Being a Wiccan Is Being an Activist for Mother Earth

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Wiccan Activism. What is it?

Why can't you be a Wiccan without being an activist?

What does activism even mean?

Even though many Wiccans would not think of themselves as activists, it's almost impossible to be otherwise.

And if you want to be a Wiccan, this is something you must understand.

Wicca is a nature religion. You cannot be Wiccan without revering the Earth. And you cannot revere the Earth without doing whatever you can to protect and heal Her.

Environmentalism and Wicca are inextricably twined. How can you help the Earth, today? Everything you do for the planet is activism.

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What Is Activism?

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Activism can be a pretty scary word. I know I tend to tense up when I hear it. But it's easier than you might think.

I've heard activism defined as --

Doing something to benefit others, with no hidden agenda for yourself.

That's not so scary, is it? You probably do lots of those things already!

The public face of activism is often front-lines stuff... protecting an old-growth forest, etc. Not all of us are cut out for the front lines, though.

But there's a hidden face of activism that everyone can participate in. And that is...

Living in a way that supports others, including Mother Earth.

That can include ...

  • doing what you can to minimize your family's footprint on the planet,

  • giving a friend support and encouragement,

  • standing up for a child's right to safety, nutrition, and respect,

  • defending a woman's right to health care,

  • donating to charity,

  • eating more local and organic foods -- maybe even growing some,

  • doing ritual for the healing of the planet,

  • and countless other small or large daily actions.

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Why Is Wicca Bound With Activism?

Wicca is a Nature Religion.

Any nature religion is based on respect for the Earth as our Mother and Goddess.

This naturally includes respect for all creatures as Her children, our cousins.

How, then, could you practice Wicca without honouring and protecting both the Earth and other creatures to the best of your ability?

This is why Wiccans are environmentalists, protectors of animals, defenders of the poor, feminists, allies for equality, etc.

Why Must Wiccans Be Feminist?

There is a link between the repression of the feminine and the abuse of the Earth.

In the subconscious cultural mindset, the Earth is feminine, and women are the Earth. To deny the value of one is to deny the value of the other.

And when something has less value, you can exploit and abuse it without repercussions.

In fact, there's a link between every kind of violence and subjugation. Believing that one person is inferior in any way opens the door to think that others are also inferior. This is why we can't defeat racism without defeating homophobia without defeating misogyny, and so on.

The Earth will not be respected until we honour the value of every person.

And no one can be free, not even men, until women are honoured. The suppression of women restricts men, too, from being whole.

There's a Limit to What You Can Do

As a Wiccan, you do have the responsibility to do what you can for Mother Earth and her children. But that doesn't give you permission to start beating up on yourself for not being perfect.

That self-abusive energy only wounds the planet more!

There is a limit to what any one person can do. That limit is usually far beyond what we think we can do. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

But it's not necessary that you do EVERYTHING.

Just do what you can.

And gently expand to be able to do more.

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Start Today

Do something for the Earth today.

Do something every day.

A prayer is a powerful tool: even if all you do is pray for the Earth, pray for others, offer gratitude and blessings wherever you can.

And learn how you can make a difference.

This site has a wealth of easy tips to get you started. (Link opens in new window.)

With Bright Blessings,

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