A Peak Into A New Paradigm

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You've heard me talk a lot about the New Paradigm that humanity, and the Earth, are evolving toward. So what will this actually look like?

Imagine a world where people are compassionate and caring — a world where competition, striving, rampant consumerism, and selfishness are seen as psychological illnesses!

Imagine how it could be, with people respecting each other, being kind, and taking care of our shared resources.

In this new world, everyone has enough, and no one goes hungry or thirsty, alone or unloved, and everyone has a way to contribute and belong.

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This is a world where we understand how completely we are interwoven with each other... and everything else, where the false separations between "me" and "you," "us" and "them" have dissolved, leaving only the truth: we are all one. And what one person experiences and feels, we are all affected by it.

The division cutting us off from our Divine Self also dissolves, allowing us to be authentic, unafraid, creative, and truly free.

This is the Earth, as we can co-create it!

A New Values Paradigm

The New Paradigm is the rise of a whole new set of values...

  • Ethics
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Interconnection
  • Integrity
  • Intuition
  • Personal Empowerment and Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Cooperation
  • Peace and harmony
  • Honouring the Earth

These are values based on the revival of the Divine Feminine, arising from a high-vibrational state of LOVE, including self-love. Let's look at a few of these key values...


We must be clear about our definitions. Ethics is not morality.

Morality is a set of social rules that are imposed upon you by the culture — whatever culture/s you happen to belong to.

Ethics is much deeper. Ethics are the personal, innate, spontaneous awareness of right action and wrong action. It is the alignment of your heart with Divine Truth, and your conscious awareness of that guidance.

Let's look at an example in real life.

Morality says its okay to trash the environment for profit — the Bible says the Earth is for us to dominate, and our society says businesses aren't responsible for the results of their actions (that's the whole point of legal corporations).

Ethics, however, says that no matter what the laws and religious rules are, the Earth belongs to everyone and shouldn't be raped for the short-term benefit of the few.

This is a real difference between religion and spirituality — between religions like orthodox Christianity and spiritual paths like Wicca and Gnosticism. Religions teach morality. Spirituality teaches ethics.

Jesus came as an early guide to the 2012 Transition, one of the main guides. He tried to teach people not to be bound by the limited and silly rules of cultural morality but instead align themselves with Divine ethics.

To our great misfortune, most people missed the message entirely. But we're catching on at last!


Integrity is the practice of ethics. Integrity is ethics in action.

Ethics by itself is only a concept. Integrity is the action that brings it to life (literally and figuratively). Integrity is the acting out of our deepest truths — right action, true self-expression, authenticity.

Remind you of Wicca, perchance? wicca-spirituality-winking_witch


As we've seen, the brain is now yielding its position of dominance to the source of intelligence that has no limits. We call this the Heart, and its knowledge is intuition.

With immense change occurring at lightning speeds, in 20 day cycles, we no longer have the time to intellectually process all decisions. We are now forced to rely on our Heart's guidance.

This is the rise of the Heart, the dethroning of logic and intellect in favour of Heart-centered consciousness ...

  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Peace
  • Forgiveness
  • Love

To Value Kindness Most

Imagine for a minute what the world would be like if everyone valued kindness over cruelty.

It's a wonderful vision, isn't it?

And it's certainly possible to change this one thing: to value kindness most.

That's why I have such hope for the future, because the power to switch to kindness lives in each person. We're not dependent on governments or corporations to fix things. They will be the LAST ones to value kindness, because they are institutions, not beings. They do not have a beating heart or a divine soul... except what people bring to them.

But when we, the billions of people who make up the world, value kindness above all, the world will be transformed.

And this is already happening in huge numbers.

Personal Empowerment and Responsibility

We are becoming aware, at last, of our power to create our world. For millennia, we've been told that the world is what happens to us. Finally, we know better.

This means we can finally become co-creators of reality.

It also means that we are taking authority back into our own hands.

For so long, we've abdicated our responsibilities. Someone else was always in charge. Someone else was always at fault. We wanted all our "rights" but didn't want to acknowledge the rights of others.

The days of buck-passing are over. There's nowhere left for it to go!

Now we are learning to acknowledge that the outside world is but a mirror of what is inside us. Each of us. All of us.

And what we are, what we do, is our own choice. No one can make us be or do anything we don't agree to. Outside authority has lost its power over us.

We are now meant to go directly to the highest authority — the Divine Source. Or, if you prefer, our Heart-centered awareness.

Honouring the Divinity of the Feminine

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Without getting into gender politics, I think we can all agree that it's been very much a man's world, for the past several thousand years, and that this has not been without its costs. Very high costs.

When you take the values of the Feminine out of the equation, you lose balance. Without compassion, nurturing, acceptance, cherishing, selflessness, etc, you end up with things like...

  • Ecological destruction
  • Endless pointless wars
  • Random violence
  • Poverty, homelessness, lack of basic care
  • Unbridgeable divisions between "us" and "them" in every form
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, agism, and all the other -isms of a divided society
  • The devaluation and abuse of the body (including one's own body!)
  • Exploitation and abuse of women and children, animals, nature, and pretty much everything that can be exploited and abused

I might get into trouble listing those qualities of the Divine Feminine without explanation, but trust that I have good reasons for them. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

The point here is that the 2012 Transition is very much about reintegrating these "Feminine" values back into the world.

And not a moment too soon, if you ask me!

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The Hippie Generation

Does all this seem very "Flower-Power-y" to you?

That's not a coincidence. The Hippie Generation had the first inkling of the New Paradigm, and tried to intuit and follow it.

Many people scorn the hippies for their "failure" to bring about the shift in consciousness that they heralded. But they were a generation of oracles. They saw the future. It was not their failing that their numbers were too few to transform the paradigm for the rest of the world.

In fact, the time was not yet right.

There was another limitation they were bound by. The hippies had a glimpse of the future in the 60's, but they had grown in the old paradigm and were still rooted in it. This made it impossible for them to perceive how it could realistically be manifested.

Still, they DID change the world, creating an awareness of Heart-centered values — peace, love, and sharing — which the world had much forgotten. They sparked a consciousness of our fundamental unity with all humanity, the world, and the Divine.

I have great respect for the hippies of the 60's. They were the prophets, the seers, the pioneers of the new paradigm. They didn't have all the answers, and they made some mistakes.

They didn't have a magick wand to change the world.

But they planted the seed — they opened the door to this new realm of possibility.

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Wicca as a Religion for the New Paradigm

Now, I'm not meaning to proselytise, but I want to take a moment to explore how the New Paradigm relates to Wicca.

All of the qualities of the New Paradigm are qualities that Wicca, at least Wicca Spirituality, support the 2012 Transition...

  • Heart-centeredness
  • Intuition
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • Shared authority and power-with rather than power-over
  • Reconnection with nature
  • Honouring the Earth, each other, ourselves, our bodies
  • Personal experience of divinity
  • Kindness and caring
  • Ethics and spiritual values
  • Responsibility for one's choices — and thoughts and emotions
  • Evolution of consciousness
  • Personal empowerment

I believe this correlation between Wicca and the New Paradigm is the reason that Wicca is the fastest growing "religion" today. Even though people aren't conscious of this connection, we are feeling the pull toward the values that Wicca — especially Wicca Spirituality — expresses.

Religions — even the old Wicca as a religion, or magick as a means of power-over — are dying by the side of evolution's road.

Spiritual practices that honour the Earth and all beings, that reconnect us with the Divine, and that generate empowerment are aligned with the 2012 Transition and the future of our world.

I'm pleased to say that very much describes Wicca Spirituality.

With Bright Blessings,

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