Will The Real Jesus Christ Please Stand Up?

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Jesus has been made out to be someone very different from his actual teachings. No doubt I'll get complaints about this page from Christians, but please bear in mind that I'm not discussing what the Bible says, but what the original texts of Jesus' teachings say.

Let's look at a few brief examples...

Jesus: Son of Man

Jesus refused to be singled out as anyone special, stating over and over that he was a Son of Man, that is, just an ordinary human being, not someone to be worshipped as if he himself were God.

Yet modern Christianity ignores all that, and doggedly preaches the exact opposite.

Ironically, Wicca Spirituality is closer to the teachings of the authentic Jesus than the religion that claims to be his!

Personal Spiritual Authority

Jesus absolutely rejected religious "authority."

He gave the clear message that we should disbelieve the priests who take the keys to Heaven and won't enter, and won't let you enter either. He saw through their pretense of piety, that they were spouting doctrine to make themselves rich or powerful, but had no true spirituality within them.

Even worse, they became thieves of others' spiritual lives, denying people the knowledge and right to find God within themselves, and the kingdom of Heaven that is already around us.

This is perhaps the most treacherous injury that can be done to humanity — denying us our spiritual birthright.

The ancient creators of the religion of Christianity (or more accurately, Christianism) did this in a very sneaky, and bloodthirsty, way. They rewrote history, and then went to war with those who disputed their version.

So the modern world has ended up with a Bible that is supposedly the direct word of God, but which in truth has been doctored, rewritten, cut-up, and mistranslated into doctrine that Jesus himself refuted in his teachings!

Jesus Said To Be As He Was

Jesus himself taught instead that we should find the light within ourselves, and let that be our priest. And then to go out and take care of everyone who needs help.

When you do that, he said, you will have entered the kingdom of God which is all around you ... you will live in Heaven, right here and now.

Jesus Taught That The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Here

Look around at the Earth — not what humans are doing, but the Earth herself. Nature is an Eden...

  • Look at how nobly the animals act — for the most part much better than humans, who were given the dangerous gift of free will.

  • Observe the generosity of the Earth, who feeds us and provides everything we need for life?

  • Notice how everything works together in an intricate dance of interconnectedness and balance.

Mother Earth is Heaven and Divinity, all in one. This is a model of divinity that makes sense. Not a far-distant father, just waiting for us to misbehave so He can punish us.

What do these things say to you about the kind of Divinity that created us? The evidence is all around you. It's just up to you to interpret it.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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