Seeking the Resonance

A New Way to Play the Game Of Life

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Do you feel overwhelmed, chronically scrambling to catch up, or lost in the busyness of life?

Have you lost the sense of fun, adventure, and satisfaction that life should offer?

I sure have! And I know I'm not alone.

The SPEED of Life!

It seems the pace of life increases faster every year, and every year I fall further behind. A perfect recipe for stress, anxiety, frustration, confusion, and half a dozen other unpleasant emotions!

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This isn't a healthy way to live, nor is it productive. And FUN doesn’t even enter into the equation!

So I've been seeking a new way to handle my busy life, trying all sorts of time-management tricks, but nothing has really helped.

Until now! I've been playing a kind of game with the help of the Goddess lately, and I want to share it with you because it's making my life so much more fun. It's also giving me so much more fulfillment than I've felt before!

What is this game? It's like follow-the-leader and, you guessed it, the Divine is the Leader.

Why I Switched "Playing" for "Working"

Here's what my life looked like before I started this game. I've got about 5 jobs, not counting all the Wicca Spirituality stuff, so I'm always running full-tilt and still feeling like I'm falling terminally behind.

What an awful feeling to live with! Whenever I'm doing one task, I feel bad because I "should be" doing at least 6 (or 60) other things simultaneously. And when I finish a task, there's no sense of accomplishment, because I know I didn't finish the other 6 (or 60) things.

(Does this sound at all familiar to you?) Wicca Spirituality Winking Witch ©

I've been doing a lot of retraining my subconscious lately, removing energy blocks and negative patterns, in an effort to bring my life up to a better vibrational level. Since what we feel at any moment is the seed we're planting for the future, I want to be planting better seeds and Calling a more pleasant and productive lifestyle to me.

My friend Colombe told me about this method she's doing, and one day when I was feeling kinda lost, not sure which of the 60 things on my list I should do next, I thought I'd give it a try. And I'm so grateful I did!

It's a quantum leap forward in understanding how to live my life and do my work as a spiritual practice. Here's how it goes...

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The Resonance Is Her Guidance

The basic idea is a simple one. Instead of running around following the promptings of the ego (which uses scare tactics, panic, and drama to drive you), you decide to partner up with the Divine. In other words, you let the Goddess drive, and you just tag along as Her assistant.

You see, when your ego's in the driver's seat, you are doing it all on your own. That makes everything a lot more work! Think how much easier things would be with the Infinite Omnipotent Goddess on your team! That's what makes this technique so effective.

So it's simple, but it's a profound shift in the way we've lived for millennia. And it's not as simple to do as to say. Wicca Spirituality Winking Witch ©

But with practice, it gets easier. And it's very much worth the effort to master!

What Is Resonance?

Resonance is the feeling that you get when you're aligned with Divine Will.

It's like being in harmony. When you sing in a group, you have to listen while you sing, to have all the vocal vibrations aligned in a way that sounds and feels good. You could say you're listening for the resonance of the music.

Another way to say this is that you're getting into the Flow, or that magical Zone that artists and athletes talk about.

In short, you pause... and listen for where you're guided to go next.

Step 1: Create Spaciousness

The way to start is to STOP DOING THINGS. (This was the most radical and hard-to-believe part. "I can't stop! I'm so far behind already!!")

What happens when you stop, though, is that space is created. And in that space, the Divine can speak to you.

So I stopped and just waited, being still in the quiet space within, until I had an inspiration to move. And then I tested it (to make sure it wasn't just my ego creating busy-work or procrastinating)...

Is it resonant? In other words, does it feel right; does it feel like the energy is moving there; is this really what the Goddess wants of me at this moment?

And when I got a "yes," that's what I did.

When it was done, I sat again in a quiet place, waiting for the next inspiration.

It's kind of like playing Where's Waldo. I sit back and gaze at the tapestry of my life, and wait for "Waldo" to show himself. Except Waldo is the next thing I should move on to, or more specifically, Waldo is the resonance that shows me where to go next.

This process takes us out of ego and opens us to Divine Energy.

The point of doing nothing is to bypass the habitual ways we try to avoid openness (which can feel like emptiness) — eating, organising your files, going on Facebook, scratching your nose, or whatever. All that distraction keeps us locked in the ego-realm, and blocks the Divine from helping us achieve our goals.

Letting the Divine Do The Work

The whole point of this practice is that when you get into the Flow, the Flow does half the work. You don't have to do it all yourself.

It's like the Goddess is saying, "OK, you told me you want this, but you keep getting in the way, and it would just be easier if you'd go sit over there for a while and let me get this going!"

If you're constantly busy and occupied and doing the stuff, there's no point where the Goddess gets to jump in and do the work without your interference or "help."

For example, when the dishes need doing and you do them in alignment with the Flow, it's much more effortless, because then the Flow is doing the dishes THROUGH you, instead of you fighting the Flow to do the dishes.

It's the difference between sitting there doing nothing and nothing gets done, and sitting here doing nothing while the Flow gets it done. If you "do nothing" by distracting yourself with video games or procrastination, you get nothing done. But if you can really do nothing, in the purest sense, then it's amazing what gets accomplished!

You might have noticed this. Sometimes if you leave things long enough, you either don't have to do them or they seem to get done on their own.

One thing we rarely consider is, maybe what the Universe most needs from us is to get out of the way. And if we're doing nothing in the moment that the Flow needs us to do nothing, even though we may feel uncomfortable and unsure, at least we're out of the way, and resting our minds and bodies to be ready for the next piece we need to step in and do.

Avoid Assumptions

It's important, too, to keep checking in to make sure the resonance continues. Sometimes the resonance may shift partway through.

You can't make the assumption that, since the resonance started you on something, you're supposed to continue it. Sometimes you only need a small part done at a time.

For example, at one point I checked in and was guided to listening to a really potent course we've been doing on removing subconscious obstacles to wealth.

I turned it on and listened to it for a few minutes, when the question was asked: "What is your intention for the next 10 weeks?" And I had to turn it off so I could really think about that, and strongly inform the Universe of my intention (i.e., I placed my order at the Divine Take-Out Window).

Once I'd done that, I could feel that the resonance for continuing the course at this moment was over. That was apparently all I needed from it, for now!

So I created space again, and listened, and found the next place I was to move.

Step 2: "Do Nothing"

A big part of this spiritual practice is "Not Doing." This is the zen-like practice of not letting the ego in the driver's seat.

When we're not paying attention, the ego maneuvers to be in control. You end up thinking things like "I must do this," "I have to do that," and so on. You think it's all about YOU. Like you're really doing it all, and you're doing it on your own. Pure ego!

This sweet practice opens you up to Divine energy moving through you. You set aside the egoic I and let the Goddess do the work, through your hands. The Divine makes the choices. You carry them out, with Her sorta watching and guiding from behind your eyes.

The really great thing about this is the Goddess loves doing this stuff! None of it's mundane to Her! How often does the Supreme Deity get to wash dishes or take out the dog?? Not often enough, apparently.

This may sound silly, but I really mean it. Every time I ask the Goddess within me, "Do You want to do (some menial task or other)," She replies with an enthusiastic, exuberant "YES!!!"

It's so much more fun to do things with someone who's thrilled to be doing it! Wicca Spirituality Winking Witch ©

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Joy oh Joy

There are so many things that make this way of living a joy! Here's some of the ways I found Seeking the Resonance made an immediate difference in my life:
  • Working from inspiration and motivation (rather than drudgery, obligation, and pressure)
  • Feeling in the Flow
  • Having the Universe making things go smoother and turn out better than I could do on my own
  • Living with a sense of spaciousness (rather than always stressed and overworked)
  • Being at peace with myself (instead of always feeling like no matter what I was working on, I should be working on 6 other things)
  • Living in positive resonance
  • Feeling like I'm on the right track, rather than floundering about
  • Feeling a wonderful sense of satisfaction that comes from doing something that the Goddess declares worthwhile!
  • On a regular basis throughout the day, I'm reminded to pause and reconnect
  • Being continually aware of the Goddess Within
  • Spending the day aligned with Spirit (making my whole life a spiritual practice!)
  • Having FUN while doing everything, making work into play

Recovering Your Motivation

Before I tried this practice, I thought that if I stopped and waited for motivation to do something, I wouldn't even get out of my chair! I thought my ego would tell me I should sit around like a lump, and I'd think it was the Goddess' will to be unproductive. Wicca Spirituality Winking Witch ©

It wasn't a problem though. I did want to sit, sometimes. I needed rest. So I rested. FULLY rested, not draining energy with tv or Facebook or video games.

And it wasn't too long before the motivation came to do something. I think I'm actually being more productive by trying less to be productive!

Maybe Seeking the Resonance works for me because I've spent many years honing my intuition, my ability to heed the Divine. But I bet it works for everyone, with a little practice.

Let me share a little story I once came across that made a big impact on me. I don't remember details like name or place, but here's the crux...

There a woman who'd spent her whole life doing what was expected of her and always thinking about what others wanted. The "perfect" selfless mom and wife and daughter. Then she got to a place in her life where that wasn't good enough any more.

She wanted — and needed — to rediscover her inner motivations. She said she didn't even know what she wanted anymore, or how to find out. She had to do something drastic to unearth her authentic self.

So one day she dropped everything and went to live in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere.

And she made herself this vow: She would not do ONE THING until she felt a true motivation to do it. (I think this is super-brave!)

The first day, she laid on the floor of the cabin. She didn't even get up to eat, because she couldn't feel a true motivation to move.

The second morning, she discovered that she was very hungry, and truly had a desire to get up and eat. She didn't, though, until she also recognised a clear desire for what she wanted. That was the start of it.

Gradually, she began to recover herself, and discover what she was interested in and what she cared about and what was worth her efforts. She went back to the world empowered, on target, and with greater self-awareness.

You might need or want to try something this drastic. Or maybe the new energy frequency of the Earth now supports us aligning with the flow of resonance more easily.

Whatever it takes, I invite you to give Seeking the Resonance a try! This is life and work as a spiritual practice. It's a very sweet way to live.

And please let me know how it works for you by sharing your story below.

With Brightest Blessings,

© Wicca Spirituality - Witch Love Smilie

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