Is that coven you want to join safe?
Would you even know how to tell?

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6 Steps to Join a Safe Coven ebook - 2nd edition (cover)

While an uplifting, empowering coven is a blessing to your life...

A bad coven can be a destructive nightmare.

So how can you tell the difference, BEFORE committing your time, love, and energy to a new community?

With this FREE e-book, you discover:

  • 7 obvious and subtle risks that you could be exposed to
  • The 37 red flags you need to recognize to protect yourself magickally, energetically, emotionally, and physically from the dangers of a toxic coven
  • The simple 6-Step Process you can do NOW, before you take the plunge.

Grab your copy now... and find your true spiritual family!

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(Note: The Coven Cautions article has been expanded and made into this new ebook!)

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