The 2012 Transition:
Reinventing Power and Reclaiming Empowerment

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There are a lot of processes at work in the 2012 Transition, but reinventing power / reclaiming empowerment is one of the biggest.

You may be able to see some of the effects already -- the status quo is losing ground; the Power Elite is being undermined. We are challenging the hierarchy and questioning the legitimacy of people in control. The structure of dominance itself is transforming.

What's going on is even more fundamental, though!

What's really going on is that we're rethinking the very nature of power.

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Force, Power, and Empowerment

What is the difference between these three commonly-confused words?

Force is control. It's the ability to make others do what you want, out of fear or threat of harm. For example, a police squad controls a crowd by its implied threat, its willingness to hurt those that are opposing. A government controls its citizens by its legal "right" to take away their homes or even their freedom unless they comply with its dictates.

Empowerment is inner potency -- the ability to accomplish your own goals. Empowerment has nothing to do with controlling anyone outside of yourself.

In the dictionary, one meaning of the word is "to unshackle, liberate, set free."

So empowerment is the freedom, and ability, to set your own course in life.

Power, put simply, is the ability to make something happen.

(I highly recommend Dr. David Hawkins wonderful book on the subject, Power vs. Force. )

Clarifying the Definition

There are two ways to make things happen....

Power-over is the ability to make others do what you want, like control, authority, or domination. That has been the standard for millennia; it's what most people think of as the unspoken definition of the word.

An important alternative is arising, though... power-with -- the ability to unite and cooperate with others to achieve something.

Humans are becoming very aware of the difference, as those in control are aiming at rapidly and unapologetically killing us all. And the rest of us are rising up in grassroots movements to change that course.

In other words -- and this is the crux of it -- We are dismantling domination, and reclaiming the real power that resides within each of us.

This is a massive change, and fundamental to the 2012 Transition, because we can't survive without it.

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But Those In Control Oppose This

The 2012 Transition can't move ahead without this fundamental change, because the status quo is blocking the transition. In trying to move ahead, we are having to remove the domination paradigm that is in the way.

What hope can there be for our future, when those at the highest levels continue to ruthlessly abuse people, animals, the Earth, and everything they can get their hands on? Looking at the state of the world, especially if your source of information is the daily news, it's hard to see a source of hope.

Governments, ie politicians in control, are busy selling your country, your health, your wealth, your children, and your future for a quick buck and a little power.

That's not going to change — not until they can no longer get away with it.

Corporations are busy stealing the same, and that's not going to change anytime soon either.

And the worst part is there is virtually nothing you can do to stop them.

The problem is so massive, coming on so many different fronts and with so much force behind it, that trying to stop it is like trying to stem a tidal wave with a butterfly net. We CAN stop, delay, or divert a few problems, but we can't change the whole system.


That, actually, is the good news!

The Reality Of Power

See, don't be misled by the media and the history books. The world is not all politics and business and disaster and cruelty.

The world, in fact, is barely those things.

It is the billions of small, individual lives that really make up "the world."

While we've been brainwashed into believing that the state has ultimate power and that the people "can't fight city hall," the truth is that city hall is made up of people.

We ARE "city hall."

And each one of us can transform it.

Not necessarily from the inside. Not even by forcing change. Simply by choosing a better way for ourselves, one by one, despite their hindrance.

The fact is, the government, corporations, and other domination structures have no control that the people don't offer. They don't want you to know that, of course.

But the people are figuring it out.

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Re-Investing In Ourselves

Many people have given up on fixing things at an inter/national level. That game is rigged. Like the WTO and WHO -- presumably institutions to help the underprivileged, in reality co-opted to be even more powerful tools of oppression and theft.

So we're taking our chips off the table. Instead, we're creating a new game, and it's called Grassroots Change.

We're investing our chips -- our time, energy, passion, and commitment -- to small, local-level projects, both at home and out in the world.

We're changing how we see things, and how we do things. And we're finding that the people are immensely powerful!

And we're influencing the entire world along the way.

The Dynamics of the Food Supply

Food security is a great example. As agribusiness and GMOs are busy killing our food sources one by one, people are deciding to take more responsibility for their own, and their communities, food supply.

  • People are once again growing their own food, even in the cities.

  • Window farming, rooftop gardens, and urban chickens are growing phenomena.

  • More and more people are supporting local, organic farmers with food box delivery programs and buying more local organic foods.

  • They are starting community food sources like fruit and nut trees along roadways and communal potato gardens.

  • They are finding ways to share the surplus around.

  • They are, step-by-step, reducing their dependence on the systems that would kill us.

What this really means is that we are taking our power back into our own hands, even while the "authorities" are attempting to take it away from us.

But empowerment can't be stolen away.

Thank goodness!

Taking Back Our Power, and Our Planet

That's where it comes from , the control that governments and corporations wield. We give them ours!

When we take it back, we change the balance of power.

We change the world.

Looking for salvation from institutions is futile. Even most of the charitable ones are contaminated by the drive for money and the addition to the quick fix. Look at the "cancer" charities: busily recruiting donations to find a pharmaceutical (read: expensive, profitable) cure, while burying or banning the natural cures that already exist, and overlooking the systematic abuse of the environment and the violence of the culture that causes cancers to proliferate.

I am all for healing and preventing cancer, believe me, but I can't support the cancer institutions in their unstated goal.

Even most well-meaning organizations, taking relief supplies to distant countries, often end up making things worse in the long run. Only recently have we learnt to help people help themselves, instead of imposing our solutions on them.

We have given not only our authority but our morality to the hands of people who have no idea how to, nor desire to, use it in a beneficial way. Ethics can't be legislated or enforced. It must come from within each member of a society. Not a bigoted religious morality, but fundamental kindness and compassion.

And this brings us to the real source of hope.

The power to transform the world is within our own hands.

The Leverage of the Dollar

Here's another means of changing the power dynamic of the world.

Consider this... The reason that good people in the world have little power is because they sacrifice themselves. This is the model we've been given, like Odin and Jesus hung out on the Tree, we give ourselves all away... and end up hung out to dry.

That's almost how we define "good, selfless person."

If someone makes a living out of doing good in the world, we distrust their motivations -- surely if they were altruistic they'd do it for nothing? (Despite the fact that even philanthropists have to eat and pay their rent.)

Consider this... We don't really support good causes, financially. I'm not dissing the donations to charity that people do make. I'm just saying that the vast majority of our cash goes to support the system that is killing us...

  • People don't want to pay farmers what it really costs to grow food, or artists and musicians for the value of their expertise.

  • When people offer better ways and skills for life -- like spiritual leaders -- most of us expect that that they teach us for free.

  • Those who have the greatest responsibility for our future -- teachers, child care workers, stay-at-home parents -- get little respect and less, if any, remuneration.

  • We want to pay the least possible, so we shop at Walmart even though we know they are abusing women and children in underprivileged countries and eat at McDonalds even though we know they are responsible for massive deforestation of our planet's "lungs."

  • Non-profit groups, working for a better world, are expected to have people work for them for free, or very little.

When we offer the best in ourselves, few want to pay us. When we offer the least of ourselves in mindless labour, we "deserve" an income.

This is a very twisted values system!

And as long as we play into it, we support those who do us the most harm, and disempower those who would do the most good.

This is something to consider, as you spend your monthly allotment of income.

Un-Powering Evil, Empowering Yourself

So how can you boost this critical 2012 Transition?

Lots of ways. You don't have to do all of them. Pick those that work best for you.

  • Empower yourself! Find out when and why you feel powerless, and free yourself of the belief that others can control you, or life can limit you.

  • Discover how power-over, power-with, force, and empowerment express themselves within yourself, and aim to improve the balance.

  • Challenge hierarchies, authorities, power structures, blind belief systems, established traditions, bigotry, self-righteousness, and all other forms of domination.

  • Let your highest ideals be your guide.

  • Insist that your government be guided by the well-being of all. Vote for those who have proven by their track record that they care and are responsible.

  • Choose to act from kindness, compassion, and responsibility not only to other people but to the planet.

  • Consider more financial and other support for those working to improve the world for everyone.

  • Aim to spend the majority of your funds on things that benefit others, or at least that don't harm others. This includes paying people a decent fee for their labour and expertise, buying organic foods, etc. (Not to mention you're saving a lot of future medical expenses with that one!)

    It may not really be possible at this point to put most of your cash towards beneficial things. Just let this ideal guide you a little more all the time.

As many of the 2012 predictions state, we have the power to make these transformative times hell, or heaven. It's within the power of each one of us.

Saving the planet is within your power.

These are some of the most powerful tools you have, to get us through safely.

And, not incidentally, guarantee you a better life.

With Bright Blessings,

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