Thought and Magick
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What does the nature of Thought have to do with magick and psychic phenomena?

As we understand the building-blocks of the universe more clearly, we can see that they are more and more linked.

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The Universe of Thought

wicca-spirituality Mandala Starter Kit heart ad  When our concept of the universe was that of a mechanical clock, it was ludicrous to imagine that one person might significantly alter it.

It was even more ridiculous to imagine that a mere THOUGHT could affect anything.

But today we know that the universe is not mechanical. As Sir James Jeans writes in The Mysterious Universe, "the universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine."

With physics showing us that matter is actually energy, and quantum physics demonstrating that attention affects reality on the most fundamental level, our understanding of reality has turned inside out.

The universe, it seems, is made up not of tiny little particles of dust, but of information-storing energy.

In other words: thought.

The Fundamental Truth of Thoughts

If the universe is made up of thought, how much might one person's mind affect it?

How much more so when it is a powerful, disciplined mind?

Quite a lot, as it turns out!

Those who still deny the power of thought — in essence, the possibility of magick and psychic ability — are living in the scientific dark ages of mechanistic superstition.

If the universe is made of thought, as is becoming more indisputable by the decade, what could stop you from accessing ANY part of it, any thought or knowledge that you desire?

If the universe is made of thought, what could stop you from manifesting anything you desire by focusing your attention on it?

Only your overriding concern with the details of your life, and your disbelief in the possibility.

Thought Is Magick In Action

It is the power of thought that makes magick happen.

Any magick spell -- be it a Wiccan ritual, a Christian prayer, or an atheist doing guided visualization -- is primarily a focusing of attention on what we want to happen.

A spell or prayer for guidance focuses our attention on the information we want to uncover. We find this intuition inside of us, because it gets translated in our own minds from raw information (that is, energy impulses) into verbal symbols, visual images, or bodily sensations, depending on how you best receive comprehension.

Yogis, saints, and sensitives throughout the ages have been accessing Thought at will. This gives them the seemingly "supernatural" ability to know what others are thinking, to access any information they want, and to create any reality they choose.

They have stopped their hearts and lungs, levitated through the air, appeared in 2 places at once, healed incurable diseases and many more "miracles."

They can do this because they are intimately connected with fundamental reality... the reality of Thought. And because they've so disciplined their minds to direct all their thoughts with conscious intent.

You can do it too. Once you understand and learn to apply this basic truth . . .

Thoughts are not inside your head. They are not yours. You are merely tapping into the over-arching field of Thought.

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Think About Thinking

Now you are getting an idea of the power of thought!

But this is only a beginning. What do you really know about thought?

  • How does thinking happen?

  • What goes on when you think?

  • Where do thoughts come from?

  • Where do thoughts go, when they leave the screen of your mind?

  • What is there, behind and between your thoughts?

  • Where does inspiration come from?

  • Does your mind just make up new ideas out of nothing? How can it do this, on those occasions when none of your knowledge adds up to the new idea?

  • How do some thoughts come to you and others evade you?

  • When you are lost in thought, where are you?

  • What IS a thought, anyway?

I'm not going to answer this for you, so I invite you to stop reading for some time and THINK about this.

(Thinking on paper is always most effective.)

This exploration is one of the most important quests you will ever undertake. It's a spiritual practice in its own right.

(Along with pursuing the other top four life-questions: "Who am I?" "What is reality?" "Is there more to life than food, sleep, sex, and death?" and "Is there a God, and if so, what is It?")

With Bright Blessings,

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