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These magick tips are safety guidelines for spell casting. To ignore them is to harm yourself and others.

And what does the Wiccan Rede say about that?? (Hint: it starts with "harm none.)  

There's another thing that you may not know. You know the Three-Fold Law, that whatever you send out comes back to you three times over?

Well, it's even more than three times when there's spell-casting involved. When you create a magick spell, you are increasing the energy you bring to your actions, so your actions bring back even greater consequences.

A good reason to be careful, eh!

Here are some magick tips to help you keep yourself -- and others -- safe when you are doing magick.
  • Do your research before doing magick. Magick spells are not for beginners -- too much can go wrong. (See the article on Free Tips For Wicca Magick Spells to find out some of biggest problems.)

    When you start practicing magick spells, start small and easy, and make sure you put in the all-important caveat:

    "This I call, its equivalent or better, and it harm none."

  • Never do a magick spell that seeks to control anyone else. That includes spells you think are for their own good. (This puts a damper on most love spells.)

    This also means magick should not be used to try to change people, or influence their decisions.

  • Only cast a spell for another person if they have asked you to do so. And then only the spell they've asked for.

  • The exception to the prior 2 tips is when you have spiritual authority for another's well-being. For example, animals or children under 12 who are under your care. But even so, check carefully to make sure what you are planning is aligned with Divine will.

  • Remember the Wiccan Rede . . . "Do as you will, and harm none."

    In magick, this tips your hand toward caution. Using magick to do something that harms others incidentally can be as harmful as harming others intentionally, eg, using an animal sacrifice to try to increase power. (NOTE: animal sacrifices obviously can't be part of any Wiccan ritual, considering the Wiccan Rede is the single Law for Wiccans.)

    For example, think of farmers using pesticides to protect their crops. They don't intend to harm people -- on the contrary, they wish to feed people. However, the pesticide incidentally harms the water table, the workers, the people who eat the sprayed foods, etc.

  • Think through the repercussions. Don't do large-scale magick recklessly. Weather magick will change the natural pattern . . . You could be responsible for far-off droughts or floods, or serious disruption of local weather patterns.

  • Be respectful of others; don't do magick in public. Your magick-making should take place somewhere other people are not likely to interrupt you, and your spells are best kept out of sight. This is partly a matter of respect for others' space. And partly to keep your magick spells strong and on-focus.

  • Clean up your magickal residue. Release the directions and deities, erase signs and symbols, and open the circle before you leave.

Follow these magick tips to keep you safe in your spell casting and rituals!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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