolic. It evokes images, qualities, sensations.

So the first thing to think about is how the name's meaning both suits you and reflects on you.

The name's meaning needs to suit who you are as a divine being, more than who you are in your "personality."

In other words, you may be going through a time of rage against the cruelty of the world, and find yourself attracted to names like Death's Great Hand or Bloodmoon or some such.

At times like this, it's helpful to remember that your Wiccan name will bring its energy into your life. So if you want to bring anger into your life on a long-term basis, you might want to use those names.

If you hope for more happiness in your future, though, you might choose a name that holds happier potential.

Your name also reflects what you value and how you see the world. This reveals something about yourself to everyone who knows your Wiccan name.

Let it be something that shows your inner beauty.

Numerology of your Name

It's a good idea to run your proposed magickal name through a numerology analysis.

In fact, many Witches believe this is critical. Personally, I wouldn't go that far.

But it can be useful, if only to help you clarify what kind of energy you want your name to carry.

And it allows you to develop a deeper understanding of the name you would choose.


In her book, The Spiral Dance, Starhawk offers this advice for choosing a Wiccan name:

Make Sure It Is A Name You Can Grow Into.

This is the best advice I've ever found on choosing a magickal name. . . or any other kind.

What makes a name one you can grow into, rather than outgrow?

To me, that means it must embody the divine qualities, since ultimately (and perhaps quickly ) that's where we're all growing. Things that evokes timeless qualities, such as a beauty, love, peace, joy, community, Divinity, and so on are magickal names that anyone can grow into.

A name that suggests force, anger, grief, or other low-calibrating states of consciousness, is something you will grow out of, in time. At the very least, it will hold you back from potential spiritual development.

Choose a magickal name that inspires you to be all that you dream you could be.

That is a name that will be a joy to you all your life.

Does It Seem Predestined?

Often your true name has been hinted at by the God/dess for years.

When a Wiccan finds her craft name, there is a usually sense that it was right in front of you all along.

Once again, listening within yourself is your best guide.

Try It Out With Your Soul Friends

It is also useful to try out a potential Wiccan name with your spiritual friends and mentors. Those who know your heart.

They may not be able to tell you when you've found the right name , but they will certainly know when you're considering a wrong one.

You need to be the final judge of your Wiccan name, of course, but if they know you, they will have useful insight to share. Sometimes when you're choosing you are too close to things to see clearly.

The Final Test

The final test for any spiritual quest is to seek confirmation from the Divine.

In a ritual or during a meditation, asking the Divine (in particular, your matron/patron deity if you have one) to clarify if that is your name or if you should keep looking. You might wish to do a Tarot Card reading as well to give you guidance.

By listening to the Divine, you'll know the answer.

The next issue that may arise, of course, is that you might feel attached to a Wiccan name already, and be reluctant to give it up.

If you feel attached to it, odds are you've found the right name for you. But if you get the message that She wants you to keep looking, you’ll probably find your attachment dissipates, leaving you open to a truer name. After all, the whole point is to find your spiritual name... if the Goddess tells you that’s not it, you probably won’t really want it.

What If There’s No Such Thing?

One thing that’s important to consider is this:

The issue isn't finding The One And Only Name for you. Who could ever know such a thing? Especially when we keep growing and changing all the time!

All you can do is stay open to inspiration, and then assess whether it feels right and whether it seems like something you can grow into your whole life.

And someday, you may feel it’s time for a new name, again.

But when you find your true name, you’ll likely find that you grow into it in ways you never could've imagined, making it more and more true as time goes on.

I wish you fun in finding your Wiccan name.

With Brightest Blessings,

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