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wicca-spirituality Wiccan Alphabet

Here for your enjoyment and your kids' bedtimes is a playful Wiccan alphabet. It's a Witch's ABCs.

If you're looking for the Theban alphabet that Gardner developed from the the Honorian Alphabet, in order to code his spells, sorry... you'll have to seek elsewhere.

(I don't hold much with a new and complicated alphabet when runes contain so much magick and are easier to remember!)

If you're looking for something you can use to help teach Wicca to your children, then read on!

Wicca-Spirituality's Wiccan Alphabet

This Wiccan alphabet
Is for Witches to learn
When you come to the end
Then it's time to return...

A is for Athame
To make sacred space
B is for Bonfire
For leaping apace
C is for Cauldron
That calls forth our dreams
D is for Deosil
The way that redeems
E is for Earth
The Mother of all
F is for Familiar
A helpful fuzzball
G is for Grove
Where we meet with our Goddess
H is for Hags
And all they have taught us
I is for Incense
For energy re-settings
J is for Jumping
The broom at our weddings
K is for Knife
To cut the libations
L is for Laughter
And joyful vocations
M is for Magick
The mystical means
N is for Night
When Covens convene
O is for Owl
For psychical sight
P is for Pentacle
To set things aright
Q is for Queen
Of our starry Heaven
R is for Runes
For magickal spellin'
S is for Spiral
The wheel of rebirth
T is for Tarot
For truth to unearth
U is for Uncanny
Enchanting spell spinnings
V is for Velvet
Dark, for beginnings
W is for Wheel
The spiraling year
X is for Excellent
The Craft so sincere
Y is for Yggdrasil
The Tree of the World
Z is for Zodiac
The heavens unfurled

This Witches Alphabet
Shows you the way;
Practice it daily
To play with the fey!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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