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Merry meet!

Have you noticed how fast the world is changing? Incredible, isn't it!

As we continue to move forward into our brave new world, one of our most valuable assets will be our spiritual resources.

This is why I've decided to step up my level of service and connection with you... through an email service called eLOVEation.

I want to be able to offer you the things that you might be needing in your life right now. Whether that's...
  • Immune-boosting spells, and healing info
  • Up-to-date insights into the Transition/Ascension process as it unfolds
  • Practices to relieve stress, anxiety, and despair that I think we all feel from time to time
  • Meditation tips & guided visualisations
  • Ways to connect with Nature & the Divine
  • Magick you can do to protect and heal the Earth and all beings
  • And of course, the loving, uplifting spiritual guidance you've come to anticipate.

I want to be the best resource for you — and the Earth — I can be, especially during the challenge of this 2020 Transition!

That’s why I started this email service... to help uplift the world by supporting the lightworkers and way-showers like you.

These emails are like personal letters from my heart, with exclusive articles and information just for you.

If you’d like to join the 16,000-strong community
of like-minded and like-hearted souls

who are getting these updates, tips, tools, and invitations,
just fill out the form below.

What to expect in eLOVEation

These emails offer you helpful practices, inspiring insights, special offers, tools & techniques, and various ways to connect with the Divine / Love that lives through us... and to bring that Earth-saving LOVE into action.

This time of massive transformation is a gift. It means you get to choose. How will you approach what matters most to you? How can you build and develop those practices that...

  • Elevate your spirit,
  • Reconnect you with Nature, and
  • Forge a deep, heart-fulfilling bond with your soul and your Source?

With every human that returns to heart-centered consciousness, we take one more step into transforming this world into the heaven-on-earth it can be... and was meant to be.

This is how we save the Earth! We elevate the planet by elevating ourselves to a frequency of LOVE. One step, one heart, one person at a time.

Together, we will create the future we all dream of!

And that's what eLOVEation means.

Activating the power of the heart & soul. Uplifting the planet, person by person.

Below, you'll find a few samples of the kind of messages you can expect to receive in your inbox.

So you know... These emails are coming out frequently right now, because there's so much happening, so quickly, these days. You might see an email every day or two... occasionally a second email will show up, usually just a quick reminder of some event you can join.

I hope you will join me on this journey to the return of the Goddess, the rebirth of Heart, the Shift of Ages... and the evolution of humanity to a spiritual Golden Age.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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